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Don’t worry, we won’t tell about when you tripped and fell into the fountain! ;-)

Good times in Downtown Phoenix: Inez and Phil’s engagement session

If you happen to know Phil and Inez, then you are probably confused why they had engagement photos taken 9 months after their actual wedding!

So let me explain… before they got married they opted for a family session with their kids rather than an engagement session with just the two of them.  Right after the wedding they realized that they missed out on a chance to have some special photos together so they decided to go ahead and schedule a session with us!

Of course, having just done a family session and a wedding they were a little “posed out”… especially Phil, who told us right away that we’d have a hard time working with him because he hates having his picture taken!

FYI Phil, you actually did really well, and I hope we made it pretty easy on you!

(As you can see, he at least made the session easy on Inez!  I loved watching how much he made her laugh… so cute!).

Anyways, they decided to wait a while to have their next session, which puts us here and now with fresh photos from the recent engagement session of this newly wed couple!

(I love how Inez looks like a shy teenager with her first boyfriend in this picture!  Oooh, she’s in LOOOOVE!).

After a little discussion, Inez and Phil decided to do their session in Downtown Phoenix because the area has a lot of meaning to them.

(Inez wasn’t the only one he could make laugh…Phil gave us some pretty hilarious faces throughout the whole session.  Actually, he was making us laugh so hard, I was worried all our pictures were going to be blurry!!).

Phil grew up in that area and he used to work there too.  He also is an artist and had some of his work displayed in a nearby gallery for the First Fridays art walk.  On top of all that, their children used to attend classes at an Arts Center around the area as well.

So even though I (Breanna) have lived in Phoenix my whole life, I felt like I had my own special tour guides while walking around there with the two of them because they knew so much about the downtown area!

And it was a good thing too because once we felt like we had covered the space we had planned on shooting in, they knew just the place to take us to get a bit of inspiration.  And it worked!

They were patient while we played around with a few new looks and new ways of doing things to catch the feel of Downtown Phoenix at night.  I hope you guys love the results as much as we do!

We had a ton of fun working with you both and we hope we run into you guys around the art walk or something soon!

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Alys and Jun’s “Adios Arizona” photo session

Alys and Jun are one of those couples who just make it work… regardless of who lives in what city when!

They met in school while they were both living in Arizona, but Jun recently moved to New York… so very far far away from his sweetheart!

They didn’t let that stop them though!  Alys travels to New York about every 3 weeks to see him and as soon as she’s done with school she’s moving out there permanently to join him.  Ah, true love finds a way!

Jun is currently doing his residency so he has very little time off to visit Alys in AZ, so when he got the chance to come see her, she knew she had to make the most of the visit so she called us to come capture some of their precious time together!

Since this is their last hurrah with the Southwest, we wanted to find a way to incorporate some desert themes into the photos.

We ended up settling on doing a few photos at Scottsdale Civic Center Park to capture a little bit of the southwest feel that’s around the city…

…before heading out to Camelback mountain to get the real live desert in the photos…

…as opposed to the metal cacti that are around old town Scottsdale!

From Alys’s emails we could tell that she seemed pretty cute and energetic.  And yet we were still surprised to find out just how fun and hilarious the two of them were… as individuals and then even more so as a couple!

We had a blast wandering around with them!

When we passed by a new/old cider mill, they decided they wanted to go in and have a rootbeer float…

…when we stood still for more than 2 seconds at a time, Jun decided it was time to pick Alys up…

…when we stopped near a giant boot, what else is there to do but sit on it for a picture?!

Seriously, they were a ton of fun!  Posing wasn’t even an option for them since what they did naturally was the stuff that great pictures are made out of anyways!

Top off their cute interactions together with a little bit of desert charm and we’ve got ourselves the perfect “Adios Arizona” photo session!

Alys and Jun, I hope your West coast to East coast transition goes super smoothly and that you find a ton of things out there that you absolutely love doing together (and I hope you are able to find the time to do them in!).

We really enjoyed working with you guys and we hope your big apple future holds amazing things for you two!  Good luck!:-)

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Old friends reunited and celebrating Maureen & Matt’s engagement!

As I waved goodbye to Maureen on graduation day, I knew I would see her again.

