Melissa and Josh in wedded bliss!

This wedding was definitely a first for us.

It was the first time that the bride could shut off all the sprinklers around the entire golf course with a single phone call…

…the first time we walked up to a golf cart and the groom said, “not that one, the batteries are about to go”…

…the first time a bunch of the country club employees were out strutting their stuff on the dance floor…

…and the first time we got to shoot a reception in the “Members Only Club”.

Why all the special privileges?

Because both the bride and the groom work at Ancala Country Club where they got married.

We always get to feel somewhat like VIP’s since we’re part of the exclusive club of people who are at a location to be a part of a wedding… but this one felt like we had our VIP pass along with a special gold sticker on it or something!

Everything and everyone at Ancala bowed before the precious day that was Melissa and Josh’s wedding.  Of course they didn’t have to do this, but everyone loves this couple so much that it was only natural to treat them with a level of holy reverence on their big day!

This day had another special significance for us as well… we got to work with one of our favorite people!  Dawn Candrea (who used to coordinate weddings at Ancala and has since moved over to Arrowhead Country Club) came back over to her old stomping ground to help out her past co-worker and good friend, Melissa. We had a great time working with our old friend, Dawn, and getting the chance to meet the new girl, Jennifer,  at Ancala on the same day!

(Here is Melissa- with her dad and Dawn- getting ready to walk down the aisle …when she first saw the surprise her groom had waiting for her…)(…that’s right, he got her a beautiful horse drawn carriage to take her to and from the ceremony!)

(It was such a thoughtful gift and she loved it!).

Of course Ancala wouldn’t be the same without that beautiful sunset that dazzles in the wide open space that lies just in front of the mountains.

Melissa and Josh meticulously planned the schedule in a way that fit in the sunset shots perfectly because they were fully aware of the potential we have to capture it there!

And capture it we did… the sunset did not disappoint that day!

It was the perfect backdrop to a perfect wedding!

One thing we didn’t expect from this wedding was for Melissa and Josh’s guests to light up the dance floor the way they did.  Those people were glued there!

They danced and danced on that floor until I thought their legs were going to fall off!

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It was great watching everyone there have an absolutely fabulous time!

Thank you Melissa and Josh for being so easy to work with and for picking us (out of all the photographers you’ve seen shooting at Ancala!) to have the honor of being there for your special day!

We loved getting to know you guys throughout this whole wedding process and we hope you stay in touch and let us know what exciting things await you in your future!


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October 28, 2010 - 2:28 pm

Dawn Candrea - You two are awesome!!! Can’t wait to work with you both again!!! Love, D.

November 9, 2010 - 4:45 am

Nicholas Leong - Sunset shots are O M G!!! :D

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