Marah and Shawn’s Beachy Engagement session

Wow. That was the first thing I (Breanna) said when I saw Marah on the day of her engagement session.

That red dress and red lipstick against her dark hair and eyes? Just wow. She looked breath taking and definitely ready to strike a pose and make some beautiful engagement photos happen!

Sorry Shawn, I don’t mean to leave you out but I’m guessing you don’t want me gushing about how pretty you are!

We had so much fun walking around Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach with Marah and Shawn! We also had some special guests with us, Shannon Avery’s team from Avery J. Productions was there to get some beautiful video of them having fun together to complete the love story film.

I’ve always known that Crystal Cove is beautiful, but Shannon led us to some spots we’d never been to and we were amazed at what we were able to get there!

We had so many adorable little areas to work with, not to mention massive amount of stunningness to set off the cuteness, and we felt like there wasn’t enough time in the world to shoot everything we’d want to there!

I had to grab Scottie by the shirt collar and drag him away through the sand to get him to stop shooting when the session was over. But of course he just held his camera up to his face while being drug so he could shoot from a low angle (you know that’s a lie because he’s a giant and I’m not).


Scottie’s famous for saying he’s done and then as we’re walking away yelling, “wait, just this one more shot!”.

But here it was more like, “wait, just 10 more shots!”.

I can’t say I blame him though, with such wonderful people as Marah and Shawn to work with, how could we want to do anything other than continue to hang out with them!

So all in all we had a fantastic time laughing together and had a great creative collaboration with Shannon and her team, while hanging out in a gorgeous location and getting amazing photos… I’d call this session a success!

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