Alex & David’s beautiful Arizona engagement session!

I know it sounds weird, but I got to know Alex long before I met her.

What I mean is, I (Breanna) knew her parents long before I ever met her and of course parents like to talk about their kids so I got to hear stories about her all the time and I felt like I knew her!

So when we got the call to shoot Alex’s wedding I was very honored to get to work with a family that I already know and love.

And I was looking forward to finally meeting Alex in real life!

Of course the tricky part is that Alex and her fiance David don’t live in Arizona!

So I finally got to have my first face to face meeting with Alex when they made a trip out here to do a little wedding planning (since they are getting married in AZ).

As I mentioned, I was so excited to meet her since I’d been hearing about her for so long and let me just say that we had so much fun at our first meeting that my high expectations were not disappointed! 😉

The next time we hung out with them was when they came out here for more planning and we had the privilege of shooting their engagement session!

The only downside to their session was that they couldn’t make it out here until July so of course that means it’s going to be one sweaty, hot session!

We started out at Alex’s uncles house, which was nice because we could at least take a few pictures and then come inside for an air conditioned break in between shooting. 

(And a good a/c break is exactly what’s needed after trampoline time!).

Once we realized we could survive the heat, we got bold and headed out to do some wide open sky shots out on the Salt River Reservation.

Once out there, we found that the heat wasn’t the only thing we had to battle against.  We discovered that the giant red ants, millions of gnats, and mean mosquitos were much less friendly foes.

(See, they had a good attitude the whole time!  They were having fun messing around throughout it all… unless he really is trying to strangle her for making him do this!! Ha ha.)

Well I think that facing the nature challenges was well worth it because we were blessed with a perfect sky that day and were able to capture it amidst all of the obstacles surrounding us!

Thanks to Alex and David for being excited enough about your engagement session that you were willing to come to Phoenix in July to do it!  We appreciate that kind of commitment! 😉

Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning… we can’t wait until the next time we get to see you when you’ll be all dressed up and ready to head down the aisle!

Click to see the rest of the photos from Alex and David’s Phoenix Engagement session.

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  • Nicholas LeongJuly 18, 2010 - 6:34 pm

    Well, heat, mosquitoes, gnat, and giant red ants will all be forgotten when they see these shots!

    Loving those awesome, dramatic sky!ReplyCancel

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