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Maureen and Matt’s cute, classy, clever, Catholic Wedding.

Maureen, I can’t believe you’re married now!!!!

During our days of stressing about tests, traveling around the country with choir, and spending lunch breaks at that ghetto Mexican food place with the crazy loud mariachi music…. the idea of you getting married seemed so far off.

And now it’s here! Not only is it here, but it’s already happened!

Maureen and I (Breanna) were friends in High School.  We met our first week of Freshman year and saw each other almost every day after that for the next four years.  We experienced so much of life and growing up together during those times, so to be a part of another major milestone in her life was something I was so thrilled to do!

When Maureen called me and asked if we would photograph her wedding, I think I spent at least the next hour telling Scottie all about how amazing she is. Not only was I excited because Maureen’s amazing and I was getting to shoot a good friend’s wedding, but I was also psyched because Maureen is a HUGE Radiant fan as well!

She is constantly spreading our name all over Facebook and gushing over her favorite sessions that we’ve shot.

(Unbelievable color choices, Maureen… it’s absolutely stunning!).

So when you combine all those factors together, you could see why I was so excited for this wedding that I could barely contain myself!

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos!).

Once Maureen and Matt did hire us for their wedding we got spend a little more time with the two of them up at Matt’s parents cabin where we shot their engagement photos.  I am very happy to say that I ended up deeming him very worthy of the marvelous Maureen!

So now you add a great groom onto this great event and my excitement grows even MORE!

(Here he is during their reveal moment, getting prepared to turn around and see his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day!).

So the big day finally arrived and it was so totally beautiful and so totally fitting for Maureen and Matt.  The ceremony took place at Maureen’s church…

…which was a very important factor to her and which I know made the entire wedding all the more special to her.

The reception was at Regency Gardens in Mesa and it was such a Unique place!  It was very “Disney, meets greenery, meets weddings”!

It had the perfect combination of being welcoming and mysterious, adorable and elegant.

It had white lights everywhere so it had me for sure!

It has also had plenty of the ladies to go around so it got this kid for sure too!  Ha ha!

(Ha ha ha, I’m still laughing about that photo above!)

(I love this shot of the longest married couple in the room with the shortest married couple in the room standing in the background).

Maureen and Matt added their own personal touches to the already very magical place.  Their reception was focused around the thing that they love doing together the most, and the thing that brought them together one memorable day…. traveling!

My mom makes fun of me for saying the word “amazing” too much, but can I just say that their wedding cake was AMAZING!!!!

It was the cutest thing ever with the little people and the little pieces of their travel memories together! So cute I could cry!

They also had travel post cards so their guests could write them personal messages on the back. So fitting for this couple!

Maureen and Matt, Scottie and I both loved being a part of this wedding with you guys and we are so grateful to have people as amazing as you in our lives.

I’m so glad that your wedding was so wonderful for you and we wish you all the best together and hope to see you lots from here on out!


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Friends as clients, clients as friends… Gabe and Julia’s anniversary session

When Gabe and Julia came into our lives, our lives got better. When Gabe and Julia stepped into our pictures, our photography got better.

Pretty awesome phenomenon, huh?!

Gabe and Julia are great friends of ours who are coming up on their 10 year wedding anniversary and wanted to get some pics done to commemorate it. During the session, we were pretty impressed that a couple who’s been married for 10 years can still pull off the same type of photo session that an engaged couple would do.

In other words, they’re still very much in love!

Though we know them really well, we had a hard time choosing a location for the photo shoot.

Julia loves the outdoors and anywhere with greenery is heaven to her.

Gabe on the other hand, loves the city.

He really appreciates cool architecture and modern looks.

Hmmm… we weren’t quite sure how to make that work. Luckily we ended up finding 2 perfect spots to shoot that were close together (thanks to Courtney Sargent Photography for giving us the tip!).

So we started out on a little picnic and a hike through the great outdoors for Julia…

… and we ended up working on some cool new lighting tricks at an amazing building that Gabe liked.

Perfect combo!

We also did a few photos for us…

Julia and I (Breanna) had some fun in front of the camera!

We gave Scottie and Gabe a turn eventually!

I know I’ve said it before, but it is always so true… we have so much fun working with our friends!

Whether they begin as clients and become friends or begin as friends and become clients, either way it’s a perfect situation because all of us are so relaxed and we’re basically just having a good time hanging out together!

This session was no different and we had a blast with Gabe and Julia!

Thanks for coming along for the ride guys and being patient while we experimented with stuff… we appreciate your trust! 🙂  Congrats on your anniversary!!!

