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Chrissie and Matt’s Old West Wedding

I can’t really think of a better way to spend a Saturday than by joining two friends who are joining to each other…chrissie_matt0045… in the old west.chrissie_matt0051Yes, I did say the old west. If I hadn’t seen the iPhone flashes lighting up the night as guests crammed to get their instas of this fabulous couple, I almost wouldn’t have known we were in present day times at this wedding!chrissie_matt0551IMG_3668chrissie_matt0258chrissie_matt0070First of all there’s the bride, Chrissie, who is one of our dearly loved friends. I always knew she was beautiful. But I have to admit that I had no idea just how classically stunning and radiant she could be, until I saw her on this day!chrissie_matt0001chrissie_matt0007When she transformed into what I imagine her great, great, great grandma might have looked like once upon a time on her wedding day, I (Breanna) was completely blown away by her timeless beauty!chrissie_matt0015Seriously Chrissie, mind blowing. I’m sure her dashing and dapper groom agreed! He happened to be looking quite debonaire himself with his bow tie and pocket watch, combined with a little old west swagger.chrissie_matt0003chrissie_matt0005The ceremony backdrop was of course just as lovely as the rest of this wedding, and was within walking distance of the reception taking place in Old Town San Diego.chrissie_matt0024chrissie_matt0030chrissie_matt0033chrissie_matt0034chrissie_matt0036chrissie_matt0037The ceremony and reception were close enough in fact, that they had a mariachi led parade of the bride and groom and all their guests as they all happily danced and spun their way over to the cocktail hour and reception that was happening at the time period appropriate, Cosmopolitan Hotel.chrissie_matt0021chrissie_matt0018

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chrissie_matt0041This parade wouldn’t have been complete without the paparazzi they inevitably drew, who I think truly believed Chrissie and Matt were celebrities. Which is appropriate, since on this day, they pretty much were. As it should be.chrissie_matt0042At this point the guests were all ready to head in for a continuation of their merry making, but found that their plans were foiled by GUNFIRE!chrissie_matt0055chrissie_matt0058Yes, gunfire! But no worries, it was all taken care of by the heroes of the day, Chrissie and Matt, as their smoking guns lit up the town square not just once, but twice, with two fantastic Old West gun fight re-enactment shows.chrissie_matt0057It was an idea that Chrissie and Matt concocted themselves, and just in time too as the whole gunfight show thing was just about to be outlawed in Old Town San Diego. In fact, Chrissie was the last one to ever legally fire a fake gun there! And it’s important to note that she highly recommends that every bride fires a fake gun on her wedding day, as she felt all the stress and tension of the day burst out of her fingertips as she pulled that trigger!chrissie_matt0063Once the gun had fired, leaving them care free and ready to party, that is just what they did! And we celebrated right alongside them into the night. And it was sweet.chrissie_matt0040Chrissie and Matt, thank you so much for being so loyal and encouraging to us over the years. Especially as we moved to a new city and found ourselves immediately embraced by Chrissie as a fast friend, as well as supported by her as we moved our business with us to this new and scary place!chrissie_matt0053As much as we enjoyed hearing Chrissie’s interesting tales of romance woes during those first couple of years, I have to say that we MUCH prefer hearing her laugh and have a good time now that Matt has joined our threesome and turned our nights out into double dates.chrissie_matt0032We are so very happy you’ve found each other! We’re very excited for you guys and can’t wait to see how your life together unfolds in the years to come! Thanks for bringing us into your lives, and into this amazing day in particular that we are happy to know we’ve now been able to help you remember for years to come.chrissie_matt0048We love you both! Congratulations!chrissie_matt0050chrissie_matt0038chrissie_matt0044Click to see the rest of Chrissie and Matt’s Old West wedding photos here.chrissie_matt0066chrissie_matt0067

Bryce is ready for his Close up!

Oh a newborn baby! Is there anything sweeter?!hodes_family0001hodes_family0012hodes_family0031I’m going to bet that Bryce’s parents would say no.hodes_family0025Since they know for a fact that their new baby boy is the absolute sweetest thing in the whole world!hodes_family0014While we could’ve shot this little cutie for days on end, we had to pause to capture a few other important parts of this moment in their lives, like the nursery and the family dog!hodes_family0041hodes_family0035hodes_family0004But of course soon after that, our attention was automatically drawn in to the adorable baby boy in front of us!hodes_family0074Along with his parents, who were willing to let Bryce steal the show from them in their photos…hodes_family0018hodes_family0049  … as he will from now on I’m guessing!hodes_family0073Such an awesome new little family!hodes_family0046Congrats to all three of you as begin on this new adventure with a new family! We’re so excited for you and can’t wait to see if it’s actually possible for this little cutie to get even cuter as he grows!hodes_family0063Click to see the rest of the photos from Bryce’s newborn session here!hodes_family0039hodes_family0076

Joy and Joseph’s Vineyard Engagement Session

So what is it that makes Joy and Joseph so happy all the time?


It’s the wine.


No I’m just kidding, it’s love really…


… with a little wine on top of that.


If you know them, you probably know what I’m talking about! Because the only thing they love more than a good glass of wine, is each other.


So as you may have guessed by now, this whole wedding process will include both of those two loves combined into the perfect blend.



Which is why they decided to do their engagement session at one of their favorite vineyards, Orfila Vineyards and Winery.



Of course, the actual proposal that started all of these wedding festivities, happened in none other than Temecula wine country. And I guarantee you that wine will play some role in their wedding coming up (though no spoilers here)!


I can tell already after just spending the day with them, that the wedding is going to be outstanding! I hope all of you are looking forward to it as much as we are!


Joy and Joseph, thanks for taking the time to plan an engagement session that so perfectly reflected the two of you, and thanks for being so much fun to work with!joy_joseph_es0032


We can’t wait to see you on your wedding day, celebrating your love with the wine flowing and a good old fashioned “cheers” to seal the deal! See you there soon!


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