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The Goble family… never a dull moment.

Ah the Goble family.

If you know this family, you know that words aren’t enough to describe them… you need pictures.  Luckily, I have both!

The Gobles are regulars with Radiant now since we’ve done both of their kids senior sessions, a wedding for their nephew, and now a family photo session!  The only member of the family who hasn’t been around for a Radiant session is the dad, Jeff (Tracy was at Katie’s senior session) and I found out that before this family session, he was a skeptic.

Apparently Jeff is not the biggest fan of photo sessions (I’m glad I didn’t know this before or I would’ve been intimidated)…BUT we won him over!

Tracy emailed me after the session to tell me that Jeff left us saying “Scottie and Breanna were able to turn what is usually a painful experience for me into something fun… I actually had a great time!”

He’s now a Radiant believer!  By the way, thanks for the compliment Jeff, we had fun with you too! 🙂

Speaking of fun, this is what I meant when I said you need pictures on top of words to describe the Gobles!  How many brothers and sisters do you know who plan out cheesy poses to do together?

(It made me so happy to see siblings interacting the way they did!).

This photo…

…was the worst one of all… Ryan’s “captain pose”.  There were other photographers wandering around that day and I could practically hear them whispering the URL for Awkward family photo to one another.  You guys totally embarrassed us in front of the other photographers, so I hope it was worth it and that you  REALLY love this photo! Thanks for going easy on us the rest of the time… I know you guys and what  you are capable of!

(So dramatic, Ryan… love it!).

I hope you know I’m totally kidding… it’s those inner crazies, always trying to burst out, that make the Goble family so endearing to us…

…and that make Goble photo session SO much fun!

Thanks for another great one, you guys.  We hope to have many more with you over the years!

(This is our Abbey Road picture that was thrown out as a joke idea… that Scottie and I took seriously).

What’s next?  A wedding for Katie or Ryan?

No pressure guys… just remember that if you wait until we have arthritis, our pictures might not have the same level of quality to them… so we do expect that you are both at least looking around for someone starting now! Ha ha!

Really, we love you all.

Every time we are around you guys, we get more and more excited to have our own family one day so that hopefully it will be as amazing as yours!

Thanks for providing the inspiration to have a great family one day (and our parents who want grandkids eventually, thank you too). 🙂

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Brittany, Brandon, and baby boy

Brittany’s back… and she’s bigger than ever.  No, I’m not just cruel.. I’ll have you know that she happens to be pregnant this time around!

We have had multiple photo experiences with Brittany (and her husband, Brandon) and every time we work with her, we are reminded of how much we L-O-V-E working with her!  How could we not?  I mean, look at her…she’s perfect!

(This is a pose that Brittany wanted so she could have a similar photo to one that Scottie took at her trash the dress session.  So now she has matching photos… only in one she’s wearing her wedding dress and in the other she’s wearing a maternity shirt!).

Not to mention, she’s totally flawless and smooth in front of the camera (she claims she feels awkward at times, but I don’t see it).

I know by now that most girls out there are probably beginning to feel a little jealous of beautiful Brittany, who’s totally cute even when she’s very pregnant. Just wait girls, it’s about to get worse because Brittany is not only gorgeous but she’s also one of the coolest people around!

(Her and Brandon made that piece of art behind her! See? So cool.).

(I mean, how many girls do you know who want to do jumping shots in their maternity session? I told you… it’s the coolness).

Not to mention she will kill you with her genuine kindness.  I mean it!  We went out to dinner after the session and our waiter was… well, kind of an a-hole.  But by the end of the night he was laughing and talking to Brittany like she was his best friend!  He went from being super uppity and aloof to her biggest fan in the span of one dinner… just because Brittany was being lovable Brittany!

I’ve known her long enough that I should no longer be surprised by amazing Brittany feats involving winning the hearts of everyone around her, but I can’t help it… it’s still so awesome to watch!

So if you were a little jealous before, put it to rest because even if you try to hate her for being so wonderful, she’ll win you over in a matter of minutes. (Oh yeah and did I mention she’s super talented and extremely creative as well?! You should see how cool her house is!).

Her husband, Brandon, knows he totally scored when he married Brittany, and he’s still very much in love with her.

In fact, we caught some great loving moments between the two of them.

They have so much fun together and they seem really happy with their life (which makes me happy just to witness!).

We were so honored to work with this great couple yet again and we look forward to meeting that baby one day!

Thanks guys, we had a great time with you and we are seriously so excited for you to experience this new stage in life!

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Family Ties

Scottie and I are at the age when everyone around us has babies… and second babies… and toddlers… and third babies!

And with all these babies comes baby pictures!

A lot of my cousins are having kids now and we’ve been doing a lot of photo sessions for them to capture this period in their lives.

We’ve been doing so much of it, that we’ve gotten behind blogging about all the sessions so I’d figure I’d catch us up all at once!

First we did photos for our cousins’ Jamie and Lindsey’s baby, Jameson. 

We took Jameson out to Scottsdale Civic Center where she had her first experience with grass!  She wasn’t too thrilled with it, but we were glad we got to be there for that first in her life!

Next we did our cousin Kelly & Jim’s baby, Madeline.

Madeline has an amazing bedroom… …pretty much the room I dreamed about having when I was a little girl, complete with hot pink walls and a chandelier!

Madeline’s big brother Jack is having to get used to having a new baby in the house so we made sure to make him feel included in picture day and get a few shots of him as well.

Awhile later we did photos for my cousin Amy and her little girl, Tatum.

Tatum is the ultimate girly girl…

…so we thought a super girly tea party was the way to go for her picture day!

