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I always have more to say, here’s as much as Scottie let me put on our blog!

Kristin and Rob’s Genuinely Hilarious Wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

Kristin and Rob are such an incredibly beautiful couple in so many ways with such an amazing story that I don’t even know where to start!001900112000 So I’ll just give up and let someone else’s words start it off for me! To quote one of the officiants (who were both good friends of theirs), “if you don’t know about Kristin’s life before Rob, don’t worry there’s a book about it!”00010002Though this ceremony was the funniest I’ve ever heard (which makes sense because Kristin makes her money being funny), that part is not a joke, there actually IS a book about Kristin’s single days that you can buy on Amazon!0007To give you a preview of the relaying of Kristin’s single days, this is the first picture we ever took of Kristin…0020…as you can see, she didn’t win the bikini bouquet brawl (though ironically we’re shooting a wedding next year for the girl who did)! But it’s all OK because then she met Rob.002800540049No, there’s not a book about this part of their story yet, but the ceremony was so eloquently written (which is fitting since both the bride and groom are writers) that they could probably just transcribe their wedding and sell it to a major publisher as is!0730_WeddingThis ceremony was not JUST laugh out loud funny the entire time with more audience participation than I’ve ever seen at a wedding…0729_Wedding…. (I’m serious about the audience participation- spontaneous cheering erupted during the bridal party’s processional, not to mention the crowd wave that got started during dinner)…20012002…but the entire ceremony was also unbelievably gorgeous in not just the view, but in the sentiment that Kristin and Rob expressed right there in front of all their loved ones.00370040It started out with Kristen and Rob each saying their own separate vows to Rob’s two boys. This was so moving and also incredibly honest, genuine, and (as expected) very funny!00380039Stories were shared about their time growing as a family including their first fight and the first moment Kristin knew she was more afraid than ever of losing their dad… because she knew by that point that she’d fallen in love with not just one person, but three.00310009See! Tears right there at just my general, way insufficient recollection of it all!0004This wedding day story wouldn’t be complete without discussing the amazing support system that Kristin and Rob have in both their friends and their family.0053

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They were surrounded by wonderful people all day… who also happen to be very talented people!!!2003Two separate bands made up of their different friends played throughout the day/night, Rob’s mom gave us a BEAUTIFUL performance as she sang a broadway style show tune that his uncle wrote as her speech, and one friend even hopped up to entertain the crowd  during a small delay by playing his metal washboard tie! (I kid you not, this actually happened… see that and more in the rest of the photos from the day!00450056Just as I had a hard time putting into words the beauty that represents, and that IS Kristin and Rob and their story together (I should’ve hired them to write this for me!), I have the same problem describing the love and joy that were found at this wedding for a couple whom is both madly adored and madly in love.200600120010Kristin and Rob, thank you so much for doing us the honor of choosing us to play such an important role at your wedding. It was definitely a day that we will always remember fondly as it was the perfect cumulation of joy, genuine sentiment, perfectly timed hilarity, visceral beauty, and of course the kind of magical love that is pretty much only found in stories (and sometimes in photos like the one below). It was amazing. Thank you. And congratulations!!!0046 0374_Wedding00570008005200320036 001320050022    See more of Kristin and Rob’s Genuinely Hilarious Wedding here.004400582004

Nicole and Ed’s Wedding to be Remembered (by Scott & Breanna)

Nicole and Ed’s wedding is one that will be remembered by all as an incredibly special time where friends and family members from all over the world were able to gather together at one place, at one point in time, to celebrate Nicole and Ed on their very special day.


Since Nicole and Ed’s loved ones were so scattered, there wasn’t really one place where everyone would be, so they decided to make it a destination wedding for most by choosing to get married at L’Auberge de Sedona in (you guessed it) Sedona, Arizona.


It proved to be the perfect location choice for their wedding with it’s famous red rocks and fun southwestern feel, topped off by the beautiful little creek running through L’Auberge, right next to their reception!


With the tiny white lights, friends and family everywhere, it was the wedding that dreams are made of for Nicole and Ed.



