A toast to the little boys in tuxedos and little girls in tiaras

This blog is dedicated to all the little people out there who have been forced to ditch out on a day of cartoons to sit quietly for hours in stiff, mini-tuxes or itchy lace dresses while listening to the grown- ups drone on and on about mushy stuff (gag).


So many kids have passed by our way on wedding days and we don’t help their cause at all since we tell them to stand up straighter, stop hitting their sisters, and quit picking their noses when all they want to do is go climb the trees and get grass stains on their pants.

0233(You may think this kid got away with having a little fun, but I believe this was right about the moment he heard his first name followed by his middle name… uh oh).

0112(While it may seem that this little girl had the best day of her life… again, the dreaded first name/middle name combination was heard.  I always wonder when I’m going to hear my middle name used for being the first adult to witness these things and taking pictures rather than stopping them).

After forcing them to follow all our ridiculous photography instructions that make no sense to them whatsoever, we proceed to further insult their intelligence by pretending that “cheese” is a silly enough word that it will make them laugh.  And we wonder why portrait town is the place where tantrums are born!

alyssa_dan_bc1184(She’s not really throwing a tantrum, this is her own unique dance move.  I’m not about to embarrass some poor parent and put a tantrum shot in here… though we have plenty!)

Yes, we are the stupid photographers that make your day absolutely insufferable by making you smile when it’s clearly your nap time.


We’re the ones who cause your mom to send you that nasty glare with the threat of timeout in it.

alyssa_dan_bc0280(Maybe not this one, she doesn’t look like she ever gets into trouble… then again, it’s always the cute ones that get you!)

We know the pain we cause you and that’s why we wanted to dedicate a little piece of wedding history to you.  It doesn’t make up for the drama, we can only hope it might at least give you reason to hold your tears in until after that one last picture (yes, the real last one…the one that comes after the one we promised was the last one).

alyssa_dan_sc0774(I think it’s safe to say she’s had one too many… photos taken I mean.  She’s trying so hard to pull through and keep that smile going)!

So raise your glasses and toast to the real heroes of the day…. the ones who endure the very worst that a wedding day has to offer… the kids.


As much as they want to show their parents how miserable they are at this wedding they were dragged to, every once in awhile the kids surprise themselves by actually having fun!



booth(I guess having the Radiant Photobooth there helps! And by the way there’s way more fun stuff like this on our Photobooth video so check it out if you haven’t seen it!)

And there’s no way I could write this blog without including my favorites… the kids who decide to REALLY bust a move!!!

00500052-1alyssa_dan_sc14890056(This was one of my all time favorite wedding moments!  Read the full account on my blog about Becca & Ryan’s wedding!).

Alright kids now we’re even, so we expect beautiful, patient smiles at every wedding from now on!  Ahh, we’re suckers, you know we’ll take one look at you in a cute little outfit with your hair all done up and we’ll be like putty in your hands!

P.S. We want to give a special shout out to all the parents we see chasing their kids around at weddings… we are in awe of you!


October 31, 2009 - 4:43 pm

Shannon - I absolutely love these 🙂

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