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The wonderful Taylor and her wonderful location!

“Um, wow” is all I have to say about both our location and our senior during this shoot.

Well, OK that’s not ALL I have to say… c’mon, you know me better than that by now!  But seriously, both of those two factors were amazing.  It started with the first email I got from Taylor asking for a Radiant senior session.

The thing was, we were getting ready to pack our bags and head to California for the summer, all the while finishing up our busy wedding/senior season, as well as squeezing in last minute family sessions from people who were either realizing it’s about to get hot or that we’re about to leave… all that to say, we were VERY busy when we got Taylor’s email.

We were so busy in fact, that we had decided we weren’t going to be taking on any more Arizona sessions until we got back from California in the fall. Anyone who wanted a session with us before then, was going to have to come to California for it (like we’d have to force anyone to get away from Phoenix in the summer time!)!  And then…I got Taylor’s email.

I looked at Scottie with my pretty pleading, girly, puppy dog face and said, “Scottie I LOVE this girl, can we PLEASE PLEASE pretty please do her session?!”  He sighed before turning to read Taylor’s email over my shoulder.  Half way through the first paragraph, he said, “OK, we’ll do it”.

So what is this magical hold she had over us?  I don’t know, maybe it was her constant complimenting of our talent, or maybe it was the way she used tons of smile faces and lots of great adjectives to get her point across.

Whatever the specific reasons were, the one thing I know is that her personality totally came through her email and I knew right away that I was going to love working with her!  So of course, Scottie and I happily agreed to it.

As soon as we met Taylor in person, all my suspicions about her awesomeness were totally confirmed.

She was sooo fun to work with.  Actually it wasn’t just her, but her mom was super cool herself!  Scottie had to practically drag me away when our session was done because I wanted to hang out with the two of them all night!

Now to the location.  While we were totally sure about Taylor, we weren’t quite as sure about her location choice.

When she mentioned the DC Ranch country club, for some reason “snooze fest” popped into our heads (sorry Taylor, but it’s the truth!).  I don’t know, I guess I pictured a bunch of elderly women sitting around in chairs while their husbands wandered the golf course in plaid shorts.  Just so it’s clear to everyone… this was not at all the case and we were totally wrong!  We loved the place right away!

It was so unique looking with all it’s nooks and cranny’s, beautiful views, creative/detailed architecture, and not to mention it’s absolutely fantastic lighting!  It also helped that we had the whole place to ourselves since it was unusually dead that day.

If you know me at all, you know that I can never get enough of white twinkle lights hanging from trees… and neither can Taylor.  We both loved it so much that we sat around dreaming about the weddings that happen under that tree.

Scottie picked up on our dreamy girl state (he’s good at that), and had to practically snap his fingers in front of our faces to get us de-mesmerized so he could start shooting away at Taylor posing among the object of our affection.

Amazing shots, Scottie!!  Best glowy, happy, glittery, white light photos EVER!  Totally of girl dream land quality.

Taylor, we are so glad we decided to shoot your session because, thanks to you, we couldn’t have enjoyed it more!

You and your mom definitely have to come visit us in Venice this summer… I’m already planning which stores and coffee shops I can take you guys around to so that we can finish that conversation I kept trying to find the time to have in between shots!  See you soon! 😉

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Some skill, a little luck, and a guy who’s up for anything… Ted’s senior session.

When I heard that music was Ted’s thing, I knew right away where I wanted to do his session…

….at the music wall!

Ted loved the idea so we met up there one beautiful afternoon and started our little walkabout/photoshoot tour!

I say that because we decided to just wander around the area to see what we’d find. Luckily, there was quite a bit!  Of course you have the awesome old brick walls, but who knew there’d be amazing shadows on it?

And who would’ve guessed the railroad tracks would’ve looked so amazing that day?

Sure, we’ve shot around there before and we kind of knew the area, but there was definitely some level of luck involved in what we found at this location!

And luck was surely on our side that day because we LOVE some of the unique looks we got out of Ted’s session!

We felt like we saw things we’d never seen there before… which is always a great creative bonus.

Thanks to both Ted and his parents for being willing to let us lead them aimlessly on our photoshoot walk!

You guys were so much fun and we really enjoyed your session.  We hope you liked it as well and that you love the pictures even more!

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Jeff and Laura’s wedding: a family affair

A wedding day is an entirely different experience for me (Breanna) when I’ve done each of the following with the groom…

1. Built a fort that in my mind rivaled the Swiss Family Robinson treehouse (though it was really like 2 planks of wood haphazardly nailed together with a dried up Christmas tree as the back wall…obviously it was the best fort ever.)

