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Book Your Mini Holiday Card Session With Radiant Today

Hello everyone, Kelley here again (1/2 of the new Radiant Photography associate photographer team)! I’m sure you’ve all noticed that fall temperatures are about to finally hit Phoenix. I think I just heard a collective sigh of relief from all of us desert dwellers.

Fall means many things: sending the kids back to school, enjoying pumpkin spice lattes, putting together your Halloween costume, and finally getting to wear the sweaters that have been sitting in the back of your closet since February (Okay, maybe it will be a few more weeks until we can do that in Phoenix.). Would you like to hear about one of my favorite parts of fall? I can finally step outside and not feel overwhelmed by the heat. It’s true, I know some of you may still be too afraid to try it, but trust me. Try walking to your car instead of running to it after work this evening. The temperatures have actually become bearable.

We’re Excited About Cool Weather!

You know what this means? It is finally safe to venture outdoors and take those family pictures that you have been wanting. Yes, real family pictures that don’t end in heat exhaustion and sweat beading up on your forehead. Josh and I can definitely tell that fall has arrived when our phones start ringing off the hooks and our in-boxes start filling up with inquiries regarding family photo sessions. This might be my another one of my favorite parts of fall, because Josh and I really love photographing family sessions.

Some of Our Recent Family Sessions

One of my favorite things about photography in general is the fact that it helps people capture special moments in their lives. Moments like: starting your lives together,

anticipating the arrival of your very first little one,

celebrating the debut of that little gem,

enjoying all of the “firsts” and each new stage your little ones enter,

and watching your family continue to grow.

Book Your Mini Holiday Card Session

We know you’ve been cooped up all summer, and you’ve been meaning to take those photos. It’s not that it’s not important to you, because it is! Let’s be honest, not only are these moments precious to you, but they’re something that you are proud of, and a joy that you want to share with others. That’s right, these are the moments that become your holiday cards, and that is something that you’ve been meaning to get around to as well.

So, Josh and I want to make capturing these moments a little bit easier for you. For the very first time, Radiant Photography will be offering Mini Holiday Card Sessions. This is new for Radiant, and it may be a new concept for you as well, so here is some information that you will want to know.

What is it?

These will be short photo sessions for your family (or just your kiddos if your prefer), at whatever stage in life you happen to be in (up to 5 people). You will have 20 minutes to enjoy the limelight as Josh and I have the chance to enjoy taking pictures of you and your spouse, your whole family, or your child. Within two weeks after your session, you will receive five digital files that will capture your family in this moment, and you can use these photos to make your holiday cards for the year!

How much?

Price: $100 for a 20-minute photo session and five digital images.

When and where?

We want to accommodate as many families as possible, so we are going to have sessions on two different weekends, and in two different locations.

Tempe Beach Park

For those of you closer to the East Valley, we will be shooting at Tempe Beach Park on Sunday, November 6th. This is a terrific location and Josh and I really enjoy photographing families there! Check out a couple of photos from our most recent Tempe Beach Park session.

Daisy Mountain Railroad Park

For those of you closer to North Phoenix, we will be shooting at Daisy Mountain Railroad Park (located in Anthem Community Park) on Saturday, November 12th. This is another great location! Here are a few photos from our most recent Daisy Mountain Railroad Park session.

There are a limited number of photo session slots available, so make sure to email us at soon if you are interested in booking a mini holiday card session. Josh and I are excited to see you and capture a few special moments for your family soon!

You can check out more of Josh and Kelley’s portrait photos by looking at their portrait portfolio.

The Mykytiuk Family together for laughter and food on picture day!

It seems like only yesterday that Zach needed his senior pictures done.  But really it was actually a long time ago and we haven’t really seen the Mykytiuk family much since then.

So we were thrilled at the opportunity to get to spend a little more time with them when Annie and Paul called us to take family pictures for them.  Only this time we got to meet the WHOLE Mykytiuk family!

We quickly discovered that if there’s anything better than a few Mykytiuks, it’s tons of Mykytiuks! Talk about a boisterous family!

