Meet Jeff, Laura, and their aerodynamic engagement session prop…

When Jeff and Laura first told us they wanted to do their engagement session around an old school airplane from the 40′s (a Ryan Pt-22 to be exact), I thought, “well I guess, if we HAVE to”.  Just kidding of course… we were freaking stoked!

Then as I (Breanna) heard them planning the details, the more excited I got (if that’s even possible)!

By the time we actually made it out to the plane for the session, both Scottie and I were blown away by how amazing it all was!

The plane was absolutely perfect, Laura’s dress… perfect, Jeff’s bomber jacket… perfect, and their antique luggage- dare I say it?… perfect.

Everything about this session was set up from the beginning to be a great success.  And indeed it was.

The whole thing couldn’t have been better.  We were all excited and Scottie and I were both in the zone that day!  We also had the added bonus that another pilot who was hanging around, flew his plane over to us so we had the chance to get shots of 2 different planes!

So to all of you plane buffs out there who want to know all kinds of details about this plane… I’m sorry but I know photography, not airplanes so I really can’t help you with that.  Hopefully you are one of Jeff’s pilot buddies so you can ask him.  Either way, feel free to spend all the time you need drooling over the photos of it, because it is a perfect plane!

Oh and I wanted to point out to you that there are in fact people in the photos along with the plane, in case you were too mesmerized by the glimmering metal to notice them.

Speaking of which, good thing Laura is one foxy lady…

…because if she wasn’t, I think Jeff would’ve been too caught up in the “plane bling” (as I will call all the shiny stuff) to notice that he had a girl with him and that he was supposed to be looking at her and not the plane.

As it was, he had no problem keeping his eyes on the beauty next to him.;-)

A special thanks to Danny for trusting us enough to get near his plane… which is a very scary thing for a plane owner I’m sure!  Your willingness to help out with this session is a very big deal to us and we SO appreciate it!  And thanks to Laura and Jeff for putting in the effort to plan an AMAZING engagement session and for giving us the unique opportunity to get pictures like this!  We are so so so excited about the photos… and about your wedding!

Click to see the rest of the photos from Jeff and Laura’s aerodynamic engagement session.

February 12, 2011 - 5:58 am

Julie Ballmeyer - All I can say is WOW!!! This photo shoot looks amazing!

February 16, 2011 - 12:51 am

Nicholas Leong - Peeeerrrffeeeectttt! Just adding one more to be sure :)

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