Diana and Hector’s musical and poetic engagement session

It only took about half a second after we explained how we do “creative” engagement sessions, for Diana and Hector to know exactly what they wanted.

There are two things that were integral in bringing them together… music…

…and poetry…

…so they knew that having a session centered on those two things was a must!

We started out by checking out the poetry and music at a bookstore.

They got to flip through their favorite books and albums, while enjoying their day together… while we just happened to be taking pictures the whole time!

OK, we did bother them enough to grab a few poses in the bookstore!

When we left the bookstore, we took some time to get a few photos of them flipping through their CD’s.

They said that when they thought about what they do together… sitting in the car, deciding what CD to play consumes a lot of their time!  So of course we couldn’t miss that special moment! 🙂

Next we moved onto Mesa Arts Center where we took a few more standard engagement session type of shots.

We also took a minute while we were there for them to read each other poems they had picked out just for the session!

Such a cool idea on their part!

Once we felt like we had what we needed from the arts center, we moved on to one of our favorite walls… the music wall!

When I heard they wanted a session centered around music, this wall was the first thing that popped into my head.

Diana and Hector…

…thank you both so much for putting the energy into planning a creative session… it was a ton of fun for us!

We hope you love the resulting product from your engagement session imaginations!

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