Scott and Ashley’s Beachy Maternity Session

Having good friends just up the road from us is one of Scottie and my (Breanna) favorite things about where we live!varner_maternity0073

(Oh yeah, and this gorgeous beach that we can all walk to together!)

varner_maternity0053So what could be better than adding a new little friend into this whole deal?!varner_maternity0066That’s right, Scott and Ashley are pregnant! And we couldn’t be happier for them!varner_maternity0003We’re looking forward to lots of walks along the canals…varner_maternity0042varner_maternity0015… good laughs…varner_maternity0036varner_maternity0099…beach days…varner_maternity0045varner_maternity0069… and so much more with Scott and Ashley and their new little family member they’re about to welcome into the world!varner_maternity0028But of course before she arrives, we’re making sure we spend some quality time with Scott and Ashley, since from what I hear, they’re about to get very busy!varner_maternity0019So before the baby sessions, comes the maternity session! A chance for us to capture these two lovely people as they are now… pre-baby and so excited for the new things to come!varner_maternity0078varner_maternity0087varner_maternity0093varner_maternity0108Scott and Ashley, we are so excited for you guys and are counting the days until we get to meet your new little girl! We’re all going to have so much fun together… we can’t wait!!!varner_maternity0034varner_maternity0082Click to see the rest of Scott & Ashley’s Beachy Maternity Session.varner_maternity0056varner_maternity0103

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