2. Played and pretended everything from house, restaurant, under water tea party (he was too nice to ever refuse an invitation from me and his little sister), office, cops and robbers, mermaids (don’t worry, I’m sure he was a “merman” or a crab or something), school, and over 1,000 rounds of Marco Polo and TV tag.

3. Created, directed, designed, and performed- in front of an audience- a full rendition of the Nutcracker Suite (costumes and everything) though none of the participants involved knew anything about ballet.  If I remember correctly, we did a great job of skipping, rolling, crawling on all fours, and sword fighting, all with pajamas and capes on…. you know, typical ballet stuff. We have a video of it somewhere, though I believe my dad got bored and turned the camera off after the first 10 minutes.

So as you probably can tell by now, Jeff and I grew up together.

He’s my 1st cousin and 3rd brother.  Meaning, he was my cousin who was around enough that he was like another brother of mine.  Oh and in case you were wondering whatever became of our fire hazard fort, the next generation of kids in our family somehow convinced everyone that a rotting Christmas tree wasn’t good enough for their fort and were able to enlist adult help (including my carpentery master of a husband) to make a full on real tree house! Kids these days… so spoiled!!  Since when is a molding fort with a bee hive next door not a good place for kids to play?!

As you can see, Jeff and I had a ton of fun growing up together.  The coolest part of this whole story is that Laura is way more fun than Jeff.

Just kidding, but they are at least even!  So now, the fun continues as we live our adult lives!  We’ve already made Laura perform in front of audience when we put on a family dance party one night to teach the next generation of kids how it’s done… and she totally stole the show!

She plays dress up really well too… if you haven’t seen their AH-MAAAAAZING retro airplane engagement session, you HAVE to check it out, she looks incredible (you do too, Jeff!)!!  I haven’t gotten to invite her to an underwater tea party yet, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it will happen one day.  In other words, she fits right in with our family!

I’m totally serious about that.  I love Laura and I was so so so happy when Jeff called to tell me he was going to marry her and make her stick around with us!

Due to their fun loving spirits, Jeff and Laura had only one condition to us being their wedding photographers… we weren’t allowed to do it if we couldn’t have fun while doing it!

It was really important to them that we enjoyed their wedding and didn’t view it as work.  Scottie and I both knew that we would enjoy the wedding more if we were shooting it… but we’ve also really missed getting to be a part of the celebration rather than just onlookers.  So our solution was that Scottie and I would shoot everything  that happened before the reception…

…and at that point, we’d turn over the photography responsibilities to other photographers we hired while we partied it up as guests!

So that’s exactly what we did!  In other words, all the awesome reception photos you see here- like the one above and below- are not ones either Scottie or I can take credit for!

Scottie and I love shooting weddings for people we already know well because it’s so fun feeling like we’re such a part of something so huge in the lives of people we care about.  It’s also so fun hanging out in the getting ready rooms with our friends!

Not to mention, it’s nice to be working with a couple who’s so comfortable with us.

It’s just fun all around!

So true to our word, Scottie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves during the reveal moment…

(Ha ha, we could see both of them, but they weren’t allowed to see each other yet!).

…posed photo time…

…at the ceremony…

…and throughout everything in between!


Then we lifted all the responsibility from our own shoulders and passed it to Josh and Kelley Johnson while Scottie and I hit the dance floor!

(Look it’s us! We’re actually dancing at a wedding AND in a photo!!!).

Josh and Kelley are another married photography team in the Phoenix area (who also happen to be freaking cool people!!) and we’ve been semi/sort of mentoring for awhile now.  When we came up with the idea to have someone else shoot the reception, we immediately knew that Josh and Kelley were the people for the job!  And they did not disappoint!

They both have a phenomenal artistic eye, they excel at capturing real emotion, and they are hyper aware of everything going on around them at all times so they’re ready with less than a moment’s notice to catch anything that happens in front of their cameras!

This is not the only Radiant wedding that Josh and Kelley will be in on, so stay tuned for more from them in the future!

As you can see, Jeff and Laura’s wedding was amazing from beginning to end!  It was a fabulous day, everything went smoothly and there was just an overall feeling of joy in the air.

It couldn’t have been better.

Congratulations Jeff and Laura, I’m so glad the day was so great for the two of you and I’m so excited to have one of the coolest girls around as the new addition to our family.

(Another amazing Josh and Kelley creation… do you know how hard it is to get a good sparkler picture?!  Awesome job guys!).

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