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I always have more to say, here’s as much as Scottie let me put on our blog!

Matt and Rachel and their/our neighborhood engagement session (by Scott & Breanna)

Los Angeles is the kind of city that has something for everyone. As photographers, Scottie and I feel that one of the best things it offers us is amazing locations to shoot!

It has everything from the beach, to the lights of downtown, to famous landmarks, to beautiful flowers and greenery, to spacious and mountainous hiking trails… whatever you want in your photos, there’s a good chance that Los Angeles has it.

With so much to choose from, it can be quite a chore sorting through your many options and trying to pick a location to shoot at! So when our neighbors, Rachel and Matt started planning their engagement session, we all decided to keep things simple and just stay in and around our own neighborhood of Venice Beach!

And why not?! We have more options than we could ever possibly squeeze into a single session, all right here! We have the famous Santa Monica pier…

…the beach….

…gorgeous flowers and open fields…

… and the unique look of the California Venice canals.

What more could you ask for in a photo session location?!

Well there is one thing we could’ve asked for and didn’t get and it’s something that you almost always find in Southern California… SUN!

It was a cloudy and gloomy day, but we decided to go with it and make the best of it, which actually created a cool effect and made our photos look a little different than they would’ve had we gone with the typical sunny SoCal look!

Hopefully they’ll get all the sun they need at their June wedding in upstate New York… and if not, there’s always the chance for a fantastic Unique Session after their wedding once we’re all back in “sunny” California!

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Sun or no sun, one thing is for sure, and that is that we’ll have a blast capturing this awesome and exciting moment in time for Matt and Rachel. How could we not? Getting to work with our good friends is one of the perks of our job that we love the most! Can’t wait for your wedding guys!

See you in June of 2014… or just later this afternoon when you take your dog out for a walk I guess.

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Amy & Anthony’s wedding, where 1+1= 3 (by Scott & Breanna)

Is there anything better than being a part of a wedding for a family member you love?!

Through the window

Florence Windmill Winery Wedding

Well yes, there is one thing that’s even better than that and that’s watching a wonderful little girl get a new family.

Amy and Anthony’s wedding contained both of those amazing aspects! Amy is my (Breanna’s) cousin and I’ve had the privileged of watching Amy grow up through the good and the bad in life, work so hard at being the best mom around, and struggle to find the perfect man to be a part of her and her daughter Tatum’s life.

And I can tell you, it was more than exciting to see the results that came about once Amy and Anthony found one another and began the process of forming a family together as they prepared to head down the aisle to make it official at their Florence Windmill Winery wedding.

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I’ve been to A LOT of weddings at this point, but I have yet to see a wedding more emotional than this one was for every single person in attendance.

People who are normally pretty even keeled emotionally… cried at this wedding. People who are not sure what they think about the institution of marriage…. cried at this wedding.  The tons of people who always cry at weddings… cried at this wedding.

Of course myself who has been a part of Amy and Tatum’s lives since they were both born… cried at this wedding. I think even Mr. Manly Man Scottie will even admit to shedding a tear or two!

There was just no way of getting around the water works as you watched Tatum head up to the alter to join Amy and Anthony for a sand ceremony and family prayer.

And just as you began recovering from the initial tear flow, the reception started and Tatum got on the microphone for her speech congratulating Amy and Anthony… and the tears started all over again.

Then right when you’d finally fixed all your smudged eye makeup after the speech, Tatum and Anthony got up for their “new father daughter dance” right after Amy and her dad had their dance… and the tears started all over again!

Of course, these weren’t sad tears running down all of our faces, they were tears that were moved by joy. And as the night went on, the joy spilled over more and more as it moved from our tear ducts to our dancing feet.

It couldn’t be contained. This was one group of crazy happy people!

And Scottie and myself were so happy to be right in the mix of it all.

Amy and Anthony, it was such an honor to be not just family members at your wedding, but to be involved in capturing all your memories as well. Thanks for trusting us with such an important task, it means the world to us.

Congratulations again on your wedding, we can’t wait to see where the 3 of you go from here!

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Margaret’s Two Sided Senior Session (by Scott & Breanna)

So is Margaret a gorgeous, feminine girl?

Or a hardcore, in your face athlete?

I know, it’s amazing how much she can transform isn’t it?! If I (Breanna) were the captain of her softball team, she would totally be my secret weapon!

I can just see it now, a sweet and innocent girl who looks like she could hardly hurt a fly gets off the bus, giving the opponents the idea that they can totally take this team….

…and then BAM! She comes out of the locker room a transformed girl and cleans up on the field!

So of course for her senior session we had to capture both sides of this talented girl’s personalities. But you can only look through so many photos of an intimidating face before it stops being fun because you immediately feel like you’re losing a game you’re not even playing, so for most of the session we focused on Margaret’s daily, non-game personality!

