Rikki showcasing some of our most unique Senior session poses yet!

I’m not quite sure how it happens, but somehow we always seem to get the most talented seniors coming to us for senior portraits!

Rikki is definitely no exception to this!

When she first showed up, I (Breanna) was definitely stunned by how beautiful she was and I (correctly) guessed that would make her a very easy subject for photos.  But even knowing that, we were still blown away by her poise and poses as we started shooting!

As we found out later when she came out after a clothing change… Rikki has been a dancer since she was little.  That explained a lot!!

Dancers definitely know how to pose and how to hold their bodies in just the right positions… no matter how awkward or uncomfortable!  Anyone who has been dancing for as long as Rikki has is bound to be an excellent model!

And that she was!

She brought her dancing clothes because according to her mom, that is just SO her… these are the kind of clothes she spends most of her life in throughout rehearsals, practices, etc, etc.

This is basically her uniform and she hardly ever parts from it, so it makes sense to have that be a part of the senior pictures that represent both her personality and how she spent her senior year. It was definitely fun for us since we got in a few different poses that we wouldn’t normally ask a senior to do!

Thanks Rikki, for being so flexible during your session(ha ha lame joke) and for putting yourself out there while you were dancing around in public at the park!  We think we got some really cool shots from it, so I hope you think it was worth it!  Congratulations on graduating!!

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March 31, 2011 - 1:14 am

Nicholas Leong - Because talented people seek out other talented ppl! 🙂 Loving that second last shot 😀

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