We did the normal posy-posy stuff and then we could barely stop them from working on strange body contortions, family pyramids, and fake fighting scenes.

Definitely not the kind of poses you expect from a family session!

(This one was no pose, she was actually just that scared to go on her sister’s shoulders!)(This is the parents breaking up a pretend fight… or at least they told us it was pretend!)

I wish we could take credit for how fun some of these pictures are… but it really was just them being them!

We had lots…

… and lots…

…of laughs that day.

And to finish it all off, we crowded around their big family style table and joined them for dinner… after we took a few photos of it of course!

I was happy that we got to capture the type of meal that just screams family.

Whether it reminds them of Christmas, Thanksgivings, Birthdays, or whatever… I’m sure these photos of a big family meal together will conjure up all kinds of nostalgia for the Mykytiuk family for years to come and forever remind them of what it means to be family.

Thanks for letting us be a part of the fun and the memories!

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The Jones Family…smiling pretty for their Carlsbad photo session!

Ah the Jones Family.

These people have been a part of my life since I (Breanna) was 12 years old. I was friends with Ryan back then and once I hit my freshman year of high school, his sister (Tara) became my mentor.

(Ryan on the right…)

(Tara on the right).

It wasn’t until a while into these friendships that I found out that their mom, JoAnn, had gone to high school with my mom!

So I have seen a lot happen in this family as Tara and Ryan have grown up, gotten married, and had kids.

Ironically enough, Tara became a photographer as well (no, she didn’t try to sway me in that direction when she was my mentor… we both did it independently!)!

So we have been following one another’s work for awhile now and when it came time to give her mom a mother’s day present, she decided that a family photo session with Radiant would do the trick!

The best part about it, was that I was once again enfolded into the lives of this fantastic family… and this time I got to be a part of family tradition!

(As you can see by this picture, we’re talking about a REALLY fun family tradition!!! Beach joy is the best.).

Every summer since JoAnn was a little girl, she has gone to Carlsbad, California for vacation. And once she married Doug, they began bringing their own kids to the same spot… and now they get to come along with their grandkids as well!

They stay at the Carlsbad Inn each time and they’ve become so regular with their vacations that they’ve become great friends with some of the other families that stay there every year too!

I am so impressed that they’ve been able to keep up this tradition for so many years… especially because it is one of the best family traditions I’ve ever heard of!

(Funny how it’s easier to get in the hole than out, isn’t it?!).

It was really fun to get to know the little ones in the Jones family now!  They all have such unique personalities and it was so fun for me to be able to spot certain parts of each kid that reminded me of both Tara and Ryan as I knew them when they were younger.

(Ryan, I’m not saying that you did, and I’m not saying that you didn’t, put sand in Tara’s mouth when you were little).

(She has always looked like Tara to me!).

(And this little one, actually reminded me of my own brother more than anyone else!).

(I love this slow motion one that starts out as a brotherly hug and ends with a hardcore belly bump into the sand!!!).

I was really glad that my husband got to spend some time with a family who was such a major part of my life growing up and that I got to get to know both Tara’s husband (Chris) and Ryan’s wife (Danae) better as well.

It was also so cool to watch these little siblings and cousins all play together!

Especially knowing that they are going to grow up coming to this exact same spot to play together for years to come and hopefully even once they all have kids of their own!

(I LOVE the way she’s looking at her dad in this one!!!).

(… and the way he’s cuddling up with his mom in this one!!!).

It’s so crazy to think that the children of these kids here will look back on these photos of their parents playing in the same spot when they were little.  Awesome.  And such a huge blessing for us to be a part of it all.

Thanks to all of you for taking a little time out of your vacation for us and for being such great models while trying to keep everyone together in one piece all at the same time!  It’s hard wrangling in such a big group for photos and you guys pulled it off perfectly!

We hope you love all the photos and we’ll see you all soon! 🙂

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Rocking horses, pink tutu, baby cowboy boots, and brightly colored balloons… Cayden and Rylie in the cutest session ever!

If these kids look familiar to you, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to remember where you recognize them from, because I’ll just tell you.

These little chubsters each belong to one of my (Breanna) cousins so they pop up on this blog on a regular basis.

