Lisa and Ted’s Vacation Engagement Session (by Scott & Breanna)

When we (Scott and Breanna) first met Lisa and Ted as they were planning their California wedding, we couldn’t believe that we met them in California, yet we were all from Arizona!

“That’s perfect!” we cried, “we can do your engagement session when we head back to Arizona to shoot our next wedding there!”.

(You can probably tell from the BEACH photos that an Arizona engagement session wasn’t actually what happened!).

When a very sick Lisa called to cancel on the day we were supposed to do their AZ shoot, I think we were all a little bummed that our coincidence didn’t prove to be as perfect as we’d thought.

But sometimes things that seem like a bummer at first, can end up being good, right?

At least, that’s how it went with Ted and Lisa’s engagement session! We were disappointed we had to cancel our AZ shoot, but it turned out to be an awesome thing in the end, as Lisa and Ted tossed out their dreams for a desert engagement session in the hopes of capturing a beach one instead!

So they headed back out to Southern California to see us and get the photos they’d been so excited about!

And it just so happened that the new session date we chose had one of the most gorgeous sunsets EVER!!!!

Isn’t it amazing?!

That’s why I say I’m glad that our original session plans didn’t work out… not only did Lisa and Ted get a trip out of it, but we also got some of the most incredible sunset photos possible!

Thanks Lisa and Ted for being so flexible as we tried to make this session happen! I think it was worth your trip and I hope you agree!

See you on the big day!

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