And Margaret chose just the location to help show off her relaxed and stylish self! The Venue at the Grove is one of those places that non-desert fans love because it just doesn’t quite look like Phoenix with the pecan grove, the white picket fence, and the green grass. In other words, there are no cactus in site!

Only awesome old trucks…

…a grungy shed…

…and on this particular day, a beautiful girl with stunning eyes and a shining smile who was excitedly posing for the senior pictures she’s been looking forward to for so long!

Margaret, thanks for choosing us as your senior photo photographers! We know that’s a huge deal and we loved working with you as we attempted to show off both sides of your personality!

I hope you love the photos as much as we do! Enjoy the rest of your senior year and we hope you rock it at graduation!

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Kelly and Andrew’s Desert before Vineyard engagement session (by Scott & Breanna)

Don’t you just love it when amazing people from your past show back up again?! Me too. Which is why I was so excited when Kelly called to tell me she was getting married and wanted Scottie and myself (Breanna) to be her photographers!

This situation works out even better than you would think because they are getting married in California (where we live) but they wanted engagement photos in Arizona (where they live) and we happened to be taking a trip out to Arizona to shoot a wedding around the time they wanted engagement photos! And viola!

A real live Arizona desert engagement session as a precursor to their upcoming gorgeous California vineyard wedding! They get the best of both the worlds they love in their photos!

The interesting thing about this couple’s story is that while they currently have one foot in Arizona and one foot in California (sounds familiar!) during this wedding planning time, they plan on landing both feet in Africa shortly after their wedding!

Yes, I said Africa!! Kelly is a dietician and she has spent quite a bit of time working with an organization called Mercy Ships which focuses on bringing health care to Africa by docking a ship full of incredibly talented medically trained individuals, while African people come on and off it to receive the surgeries and medical care they need. 60 Minutes recently did a piece on Mercy Ships that I highly recommend watching!

So once all the glamor of their wedding is over, Kelly and Andrew will be trading in their tux and white dress for their flip flops and tank tops as they make their way through the ocean into their new life and new adventure together! So exciting! And it’s so perfect for them!

As Kelly mentioned, Andrew is the perfect guy for her, especially since it’s not easy to find someone willing to commit to spending their lives in Africa with you! And since I’ve known Kelly for awhile, I can tell that Andrew really does make her incredibly happy, I mean just look at her! Is that the face of a girl in love or what?!

I am very happy with Kelly and Andrew both myself because I am thrilled about the work they’ll be doing in Africa and it makes me so happy to see such wonderful people in love and committed to a cause greater than themselves! Of course, I’m also partial to married couples who work together!

We are so excited for your wedding, but we’re even more excited about the life you’re going to build together after it! See you in September!!!

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Alysha and Daniel’s Vintage Glam Wedding (by Scott & Breanna)

When someone calls us and says, “I’m a HUGE fan and I’ve been following your work forever and I really, really, REALLY want you to photograph my wedding”, what are you supposed to say, no?

Of course not, we say, “yes, yes, and triple YES”!!!! Which is exactly what we said when Alysha called us all psyched about her and Daniel’s wedding and about having us be a part of it!

After talking to her on the phone and hearing how awesome her and Daniel sounded and how beautiful their wedding was going to be, we threw in a fourth, “Yesssss” just for good measure!

And as you can see, Alysha and Daniel’s wedding did not disappoint!!! It was at the Windmill Winery in Florence, Arizona which is a stunning mix of vintage cars…

…a 100 year old barn that was taken apart piece by piece and shipped from Wisconsin…

…. a few animals, adorable cottages, a lake…

….and of course on this day it had the perfect mix of Alysha’s vintage glam style!

I absolutely loved how Alysha and Daniel took what was already a really unique venue and then proceeded to make it their own by adding in an element of elegance, rather than just adding more vintage on top of vintage as most people would’ve done.

It added the perfect twist that worked on all levels. Well all levels except for the difficulties of walking over brick, wooden planks, and grass in glittering stilettos!

One of my favorite aspects of Daniel and Alysha’s wedding was how excited all of their friends were for them!

It was like adding joy to joy and coming out with an explosion of hugs, laughter, and tears.

(Above, the bridesmaids stealing a glance of the Reveal Moment. Below, the groomsmen spying on the reveal moment in their own special way by playing spies… or whatever it is that boys are doing when they point their fingers in the shape of guns like that).

Of course it wasn’t just their friends, family, and guests who were happy for them, Scottie and myself (Breanna) couldn’t have been more excited to see a couple so in love, so thrilled to be getting married, and complimenting one another so perfectly. It was beautiful and definitely a day to be remembered!

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Thank you Alysha and Daniel for allowing us the honor to be part of such a big day for the two of you, we couldn’t have been happier about it! Congratulations!

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