It was all topped off with participation from friends and family who helped to make Nicole and Ed’s dreams a reality…


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…including her aunt who performed the ceremony, and her uncle who busted out his guitar and vocal chords multiple times on the wedding day.


It doesn’t take a relationship expert to see that Nicole and Ed are so very happy together, and were enjoying their big day to the fullest (special thanks to their wedding coordinator Sandy Walker with In Awe Weddings and Events for pulling it all off so that the couple was actually able to relax and enjoy their day fully!).


(Their Reveal Moment)


It was a day that will be remembered not only by Nicole and Ed…


…but by all their loved ones as well! Congratulations Nicole and Ed, we loved being a part of your wedding and are so happy for the two of you!!!


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Carla and Will’s Wedding in Paradise (by Scott & Breanna)

When I say Carla and Will got married in “Paradise” I don’t mean Hawaii, I mean that their magically beautiful wedding was in good ‘ole Southern California, but in a particularly gorgeous part of it!



You would almost think it WAS Hawaii with all the greenery, gorgeous ocean views, and perfect weather!


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There couldn’t have been a more perfect location for this perfect couple! They chose well when they picked The Adamson House in Malibu to be the spot for their stunning ceremony…






… and for their equally gorgeous and incredibly fun reception!



When it came time for photos with the two of them, Scottie and I (Breanna), couldn’t get enough of the location OR of their adorableness together!



Such an incredible couple! You can tell how amazing they are for one another  just by seeing the way they looked at each other during their many perfect moments at this perfect wedding!


Carla and Will, we couldn’t have been happier to watch two people so in love and so great for each other, commit their lives to one another!




We had a fantastic time at your wedding and we appreciate how easy you made things for us and how willing you were to do whatever it took to get the perfect photo!


We can’t wait to see you guys go through life together, and we wish you the very best as you begin it!



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Our Baby Bestie, Finnley (by Scott & Breanna)

Meet our friend, Finnley!


Isn’t she beautiful?!?!

chung106We know Finnley through our mutual friends (otherwise known as her parents), Allison and Elijah.


I have to say, Finnley is definitely one of the coolest kids I know. Trust me, you’re going to be glad I introduced you to her!


For starters, she always greets us with a smile…


… doesn’t cry TOO much (I mean we all do sometimes, right?)…

… is always up for exploring…
chung021… and has impeccable taste…


… literally!

Oh and most importantly, she has incredibly cool parents who love her and support her throughout it all!


chung108Finnley, I know one day you’ll probably think your parents are lame and don’t know what they’re talking about, but trust me, as a friend who knows them well, I can tell you that they know a lot more than you think and that they love you more than anything, or anyone, in the world.




So Future Finnley, just stop bothering them for the car keys, please listen to them about boys, and for heaven’s sake clean up your room! I’m just kidding of course (but seriously, you’re not getting the car keys AGAIN tonight!).



Scottie and I love you already and we can’t wait to see what a cool big kid/teen/woman you turn out to be one day!

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Martin and Emily’s Coffee Instigated Engagement Session (by Scott & Breanna)

Martin and Emily have an extra special place in my (Breanna’s) heart.




No, not just because they are super fun to be around (well, yeah because of that too actually!)…


… and not just because they were amazing in front of the camera (though of course that’s part of it)…



…but because they met through my beloved former employer, Starbucks!


Emily is a Starbutian? Starbucker? Starbaritianer? Whatever… you know what I mean, she works there!




Martin was just a casual coffee drinker (or maybe a very serious one, I don’t know!) but I’m guessing that on his casual trips into to coffee land, the last thing he ever expected was to meet the love of his life! But lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened!



They became fast friends and remained just friends for quite sometime, until the magical Starbucks Siren wooed them into love and they became a wonderful couple who enjoys spending tons of time together and just can’t get enough of one another!



See what I mean?!


They are so wonderfully cute together! Their love is so adorable, you just want to squeeze them!


Which is why we can’t wait to see them together on their wedding day! I have a feeling, it’s going to be one for the Starbucks’ match-making history books (which I don’t think exist, but probably should!).


(In case you can’t tell, Martin is a Flamenco dancer!)




Thanks for a wonderful session, Martin and Emily, and we look forward to seeing you on the big day!


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