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Don’t worry, we won’t tell about when you tripped and fell into the fountain! ;-)

Jennie and John: a pair that would make even Derek Zoolander jealous!

So I guess you could say that Jennie and John made a liar out of me!

I (Breanna) started our their engagement session by telling them that they’d be uncomfortable in the beginning, but then it would slowly get easier the longer we went on.

The words were hardly out of my mouth before they struck a completely natural pose that made them look like they’d been modeling all their lives.

So much for being uncomfortable!

They looked totally relaxed the entire time and I hardly even had to think about posing them!

I’d start to pose them and then I’d look at them, step back a little, look at them again and surprise myself by saying “never mind, what you’re doing is perfect”.

(The closest we got to posing was here when Scottie told them to look “epic”.  Without even a second of hesitation, they just went into perfect epic mode!  Really?!  Who actually knows how to do that!?)

Now for those of you who have had photo sessions before and are feeling bad because you weren’t 100% comfortable right away… never fear because Jennie and John are apparently freaks of nature who’s coolness overrides any awkwardness that might try to creep through. 

Most of us people with average Joe levels of coolness (or less) couldn’t pull off this modelesque photo shoot if we’d trained for years for it!

It was like style was just seeping out of their pores.

Since a good part of what we do is work with people to help relax them and feel comfortable enough with us that they feel free to be themselves in the photos… we can’t take much credit for most of the good parts in these photos! It was all them!

The pictures are what they are because Jennie and John were just who they are without any level of coercion from us!

(This is them attempting a very dramatic, full on leaping into the air shot. Up next on their agenda… auditions for “So you think you can dance”.  Just kidding).

And lucky for them, who they are happens to be people who are really cool with a large lump of ridiculously good looking (to quote Zoolander) added on top of that!

Perfect candidates for an outstanding photo session I’d say!

(This porch stoop is exactly where they met at a First Fridays years ago! In case you’re confused, First Fridays is a monthly art walk in Phoenix).

I guess what we can all learn from Jennie and John is to just do what you do with confidence because being yourself makes you look your best both on camera and off (I think Tyra Banks just took over my computer… motivational speech ends here).

(More dance practice… I tell ya, there gonna go pro soon!).

Of course looks and style aren’t all that Jennie and John have going for them!  They are a lot of fun to hang out with too!

We went to Carly’s Bistro for a late night snack after their session (despite the fact that they had gone there for dinner before the session) and we stayed there into the even later night because we were having such a good time with them!

So not only are they the perfect people to do a  photo session for, but also the perfect people to work with!

Fun, charming, and kind people… who wouldn’t want to work with them?!

(And they let us take pictures of them in front of giant religious skeletons… like I said, they’re easy to work with!).

So thanks Jennie and John for making our job so easy and so much fun!  We had a great time with you and we’re so glad that we’re the ones you chose to be there alongside you on your big day!  Ciao for now!

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Alex & David’s beautiful Arizona engagement session!

I know it sounds weird, but I got to know Alex long before I met her.

What I mean is, I (Breanna) knew her parents long before I ever met her and of course parents like to talk about their kids so I got to hear stories about her all the time and I felt like I knew her!

So when we got the call to shoot Alex’s wedding I was very honored to get to work with a family that I already know and love.

And I was looking forward to finally meeting Alex in real life!

Of course the tricky part is that Alex and her fiance David don’t live in Arizona!

So I finally got to have my first face to face meeting with Alex when they made a trip out here to do a little wedding planning (since they are getting married in AZ).

As I mentioned, I was so excited to meet her since I’d been hearing about her for so long and let me just say that we had so much fun at our first meeting that my high expectations were not disappointed!;-)

The next time we hung out with them was when they came out here for more planning and we had the privilege of shooting their engagement session!

The only downside to their session was that they couldn’t make it out here until July so of course that means it’s going to be one sweaty, hot session!

We started out at Alex’s uncles house, which was nice because we could at least take a few pictures and then come inside for an air conditioned break in between shooting. 

(And a good a/c break is exactly what’s needed after trampoline time!).

Once we realized we could survive the heat, we got bold and headed out to do some wide open sky shots out on the Salt River Reservation.

Once out there, we found that the heat wasn’t the only thing we had to battle against.  We discovered that the giant red ants, millions of gnats, and mean mosquitos were much less friendly foes.