When their time for photo day comes we usually combine them together, because well, it’s just sooo cute to have Cayden pulling Rylie’s bow off…

(It happens every time!)

…pinching her face or pushing her down as he attempts to stand up…

…or just being all round annoying as boys tend to be towards girls sometimes.

Don’t worry, she gets him back with all kinds of nasty slobbery kisses, and I’m sure she’ll get more creative with her revenge tactics as she gets older.

My favorite is when they fall into each other and bonk heads then both start crying! (I’m not mean… it’s just funny!).

Two babies for photo time is just so much more fun than one!

For this session that celebrated both of their first birthdays, their parents did a fantastic job planning the props and matching the kids!

(This is the standard shot we always get of Rylie and her dad’s feet… unfortunately it was raining hard by then so we had to do it on this ugly ground in the veranda. But I guess as long as you can see baby leg chub it’s good regardless of the details!).

I still cannot get over those amazing baby cowboy boots!!

One of the best parts about these photos is that you can’t tell how awful the weather was that day! Well, except for when you see the balloons blowing sideways or Rylie’s hair blowing straight up! 🙂

It was raining and SUPER windy so everyone was rushing around with the props and utilizing the few non-rain seconds we had while doing whatever it took to keep the kids warm and happy.

It definitely felt a little chaotic and unnerving, but everyone looks so cool, calm, and collected in the photos.  Phew!!

Another successful shoot for Cayden, Rylie, and their families.  Great job guys!

While I love the cowboy theme with a little soccer ball action mixed in, next time I want to see a session themed around the other types of careers they could have…. I’m expecting astronaut suits, basketball jerseys, lab coats, and mini business suits.

Let’s make it happen! 😉


A beautiful family history: Chip and Kay’s Family session

When Chip and Kay told me where they wanted to do their family session at, I was like “um, WHERE?! Out in the middle of nowhere, seriously?!”

But when I told Scottie where it was, he got super excited and told me that was the exact area that we drive by when we go out of town and that causes us to say every single time “man, I really want to do a photo session there someday”.

In other words, as odd as it sounded to me at first, it turns out Chip and Kay picked the perfect spot for their family photo session!

So Chip and Kay packed up some of the coolest vintage stuff they could find and headed North with us to this particular spot just off the side of the highway that they had chosen.

When I say cool vintage stuff I mean REALLY cool vintage stuff!

Actually, their oldest son was wearing a shirt his grandfather actually wore when he was his age!

And their younger son was wearing an outfit that Chip wore when he was his age!

How awesome is that?!  It totally made me re-think the massive closet clean out I had planned for myself this week… apparently clothes can be a very cool piece of family history!

They also brought along vintage things for the kids to play with like books, yo-yo’s, games…

…and of course an awesome red wagon to put the finishing touch on it all.

Who would’ve guessed we could’ve had such a great time playing on the side of the highway!

(Brothers playing in the dirt together… love it!).

As the day wore on, the wind picked up and the kids started getting a little cold and hungry.  The solution to this was family cuddle time, with everyone all wrapped up in Kay’s grandma’s quilt with a few apples to share around.  So we took this opportunity to get a few shots of melt down management as well as of family togetherness time.

It was so cute to watch everyone squeeze together and laugh as the kids slowly started warming up and calming down.

I love when we get those chances to capture real moments like those for a family.  It’s such a perfect way to remember what life was REALLY like (both the good and the bad) at this stage with your kids.

This is life together and this is the stuff you’ll miss and remember fondly as you look back over the pictures.

It’s an incredibly beautiful thing and I was so thankful I got to be a part of this family’s “present” moments to help them remember them forever…

…as well as their past moments that are being represented through their inter-generational props. This entire session was such a great crosspoint between the past and the present, showcasing all that has made this little family what it is today.

And it makes me so excited to think that this past/present mix has now been frozen in time so that these pictures will continue to speak to this family’s future generations to come.

It’s nothing short of amazing and we are so thankful to have been a part of it.  Thanks, Chip and Kay, for inviting us in to your family’s intimate life experience… we feel very privileged.

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