What I didn’t know was what circumstances it would be under!

Maureen and I (Breanna) were friends all through high school.  We ate lunch together every day, walked to classes together, and watched each other stress out over tests, boys (all in vain of course since neither of us ended up with any of the boys we knew in high school) and all the normal high school stuff.

We lost touch for awhile after high school since there was once a time (though I know it’s hard to remember what it was like) when Facebook wasn’t around.  Of course after Facebook’s world take over, Maureen and I found each other and Maureen also found Radiant Photography’s Facebook page (take a second to like our page if you haven’t already!).

She quickly became one of our biggest fans, commenting on new sessions we put up and sending every one of her engaged friends our way.  So when the time came for Maureen to be the one with the ring on her finger she called us before she even set the date just so she could pick a day that we were available!

We met with her and Matt (and we loved him by the way!) and then we headed up to Matt’s family cabin in Payson for the weekend to do their engagement session in the cool mountain air!

Matt and Maureen treated us to a fabulous weekend in the pines, complete with elaborate home cooked meals and a very plush room for us to stay in!

We had a fantastic time relaxing and exploring with them.  Not to mention Maureen and I took full advantage of our time together to catch up on all the “who’s doing what now” stuff from our high school (our men were both patient with us while we threw names of people they didn’t know back and forth).

To kick off our photo session, we shot a couple of photos around the cabin and then headed up to the rim.

As always the rim was stunning, and the post-rain feel made it even more beautiful than usual.

We took our time up there and shot photos until our trigger fingers couldn’t trigger anymore.

Then we headed over to Willow Springs lake to capture a little sunset reflecting in the lake.

Everywhere on the rim looks amazing after it rains and the lake was no exception.

The clouds were fantastic and the sun would peak out at just the right moments.

Not to mention the sunset looked more like a forest fire that day than just regular color in the sky.

This is one of those sessions where we’re just dying to take all the credit, but secretly we know it was all just our luck with the weather and the beautiful sky it brought.

Not to mention, Maureen and Matt were perfect together.  We have so many great photos of them interacting together and having fun.  Again, we can’t pat ourselves on the back for that one… it was all them.  They just chose to relax and be normal in front of the camera, and it worked out in their favor for sure!

Thanks so much to you both for giving us such a fabulous weekend, you treated us like royalty and we milked every minute of it!  We’re so so so SO excited to shoot your wedding!  I can’t believe I get to not only see my old high school friend walk down the aisle, but actually be a part of the event as well.  Thanks for connecting us, Facebook, I love you too!

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Jinny and Paul take a stroll down memory lane

When we asked where they wanted to go for their engagement session, Jinny and Paul knew the spot right away.

It is where they had their first date, where Paul proposed, and now where they had their engagement pictures taken!

This magical place where memories are made is a look out spot up on the rim in Northern AZ.

A place that Jinny has affectionately named “Turtle Rock” because it does indeed look like a little turtle!:-)

As the tradition goes, Jinny and Paul stopped at Subway to grab their picnic lunch before heading up that way.

They pile it all into this awesome picnic basket and then sit around enjoying the view, laughing, and sneaking in a little kiss every now and then!;-)

We deviated from their norm some because instead of heading to a quaint little Italian restaurant for dessert afterwards, we headed to woods canyon lake to continue with the picture taking festivities.

Jinny and Paul met at church in Phoenix, but didn’t have their first date until after Paul moved to Payson.

Hence, the dating traditions that center around places in Payson!

They are now back in the same city planning their wedding and making sporadic trips to Payson together to reminisce and escape the Phoenix summer heat.  Which is also one of the reasons we made the trek for picture day.  Everyone looks better when they DON’T have sweat dripping down their faces!

(Look, they’re laughing at the lame joke I just made! Ha!).

As you can see, Woods Canyon Lake did not disappoint!

It was absolutely beautiful!  It had been raining and there was a nice  fog setting over the lake… something you don’t really get to see a whole lot amidst the scorching pavement in Phoenix.

We were mesmerized and we couldn’t stop taking pictures of it!

Thank you Jinny and Paul for giving us a little tour of your beautiful memory lane!  We had a great time hanging out with you guys and we can’t wait for your wedding!

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