The Goble family… never a dull moment.

Ah the Goble family.

If you know this family, you know that words aren’t enough to describe them… you need pictures.  Luckily, I have both!

The Gobles are regulars with Radiant now since we’ve done both of their kids senior sessions, a wedding for their nephew, and now a family photo session!  The only member of the family who hasn’t been around for a Radiant session is the dad, Jeff (Tracy was at Katie’s senior session) and I found out that before this family session, he was a skeptic.

Apparently Jeff is not the biggest fan of photo sessions (I’m glad I didn’t know this before or I would’ve been intimidated)…BUT we won him over!

Tracy emailed me after the session to tell me that Jeff left us saying “Scottie and Breanna were able to turn what is usually a painful experience for me into something fun… I actually had a great time!”

He’s now a Radiant believer!  By the way, thanks for the compliment Jeff, we had fun with you too! 🙂

Speaking of fun, this is what I meant when I said you need pictures on top of words to describe the Gobles!  How many brothers and sisters do you know who plan out cheesy poses to do together?

(It made me so happy to see siblings interacting the way they did!).

This photo…

…was the worst one of all… Ryan’s “captain pose”.  There were other photographers wandering around that day and I could practically hear them whispering the URL for Awkward family photo to one another.  You guys totally embarrassed us in front of the other photographers, so I hope it was worth it and that you  REALLY love this photo! Thanks for going easy on us the rest of the time… I know you guys and what  you are capable of!

(So dramatic, Ryan… love it!).

I hope you know I’m totally kidding… it’s those inner crazies, always trying to burst out, that make the Goble family so endearing to us…

…and that make Goble photo session SO much fun!

Thanks for another great one, you guys.  We hope to have many more with you over the years!

(This is our Abbey Road picture that was thrown out as a joke idea… that Scottie and I took seriously).

What’s next?  A wedding for Katie or Ryan?

No pressure guys… just remember that if you wait until we have arthritis, our pictures might not have the same level of quality to them… so we do expect that you are both at least looking around for someone starting now! Ha ha!

Really, we love you all.

Every time we are around you guys, we get more and more excited to have our own family one day so that hopefully it will be as amazing as yours!

Thanks for providing the inspiration to have a great family one day (and our parents who want grandkids eventually, thank you too). 🙂

Click to see the rest of the Gobles fun family session!

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