(See, they had a good attitude the whole time!  They were having fun messing around throughout it all… unless he really is trying to strangle her for making him do this!! Ha ha.)

Well I think that facing the nature challenges was well worth it because we were blessed with a perfect sky that day and were able to capture it amidst all of the obstacles surrounding us!

Thanks to Alex and David for being excited enough about your engagement session that you were willing to come to Phoenix in July to do it!  We appreciate that kind of commitment!;-)

Good luck with the rest of the wedding planning… we can’t wait until the next time we get to see you when you’ll be all dressed up and ready to head down the aisle!

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From New York to the wild, wild west!

When you move to Phoenix from New York, as Melissa and Josh did…

…you’re in for quite a few changes!  Not the least of which is the landscape!

Going from green to brown, from fall leaves to brown, and from snow to brown… is not always easy!

Fortunately, Melissa and Josh see past the brown to the real beauty of Arizona!

The mountains, the cactus, the baby quails and rabbits… all of it makes up the desert out in the wild, wild west and Melissa and Josh are happy to have the opportunity to witness it all first hand!

When they first moved out here, one of the first places they went to visit was Saguaro Lake… which is why it was on their minds when we started asking about places they go together that we could incorporate into their engagement session.

With their water bottle in hand, Melissa and Josh headed out with us for a photo session in the heat of July.

They turned out to be real troopers as they didn’t even complain about the heat once!

I (Breanna) am an Arizona native and even I still whine about the heat on a regular basis!  Lucky for us, the day we planned for their session turned out to be not nearly as hot as it could’ve been as we went treading through the desert landscape to find some of the real gems of the Southwest!

And find them we did… the lake was as stunning as the mountains were astounding, as we placed Melissa and Josh strategically in front of them in hopes of capturing that “perfect shot”.

I think they turned out pretty perfect and I hope Melissa and Josh would agree!

Thanks you two for being so bold and for sweating so much for the sake of your pictures!  We appreciate you dedication and we can’t wait to see what kinds of photos we get when we shoot your wedding during the cool of October!

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A tour around Venice and a party to beat all parties… Katy & Shaun are working their way towards the alter!

Oh wow, I LOVE Katy and Shaun!

No, not just because their flying us to Hawaii to photograph their wedding… although I do admit that does bias me towards them a bit!;-)

If you’ve ever met Katy and Shaun, you know what I mean when I say that there’s no way to NOT like them!

We first met Katy and Shaun when we went to visit them at their home in Venice, California.

My first impression of Shaun was of someone who threw open the door with his arms spread as wide open as the door, ready to greet us with giant hugs.

And Katy followed suit with the kind of warm hug that you thought only your grandma could give (Katy, when your old enough to actually be a grandma, I think your hugs will probably win world records).

See, I told you it was impossible to not like them!  Who doesn’t want to hang out with someone that warm and friendly?!

That first night, we stayed at their house way past their bedtime (which we’re so bad about doing because we keep pretty ridiculous hours, just check the time stamps on some of our Facebook updates! And by the way, if you’re not a fan of us on Facebook do it now before you miss any more of the good stuff!).  So maybe we’re just rude, but we really felt like we couldn’t leave because we were having such a great time with them!

They showed us all around their house and told stories about practically every item in the place because it all has so much meaning to them.  We got to meet all their friends that will be at the wedding in Hawaii with us via photographs and hear hilarious stories about all of them (that’s right, we know all about you already!) as we toured their life in photos.  Shaun’s an excellent story teller by the way, I could listen to him all night!

The next time we hung out with them went the exact same way… this time we were meeting up to do their engagement session (aka, these photos here).

(I loved watching them interact together!)

When we asked them about their lives and what kinds of things represent them best, they again directed us to their home that is filled with so many sentimental memories.

Shaun spends a ton of time working on and hanging out in his garden, so we decided it only seemed appropriate to start out their session in their home and showcase his pride and joy (it really is a STUNNING garden!).

Next, we headed down towards Venice beach, making a stop along the way at the Spinning class they first met in (Shaun declares to this day that he never would’ve been caught dead in one of those classes, but was forced into it due to physical therapy, or by what some would call “fate”).

Again, we LOVED hearing all their stories about the city history and culture, as well as the parts of their lives that are interwoven into it all.

When they talk about Venice, you can tell they feel like they’re the luckiest people in the world just because they have the privilege of living there.

