Danine’s Urban Outfitters Senior Session

At my very first glimpse of Danine, I knew I liked her.

… even though the first time I saw her it was just on Facebook!

How could I not like her, she was gushing over the senior photos we’d taken of one of her friends.  Anyone who loves what we do that much, is a friend in my book! 😉

Danine couldn’t get over how much her friend’s pics looked like an Urban Outfitters catalog, which is awesome considering that is a catalog we subscribe to for inspiration and that we love some of the work we see in there!

She contacted us for her own session shortly after publicly raving about us to the world via Facebook, and of course we were more than excited to do a session for her!

Someone who really understands and appreciates our style the way she does… is someone we’re dying to work with! So we set out to plan her own senior session with an Urban Outfitters feel to it!

The more I got to know Danine the more I felt like I (Breanna) not only understood her style, but really clicked with her on a personal level.

Whenever there’s that kind of artistic connection with a client, I feel a lot more free to be myself in my processing of the photos… and I love that!

Of course, this time was no different… I had so much fun working on Danine’s pictures!

The processing wasn’t the only fun part in all of this, actually working with Danine was the best!  Talk about a bubbly, fun, confident girl!

It’s awesome to see someone who has “success” written all over them, getting ready to head off to college!

(She’s going to the University of Arizona if you can’t tell by the U of A shirt she’s wearing in a bunch of the pictures!)

Thanks Danine, for being a joy to work with and for appreciating our work so much!  Good luck with all your future endeavors!

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