Year in Review for Radiant Photography (aka 2009: the abridged version)!

In 2009 Radiant Photography….


And my favorite part of all of 2009….

People found our blog when they searched the following phrases on google (all spelling is exactly how it was searched):

  • “giggling bride”
  • “a picture of a baibre trampoline with numbers on it”
  • “America’s got talent zebra hat girls”
  • “barbie shoes wedding”
  • “carried off into the sunset photos o wedding days”
  • “dear Mr. Technology”
  • “gooey peppermint”
  • “help get rid of foster care”
  • “how to man up a little brother”
  • “pool table cake picture”
  • “pregnancy picture poses outside in white gown with older brother”
  • “prostitute chandler Arizona” (there’s a good reason for this one, so don’t freak out!)
  • “what is genuine love” (this person actually spent awhile on our site, so maybe they found the answer!).


Thanks to all our fans, family, and friends who supported us this year!  Thank you for telling everyone you know about us to help create our success this year! We love you all!

January 4, 2010 - 12:12 pm

Leah Godfredson - Congratulations on a great year! I really enjoy looking at your images, you are both so creative. Best of luck on during 2010!

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