Ashley and Mark introduce us to the brand new little Wyatt.

When Ashley and Mark (a past bride and groom of ours who’s wedding was over 4 years ago) called us to do newborn photos for their brand new little one, we were super excited! And when we found out that they had just been waiting for a good excuse to call us again, we were even more stoked!

Lucky for them, we’ve been studying up and practicing our baby photographer ninja skills… so we were ready and waiting to go by the time they called us!

(A decal on the wall in the baby room… awesome!).

So we packed our gear, which included things that we’re still trying to get used to being a part of our equipment like a bean bag, blankets, and a soundtrack called “sounds of the womb” and headed over to meet little Wyatt.

He was only 6 days old (the ideal time to do a newborn session by the way… she called us when she was still pregnant so we could block off time around her due date) and he already looked like such a perfect little man!

Little did we know he was actually a perfect little angel as well!  This baby just chilled and let us do our thing for several hours!  He didn’t complain… or even poop on our cute little blankets… even once!

OK, maybe he complained once… but you try sitting completely still while a stranger twists and turns your head and gets way past the line where your personal space bubble stops. He did amazing with it all and his patience with us seemed endless.

It was like he knew that his mom and dad are new at this so he was like, “don’t worry guys, I’ll go easy on you with this one”.

So thanks Wyatt, for letting us do our thing (even if it wasn’t always your FAVORITE thing), your mom and dad are already very proud of you!

(Mark and Ashley are from Canada, so needless to say, hockey is going to be a big part of little Wyatt’s life).

(This is Wyatt in the amazing bassinet his grandpa made for him!).

Thanks guys, we can’t to see what little Wyatt grows up to be like! Congratulations!

Click to see the rest of the photos from this adorable little guy’s session!

November 15, 2011 - 12:58 am

Ashley Hedley - Love them soooo much!!! Thanks guys 🙂

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