As you can see, Tatum LOVES the camera.

She also loves spinning in flowy dresses (including her special pink “princess dress” she wore that day)…

…and pretending to be a model so we got quite a few shots of her teaching her mom the runway walk.

I could hardly take the pictures I was laughing so hard!

Our whole family always tells me (Breanna) how much Tatum reminds them of me when I was little.  I have to admit that I too was an ultra girly girl.

Only the pinkest pink and the shiniest of everything would do for me!  I was also a pro at dress spinning, tap dancing (only Tatum is lucky enough to have REAL tap shoes), and model walking.

So of course as soon as Tatum and I get some camera time together, we take full advantage to have a little super model photo shoot. 😉

Recently we did a session for our cousins’ Ashley and Tyler and their baby, Cayden.

We combined the session with our cousins’ Bethany and Brandon’s baby girl, Rylie.

We had people talking, kids yelling, dogs barking, and babies crying.

It was a mad house with so many of us there… but it was SO much fun!

We were so glad we combined the session because we were able to get photos of the kids together.

(I love this one!  Someone there said, “Look!  He has the same panicked expression that every guy gets when a girl starts crying!”).

There is one family member left that we still have to schedule a formal session with (although we take plenty of pictures of her when we’re just hanging out)… that’s our niece, Kylee.  Even though we haven’t done a session with my brother Paul and his wife Anna’s beautiful little girl, we have had our fun with her!  We were testing out some of photobooth props one day awhile back when my (Breanna’s) mom happened to be over with little Kylee so of course we had to do a little experimenting with them!

More to come of Kylee soon… especially since she’s way older now than in these pictures!

In fact, there will be many more photos of all the kids as they continue to grow (at quite an alarming rate I might add!).  We are so blessed to have a family that we love so much who all still live in the same city!  We’re so thankful that we get to be around to watch everyone in this next generation grow up! Thanks for so many fun sessions guys!

Heather and James have a new addition!

When I got the email from James and Heather to do baby pictures for them, it took me a second to realize where I recognized their names from.

Oh yeah!  We worked with them through Apartment Life awhile ago!  If you haven’t heard of Apartment Life, well then just keep reading because I’m going to tell you about it!  Apartment Life is an organization that trains up teams and pairs them with apartment complexes where the team lives and plans community events  as a way to assist the management and get to know the residents, with the ultimate goal of extending help and care to the residents in whatever way they need it at the time.

We made so many good friends through Apartment Life and Heather and James are 2 of them! Scottie and I were a team at an apartment complex in Mesa and Heather and James were a team at the same time as us at a complex just down the road.

The reason we got to know them as well as we did is because their complex was very similar to ours (low income families) with similar challenges so we did a lot of idea sharing back and forth with one another.

Scottie and I fulfilled our commitment awhile back and the only contact we’ve had with Heather and James since then was in the Facebook realm (they’re big fans of Radiant’s page) so we were totally excited when we got their email asking us to take pictures of their newborn (whom we didn’t even know existed!).

Their baby was beautiful!  She was a great little model too since she mostly just laid their all cozy on her blanket…

… with the occasional screaming.

Which is not a big deal because I’m pretty convinced that babies have a secret code of honor amongst each other that says they have to cry for a certain amount of time on picture day… it’s just the law.

I always like to sneak in a few photos of crying babies anyways just because that’s part of life and it’s something parents will never get to see again once their kids are grown up!

(Treasure this moment guys, ha ha!).

But for the most part, she was an angel…

…and she was even patient while we sat around in the middle of her session, talking with her parents to get caught up on life!

Heather and James, it was great to see you… congratulations on your new baby girl!

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The Coopers rocking it in Southern California

Ever since we shot her sister’s wedding a couple of years ago, we’ve been trying to schedule a family session with Lisa.

Things get complicated fast when you’re planning to get together and you live in different states!  But alas, the time came for Lisa and Jeff’s family photo session!

We met up in the LA area (Lisa and Jeff drove from Northern CA and Scottie and I came from Phoenix) at Griffith park for a day o’ picture time fun!

Once we finally found each other (Griffith Park is REALLY big), we first got re-introduced to their 3 boys…

…and their little stuffed animal friend “Puppy Breath” who kept trying to sneak his way into pictures…

… then we picked up our cameras and began shooting away!

We had bouts of family playtime…

…intermixed with a few moments where we were the bossy photographers and made them look at the camera and smile…

…and then we’d go back to playtime!

We had some wrestling adventures…

… some karate time….

… and then back to the “sit and smile for the camera” shots!

Aside from trying to sneak Puppy breath into our shots in a”Where’s Waldo” fashion, the boys had another prop they were itching to use, and that was their very cool hats!

They were so excited about their hats, so we made sure to try to get a bunch of pictures with them on!

Griffith Park has some huge beautiful trees so we took full advantage of them and made them a prop/background for these pictures.

It’s always more fun for kids when they get to play on the “furniture” we use for pictures!

After the tree time, we headed over to the playground to get a few shots of the kids just being kids.

(I, Breanna, told him that he could design/pose one picture on his own and the one on the right is his creation!  ha ha I love it!)

Of course as it goes when you arrive at a playground, the kids were off in the blink of an eye and Scottie and I were left with our old people legs trying to catch up to them!

We caught them a few times… at least just enough to get the shots we wanted!

Thanks to the Cooper family so SO much for traveling down to meet us for your family session! We loved getting to hang out with you once again! I really hope you guys enjoyed your little vacay and that you enjoy the pictures that resulted from it even more!

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