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This is for you to read when you get tired of all the business stuff… this is where it gets fun!

Peppermint Bark = Love

OK, I promise I don’t usually spend all my time bragging about how awesome my husband is (though you wouldn’t know it from the posts I have written so far), but what can I say?  He’s been earning it lately!  Last night I told him that one of my favorite foods in the world is peppermint bark.  So today when I came home from Christmas shopping, I found a bunch of peppermint bark waiting for me… homemade!  He went to 4 stores searching for just the right ingredients and then spent hours making a ton of it.  Feels like love.

Gooey peppermint goodnessMagnificent!

$5, Santa Clause, & 7 wild children.

Breanna and I work with a company that plans community events for our apartment complex. So basically, whenever we’re not processing photos we’re fixing tiny bikes, mediating fights over balloons, and trying to explain to kids why it’s NOT okay to break people’s windows. We love it.

This past Saturday we took the kids down to a local thrift store where kids get to shop for gifts for their entire family for under $5. We had a great time with them. They took pictures with Santa Clause, managed to stay out of the street, and learned about how grandpa doesn’t want a Barbie (they tended to just shop for things they like and we had to explain the concept of giving). It was a blast. They were all so excited about having Christmas presents to give to their parents (which are wrapped so they can’t be seen). We tried to tell them that presents are a secret so they can’t tell people what they bought for them… in one ear, out the other. We’d like to post some pics of these events we talk about with the kids, but we can’t put them up without the parents’ permission. You just have to imagine it all: me, Breanna, her dad, and one other adult, chasing 7 little children (all hyped up on candy canes and freaking out about Santa Clause) around a store containing lots of glass.