I can’t say I disagree with that either, I (Breanna) am a little jealous!  Phoenix has it’s perks, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Venice.  If you know people who live in the LA area who are getting married, make sure you tell them about us!  You can help us slowly make our way over to the thrilling life that awaits us there!  We don’t even charge travel fees to shoot weddings in Southern California! (End commercial here).

(Doesn’t this look like such a nice, peaceful ending to a hectic day?)

After the session, Katy and Shaun treated us to one of the best dinners we’ve ever had in our lives!  It was at a cool little place called The Tasting Kitchen and as to be expected, we had such a great time hanging out with them there!

We sat there at the table laughing with them late into the night once again (sorry we always leave you guys so sleep deprived!).  If we weren’t convinced from our first visit to their house that we’d made great new friends, we were beyond certain after hanging out with them this night!

Luckily, we still had one more Katy and Shaun adventure to go during our visit that weekend!

Katy and Shaun are known amongst their friends (and the friends of their friends) for their spectacular annual parties.  They have several regularly occurring theme parties that people are ready and waiting for each year with costumes in hand.

Lucky for us, we happened to be in LA on the very same weekend that one of these parties was sweeping through.  This party was entitled “Bourgie Fashion Prepster Buenos Aires Hollywood Palermo Gringo Polo Summer Solstice Party”.  If it gives you any clue to how lucky we were that we actually got invited to such a trendy shindig… I had to google like every other word in the invitation (the only part I understood was something about the “John Stamos Fashion Mullet”).

Yeah, I can admit that I (Breanna) was definitely not cool enough for this party!  So thanks Katy and Shaun for taking a chance on us Arizona geeks and risking us embarrassing you in front of all your Fashion Prepster Buenos Aires friends! Ha ha!

Even with all the amazingness flowing through the Buenos Aires-esque breeze at this party, one of the best parts was getting to hang out with their friends/ future wedding guests (in real life this time, not via photos).

Of course these perfect little hosts couldn’t just have a one day, amazing and beautiful wedding in Hawaii, they have to make the entire week a fantastic party for all their friends to enjoy!  So we are headed over there in September for 5 days of planned out fun with their guests!  All kinds of tournaments, tours, etc. are happening in Hawaii and we get to be hanging out with many of the same people from the party, just snapping our cameras away at it all!

So now that we’ve met their close friends, heard background stories about why they’re all important to Katy and Shaun, we feel like we’re headed over to Oahu to hang out with our own friends (instead of strangers).

Seriously, could there be a more perfect way to go to Hawaii than to get to share in peoples lives, wedding, and relationships like that?!  Not to brag, but sometimes I think we have the best job in the entire world.  How else would we get to meet and work with such beautiful people as them?!

THANK YOU Katy and Shaun for bringing us into your world so early on and letting us get to experience life as you see it so that we can better capture it and reflect back the true stories and emotions behind your wedding day.

Your gracious, honest, and humble attitudes will serve you very well when it comes to your wedding pictures because we really feel like we’ve been set up well to tell the true story of your wedding day with heartfelt honesty.

I mean, look at how intense the story of just your engagement session is!  I might have to write your wedding blog in like 3 parts!  Thanks and we can’t freaking wait to see you there!!

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Diana and Hector’s musical and poetic engagement session

It only took about half a second after we explained how we do “creative” engagement sessions, for Diana and Hector to know exactly what they wanted.

There are two things that were integral in bringing them together… music…

…and poetry…

…so they knew that having a session centered on those two things was a must!

We started out by checking out the poetry and music at a bookstore.

They got to flip through their favorite books and albums, while enjoying their day together… while we just happened to be taking pictures the whole time!

OK, we did bother them enough to grab a few poses in the bookstore!

When we left the bookstore, we took some time to get a few photos of them flipping through their CD’s.

They said that when they thought about what they do together… sitting in the car, deciding what CD to play consumes a lot of their time!  So of course we couldn’t miss that special moment!:-)

Next we moved onto Mesa Arts Center where we took a few more standard engagement session type of shots.

We also took a minute while we were there for them to read each other poems they had picked out just for the session!

Such a cool idea on their part!

Once we felt like we had what we needed from the arts center, we moved on to one of our favorite walls… the music wall!

When I heard they wanted a session centered around music, this wall was the first thing that popped into my head.

Diana and Hector…

…thank you both so much for putting the energy into planning a creative session… it was a ton of fun for us!

We hope you love the resulting product from your engagement session imaginations!

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