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Don’t worry, we won’t tell about when you tripped and fell into the fountain! ;-)

A day on the town with JoEllen and Ryan

If there’s an award for the cutest couple, I think this couple has a good shot at it!  Their interactions during their engagement photo session were just priceless.  They were constantly being all cute together and cracking each other up.  If you look at the pictures carefully enough, you may be able to see actual stars in their eyes!  OK, maybe not, but that would be so cool!

We went to one of our favorite places in the downtown part of Phoenix Arizona to get the “urban” kind of feel for this photo session.  It turned out perfect because her bright yellow shirt contrasted so well with a lot of the backgrounds.  And a sidenote: JoEllen, you are SO beautiful!  I (Breanna) was totally stunned when you first got out of the car! It didn’t take much talent to pull off great pictures of you guys!  The beautiful bride-to-be combined with this  super in love couple made this session a piece of cake! Click to see the rest of the photos from JoEllen & Ryan’s engagement session.

phoenix engagement photo

phoenix engagement photo

phoenix engagement photo

phoenix engagement photo

Adrienne & Mike’s Engagement Session

We went out with Adrienne and Mike to get a few shots of them before their big day so they could have some photos for their save the date magnets as well as some prints hanging in their home for visiting relatives to see on their wedding day. They decided to go for a more romantic style with a lot of close ups and a fairly gentle feel, so we picked Tempe Beach Park (in Tempe, Arizona) since it has the lake and a few other prime spots to catch some great lighting to give that glowing, in love look! We spent a little bit of time hanging out on Mill before the shoot getting to know them so that once we started taking pictures they felt more like we were just having fun with their photographers, and less like they were being attacked by the paparazzi!





My Little Brother’s Engaged!

I never thought that taking engagement pictures of my baby brother could ever be described as feeling “natural” (I mean, I used to change his diapers, you know?!) but it was one of the most comfortable and relaxed sessions we’ve ever had… not to mention it was a ton of fun!  Within the first 5 minutes, Paul had dipped her for a kiss, added in his own props, grabbed her butt for a photo (when my mom wasn’t watching), and manufactured his own super-random brand of poses!  Not to be outdone, Anna threw in her own hottie-toddy style and was able to accomplish some poses that I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to demonstrate to brides for awhile now! It was fantastic… both of them made our job totally easy!  We went over to downtown Mesa, Arizona and did our entire photography session around back alley ways, an old mill with railroad tracks, and the new Mesa Arts Center (which we love)!

We got to try out our whole “prop” idea that we’ve been working towards incorporating into our photos (you’ll have to look at the entire session to see what I mean).  They definitely understood that concept, she even brought a “bride to be” tiara that her maid of honor bought for her bachelorette party… and we didn’t hesitate to use it!

Thanks Paul and Anna, we are very excited to do your wedding photography and we hope it is an amazing day for both of you!

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Oh man, I love this last one!!

Click to see the rest of the photos from Anna and Paul’s engagement session.

Our friends, Kari & Collin.

Work doesn’t get much better than when it gives you an excuse to hang out with old friends!  Scottie and I have both known Kari & Collin since before we even knew each other!  We had a blast and we were laughing… mmm pretty much non-stop!

They were super easy to shoot not only because they were comfortable with us, but also because they were super comfortable with each other!  We didn’t have to give them any posing directions because they cuddled up and got all lovey with each other all on their own.  All the shots that look really natural, truly are!

arizona engagement photo

arizona engagement photo

arizona engagement photo

arizona engagement photo

Ryan & Becca + The Tempe Arts Center

We’ve had this random phenomenon happen in our lives, where everyone that Scottie was friends with in New Mexico, moves to Arizona!  We seriously have around 20 friends that he knew in college who now live here!  So weird.  And Ryan is another one of those old school NM people!

I myself had never met either Ryan or Becca before the engagement session, but they were so easy to get along with, I felt like I had!  We met up with them at Rula Bula (an awesome little place in Tempe, Arizona) before their photo shoot, so I got to get to know them a little bit before hand which was nice.

We went down to the new Tempe Arts Center, which is quickly becoming my favorite place to shoot at.  The architecture on the building itself is incredible, then you add in the edgeless pool running into the lake and the amazing details all around the place… and you have perfection!  Another really fun session, thanks to Ryan and Becca!

Tempe Engagement Photo

Tempe Engagement Photo

Tempe Engagement Photo

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