Some skill, a little luck, and a guy who’s up for anything… Ted’s senior session.

When I heard that music was Ted’s thing, I knew right away where I wanted to do his session…

….at the music wall!

Ted loved the idea so we met up there one beautiful afternoon and started our little walkabout/photoshoot tour!

I say that because we decided to just wander around the area to see what we’d find. Luckily, there was quite a bit!  Of course you have the awesome old brick walls, but who knew there’d be amazing shadows on it?

And who would’ve guessed the railroad tracks would’ve looked so amazing that day?

Sure, we’ve shot around there before and we kind of knew the area, but there was definitely some level of luck involved in what we found at this location!

And luck was surely on our side that day because we LOVE some of the unique looks we got out of Ted’s session!

We felt like we saw things we’d never seen there before… which is always a great creative bonus.

Thanks to both Ted and his parents for being willing to let us lead them aimlessly on our photoshoot walk!

You guys were so much fun and we really enjoyed your session.  We hope you liked it as well and that you love the pictures even more!

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