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A 1st anniversary to remember… Chris and Linzie’s California Unique Session

Raise your hand if you put your wedding dress back on for your anniversary…

Keep your hand up if your dress still fits!!  Well Linzie is one of those lucky ones with her hand still up.

And she also had a great reason to put her dress back on (unlike the rest of you with your hands still in the air who only did it to feel like you got your money’s worth!).

Linzie put her dress back on and Chris got all decked out in a rented tux for their Unique Session on Laguna Beach in California…

…which all happened exactly a year to the day after we shot their wedding at Ocotillo Golf Club in Phoenix!

Such a great idea for an anniversary isn’t it?!  A little trip combined with a reminiscent photo session showing how happy you still are a year after the big day… I totally loved it!

All of us totally loved it actually because we had so much fun hanging out in California together.  During the trip, I (Breanna) had another one of those moments where I remembered to appreciate how awesome our job is.  We get to go on vacation with so many cool people!

I mean, we consider it an honor to hang out with them once in awhile before their wedding and then again on the actual day… but to go on vacation with our couples is just awesome!  We got to know Linzie and Chris so much better as we enjoyed great meals in cute local restaurants and as we bonded over the challenges that are inevitable to a good Unique Session.

To start with, we found quick sand (OK it wasn’t really quick sand but enough “Princess Bride” views as a child had my imagination going crazy!), very large holes that housed some kind of animal that was too big for my comfort, and a dastardly lady bug who you could just tell had evil thoughts running a muck (just kidding, she was the perfect little lady of course and very cute).

Aside from all these made up trials, we definitely had the real struggle arrive when Linzie had to get herself in the freezing cold January ocean!

(Yep, she just joined that elite group of brides who decide to “trash the dress” for the sake of the photos!).

The water was so cold that Chris backed out (that’s right Chris, I’m totally gonna shame you!).

(But he just looks so tough here doesn’t he?  Yeah that’s because this was taken before the water factor came into play!).

(I will at least give him credit for doing his best to help warm her up after it was all over!).

Linzie pushed through the freezing pain (which was later relieved by the oh so welcomed numbness that set in) because she had been dreaming and talking about this moment non-stop for the past year.  She was not about to miss her chance!

I was so proud of you Linzie… as I stood by in my 2 layers of dry sweaters and watched you try to not let your face reflect your true body temperature as the icy waves crashed up on you!  It was all I could do not to just drag you out of the water, grab you squarely by the shoulders, and say “you don’t have to do this!”.  But I’m glad I resisted and let you continue on in your bravery, not only because there’s no way I could’ve drug you in that dress that gained an extra 50 lbs as the water soaked in, but also because I freaking love the pictures we got and I hope you think it was all so very worth it!

(I love this one that Scottie took of the dress and the water that dripped off it down the slanted road.  The little footprints let you know there’s a story behind this photo!).

Thank you guys so much for putting in the energy to plan such a great session and trip!

We had a blast and we can’t wait to see where year number 2 takes you!  Happy Anniversary!

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(I title this picture… “After She Tamed the Sea”).

Radiant is back in teaching action!

If you missed our “Seeing Light” class last year, never fear… it’s back!  And this time it’s F-R-E-E!!  We will be teaching a portion of our seeing light class at the Phoenix SMUG meeting (RSVP through the link) on Wednesday, Feb. 16th.

Learning to see light the way your camera does will completely change the way you approach photography and we want to teach you how to do that!  This class will give you the chance to learn how to manipulate various lighting situations to your advantage, hang out with Scottie & Breanna from Radiant, and to meet other photographers who can continue to encourage you as you learn.

We get enough emails from our fans on a regular basis begging us to teach, so I expect to see lots of you there supporting us! 🙂  At least come to hang out and enjoy the free snacks courtesy of SmugMug!  See you on Wednesday!

Meet Jeff, Laura, and their aerodynamic engagement session prop…

When Jeff and Laura first told us they wanted to do their engagement session around an old school airplane from the 40’s (a Ryan Pt-22 to be exact), I thought, “well I guess, if we HAVE to”.  Just kidding of course… we were freaking stoked!

Then as I (Breanna) heard them planning the details, the more excited I got (if that’s even possible)!

By the time we actually made it out to the plane for the session, both Scottie and I were blown away by how amazing it all was!

