Growing Your Business with Facebook: Video 3

The biggest question we get when we talk about using Facebook is “so how do you get new people to like your page?”  And this video is the first of three that is going to address that very question.  We consider these 3 videos to be some of the most important in our series because you can be doing everything well on your Facebook page, but if there aren’t people there to see it, none of it really matters!

If you missed our past videos, click to catch up!  After you watch this one, stay tuned for next week when we talk about Getting Fans… by tagging.

And now for this week’s video, “Getting Fans… by asking”.

Tools to share your page:

1. Suggest to friends. This link is right under your profile photo.  If you click this it will give you the option to invite friends from your personal page to your business page and all they have to do to respond to this message is click “confirm” or “ignore”.

2. The share button. This is on the bottom left of your page and is something to familiarize yourself with since it will be the way you can share albums, photos, etc. as well.  Clicking the share button gives you the option to post your page on your personal profile wall (along with a personal note) OR send a link to your page in a personal message (along with a note) to select friends.

Note: The personal message sent to friends is different than what the “suggest to friends” link will send because the share button only sends a link.  The suggest to friends sends the option for people to like your page without even going to it first.

P.S. We humbly dedicate this video to the Nelsens and the Worsleys… thanks for your help guys. We love you!

November 15, 2010 - 10:25 am

Nicholas Leong - How timely! Just started my own page, and thank you for liking it! :)

November 15, 2010 - 7:32 pm

pali - Thanks again! This video is totally helpful too…can’t wait to see the next one…
So, I’ll work on getting more fans to my facebook page (I only have 60 so far).
Thanks! May the Lord bless you!! Love from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Pali

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