Kim and Tru’s Camelback Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

When Josh and I (Kelley) got an email from Kim and Tru saying that they’d like to incorporate Camelback Mountain into their engagement shoot, we were stoked!

Camelback is absolutely beautiful, and surprisingly enough, we don’t get to shoot there very often.  I think it’s something about living in the desert makes people crave green fields and grassy parks in photo sessions.

Understandably, when people plan a photo session, they often want something “different” than they see everyday.  Ironically enough, that ends up making desert shoots in Phoenix pretty unique!

All that to say Josh and I were extremely excited about a Camelback photo session.  So, later on, when we heard why this location was so important to Kim and Tru, it was just the icing on the cake.

You see, Kim and Tru hiked up Camelback on their very first date.  Strangely enough, Kim didn’t know it was a date at the time.

Nevertheless, Tru made sure it was the perfect first date.  It fact, at one point during the climb, Kim slipped and Tru pretty much saved her life!  A story that their families still talk about to this day!

(Tru does somewhat resemble a knight in shining armor doesn’t he?)

Now, some may think that this whole life saving story is an exaggeration, but I FULLY believe it.  I was on that mountain with them during the photo session, and while some of us were falling over rocks, thinking a little too much about hidden rattlesnakes, and being attacked by tree branches (Josh and me… okay, mostly just me.), or trying hard to gracefully climb a mountain in a dress and high heels (Kim), Tru was bouncing around from boulder to boulder fully enjoying himself and helping to keep us all upright. I think that he may secretly be part mountain goat, and I KNOW that he could save the life of a beautiful falling woman, like Kim.

Not only was this mountain the venue of their first date, it was also the spot where Tru proposed.

I can hardly climb Camelback Mountain on a normal day, I can’t even imagine somebody doing it with a stomach full of butterflies and an engagement ring hidden in their pocket.

Still, being the mountain goat that he is, Tru made it all the way to the top that day, and proposed to Kim right then and there.

(This is my FAVORITE photo from their engagement session! You can really SEE how much she loves him!)

It’s no wonder they wanted to use Camelback as the location for their engagement session.  It’s obviously been a pretty huge part of their relationship, and now, with these engagement photos, it has yet another reason to hold a special place in their hearts.

Kim and Tru, Josh and I absolutely loved hanging out with you two on the mountain and hearing more of your beautiful story!   We can’t wait to watch (and photograph) the next chapter of that story as it starts next month on your wedding day!

Click to see the rest of Kim and Tru’s Camelback Engagement Session.

April 20, 2012 - 5:21 pm

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April 20, 2012 - 9:12 pm

Wren - I love how the blue of her dress really pops in the photos. What a wonderful job to be able to photograph love all day long. These are beautiful Josh and Kelley!


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