The plane was absolutely perfect, Laura’s dress… perfect, Jeff’s bomber jacket… perfect, and their antique luggage- dare I say it?… perfect.

Everything about this session was set up from the beginning to be a great success.  And indeed it was.

The whole thing couldn’t have been better.  We were all excited and Scottie and I were both in the zone that day!  We also had the added bonus that another pilot who was hanging around, flew his plane over to us so we had the chance to get shots of 2 different planes!

So to all of you plane buffs out there who want to know all kinds of details about this plane… I’m sorry but I know photography, not airplanes so I really can’t help you with that.  Hopefully you are one of Jeff’s pilot buddies so you can ask him.  Either way, feel free to spend all the time you need drooling over the photos of it, because it is a perfect plane!

Oh and I wanted to point out to you that there are in fact people in the photos along with the plane, in case you were too mesmerized by the glimmering metal to notice them.

Speaking of which, good thing Laura is one foxy lady…

…because if she wasn’t, I think Jeff would’ve been too caught up in the “plane bling” (as I will call all the shiny stuff) to notice that he had a girl with him and that he was supposed to be looking at her and not the plane.

As it was, he had no problem keeping his eyes on the beauty next to him. 😉

A special thanks to Danny for trusting us enough to get near his plane… which is a very scary thing for a plane owner I’m sure!  Your willingness to help out with this session is a very big deal to us and we SO appreciate it!  And thanks to Laura and Jeff for putting in the effort to plan an AMAZING engagement session and for giving us the unique opportunity to get pictures like this!  We are so so so excited about the photos… and about your wedding!

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Vanessa and Andy’s Beautiful golf course wedding

I can’t believe Vanessa’s all grown up and married!

I (Breanna) first met Vanessa when she was around 14 years old and as the years passed, I spent many hours talking to her as she came to me for advice about life… so I was very excited to find myself at her wedding this past month!!

(Obviously she was excited about her wedding too!!)

Not only did I go it, but I took pictures of it!

And I have to admit, it looks like my advice was good over the years since she ended up marrying Andy, who is a great guy and someone I am very happy to see Vanessa with.

There’s nothing better than seeing two people who belong together get married (*tiny tear*).

Vanessa and Andy’s wedding was a beautiful one.  I am still amazed how beautiful it is in AZ in January, and their wedding day was no exception to that.  A great day, a great girl, and a great guy… it doesn’t get any better than that!

(Getting ready to walk down the aisle with her dad!  Can’t you just feel the nerves?!)

They also had a few fun little touches to their big day.

(Vanessa always sees pictures of groomsmen with sunglasses on so she thought she’d put a spin on it and have the girls wear them instead…)

(… only hers were broken!!  ha ha!).

One fun thing they did that comes to mind is that they played a comedy video on all the TV’s in the reception hall to keep the guests entertained while we were out taking pictures during the cocktail hour.

But the main event when it comes to fun, happened during their first dance…they cut short the romantic song (pretending like it was an accident)…

…to bust into a choreographed dance they saw on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!  The whole bridal party joined them on the dance floor to dance in unison to “Jump On It”. Have you ever seen a girl in a wedding dress doing this dance?!  Sooo funny!

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Vanessa and Andy, we loved being a part of your wedding and we’re excited to see where the future takes the two of you!  Congratulations!

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Ali, Nick, and Blake… a normal day in the life of a beautiful family!

How could you not love doing a session for a family as cute as this one?!

We drove out to their Awatukee home in hopes of capturing just a few beautiful moments between the members of this family, and we were happy to find that we were able to witness more than just a few!

As is usual for kids his age, Blake was a little quiet at first but warmed up very well by the end of the session!

By the time we finished shooting at their home, we headed over to the golf course park where Blake just came alive!

Before we left, we asked Ali and Nick if we were going to need some toys to keep his attention and they both shook their heads and assured us that as soon as we was outside he’d be happier than any toy could make him.

And they were right!  He didn’t have much experience with grass yet (it was fun to watch him experiment with it!) and it turns out that he loves it!

I (Breanna) took Ali and Nick away for a romantic photo moment…

…while Scottie stayed and played in the grass with Blake and got to see more of his real personality come out!

He’s just a happy boy in the great outdoors!

Thanks to all 3 of you for calling us to capture this special season in your lives, we’re happy to be a part of it!

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