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I always have more to say, here’s as much as Scottie let me put on our blog!

Megan and Derek’s Uber Spectacular, Ultra Creative Wedding

Uh oh, Megan and Derek. I’ve found out your secret.  Everyone who’s ever met this couple is going to want to hear this because I know you’ve all wondered how so much creativity can all be bundled up inside of such a small space between 2 people.  Well now I know….

I think they live their life like it’s a Mad Lib.

Here’s how I think they planned their wedding….

Megan and Derek are (adjective)___ Fun____. At Megan and Derek’s wedding there should be a (noun)___parachute____, a (noun)___ritz cracker can____, and a (noun)___fishnet glove_____.

(Yep! They really brought in an elementary school style parachute for their bridal party to play with for pictures!).

(You’ll have to keep reading to find out what some of this stuff is all about!).

Ah ha! You guys thought you were so clever and that no one would know your secret! But the Mad Lib response card you included with your wedding invitation (and then hung all together at the wedding) was a big risk and it gave you away.

Now we can all be as clever, creative, and unique as Megan and Derek!  See, here’s my attempt!!

Megan and Derek’s wedding was (adjective) ___ creative___. My favorite part about Megan and Derek’s wedding was the (noun)___ ticketbooth____, the (adjective or verb) ___love___, the (noun)___ bows____, and the (noun)___ records____.

(Guests had tickets to tell them what table to sit at, and of course there was a ticket booth to go with them!).

(AMAZZZZIIING bow cake -complete with records at the base! And they had record pendants hanging around all over the place! Not to mention the record place settings in the photo below).

OK maybe Mad Libs aren’t the secret to the height of creativity. My life may not run on Mad Libs, but it does run on lists.  So here’s a list of my very favorite things about Megan and Derek’s wedding.

1. The relationship between Megan and Derek. After leaving this wedding, it’s completely obvious that the decorations are the thing to talk about. However, even mink bow ties and neon green feather boas (you’ll see) can’t distract you from the even more apparent love that exists between Megan and Derek.

Cute isn’t the word, beautiful isn’t the word, swoony isn’t the word (and may not actually be a word at all), and dreamy isn’t the word.  All of those words put together is the word to describe Megan and Derek’s love, so let’s call it Cueatoomy.

Megan and Derek were just in sheer bliss the entire time they were in one another’s presence.

Joyful smiles, adorable giggles, and giant squeezes abounded between these two (sorry Derek, I’ll try to give you a more manly description next time… but still, I prefer seeing this in love side of you on your wedding day anyways).

This is the kind of couple that I’d be willing to shoot 100 times over again. So even if you guys decide to renew your vows 20 + times, we’ll be there in our Sunday best, ready and waiting, at each event.

Apparently, Megan and Derek would be cool with us shooting them that often as well.

One of my favorite things that has EVER in the history of Facebook, shown up on Radiant’s Facebook wall, is what Megan posted the day after their wedding. It’s typed up version of a real life conversation between Megan’s mom and the couple:

Mom: “What was your favorite part yesterday?”

M+D: “Taking pictures by ourselves with Scottie and Breanna after the ceremony.” (real life honest answer) We can not thank you enough guys…we had the most wonderful time with you! Thanks again, your “bonus” client;)

Awww, thanks guys! (sniffle, happy tear).

2. The couple’s good attitude. Weddings are no joke. And the stress that comes with them is no laughing matter either! But Megan didn’t believe that and she just laughed off everything with her adorable little smile and simple shrug of her mink clad shoulders.

At one point someone tried to flip Megan’s curl under and Megan just said, “is my hair being ornery? Oh well, that’s just how it is”. My ears did a double take when I heard that… did I really just hear a bride decide not to be upset when her hair didn’t look the way it was supposed to?!?

That was her attitude the entire day, well at least from every moment after she saw Derek and calmed down (as always, thank God for the reveal moment!).

When something wasn’t perfect, she just basically said, “oh well, I’m having fun anyways so obviously it’s not really a big deal!”.

Derek followed suite and decided to just kick back and fully soak in every moment of the day and the site of his beautiful bride. Awesome guys, I’m so glad you were both truly able to enjoy your wedding day together.

3. The relationship between family members.  You know me, I’m the one sobbing during speeches, and trying to hold it together during the special dances.  The beautiful parts of family relationships that show up at weddings is what always gets to me… I love it. So watching Megan and her dad cuddle together before she walked down the aisle and then whispering little secrets to one another as they made the trek towards the guests who were waiting to see the bride for the first time, turned me from a “professional photographer” to a “weepy mess” very quickly.

They were like that all day (thanks a lot guys, it’s not fun having to run to the bathroom to try to salvage what’s left of your mascara multiple times throughout the day!!).

At least I wasn’t alone in there. When two families have such deep and meaningful relationships, you just have to expect a madhouse of make-up fixers crowding up the bathroom mirrors!

(This was one of my all time favorite wedding moments. Just before it was time to walk down the aisle, Megan decided she needed one last sing-a-long to Beyonce’s ” Single Ladies”. The ipod was cranked, the dancing and singing began, and within seconds Megan’s grandma was up dancing with her and the two of them finished out a little performance together that might seriously rival Beyonce’s. It was AWESOME and an ever so memorable moment!).

5. The photobooth style reception.  Who doesn’t love a good photobooth?  Megan and Derek love it so much that they decided to take it as far as they could… they made their entire reception one giant photobooth!!!!

Each table had a theme and many of the themes fit with the prop sitting on each chair at that table.  For example, the Elvis table had big gold rimmed glasses (classic Elvis look), the Michael Jackson had a single glove, and the Jimmy Buffet table had flower leis for each guest to don.

4. The creative decor. And this is the part you’ve all been waiting for… all the little (and big) things that were interlaced between every single event and moment at Megan and Derek’s ultra creative wedding… the decorations.

(Of course having your wedding at a place as beautiful as The Silverleaf Club DOES help all the decorations look just that much better!).

I laugh when I think about the event designer (Ara from Rock Paper Scissors Events in New York) getting her first call from Megan and Derek that probably sounded something like this…

“So we’re thinking we want our colors to be black and white… oh and also multi-colored….

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…Theme? Oh yes, for the theme we were thinking mink…

(Megan’s dad is a mink farmer -hence the mink bowties and shawl)!

…no wait, it should be music…

…no wait, it should be vintage…

…no- I know, the theme should be a photobooth with tacky accessories for all the guests to wear… but in a way that looks classy…

(I love this photo because it totally sums up the entire day… very stylish, very fun, and very emotional).

…How about we make the theme be… all of that together? But in the perfect way that makes it look like it fits together?!”

I’m not sure if that’s what Megan and Derek initially described, but that’s what Ara somehow managed to pull off with her crazy magic spells… or whatever the key is to HER creativity!

This couple and Ara together is what I like to call the perfect creative explosion. Seriously, when they combine you just get a burst of creative energy that shoots out beauty, style, and a king’s crown, or railroad conductor hat here or there.

And actually, after watching Ara work and seeing what incredible masterpieces she’s able to pull out of her head… I’m pretty confident that she creates incredible, awe-inspiring, wedding design every single weekend! I don’t think she has a creativity bone in her body actually… because she keeps giving it all away to her brides!!!

(Thumb print guest book… how great is that?!)

So if you’re in the wedding planning mode, remember Ara! Phoenix is sort of her second home so she’s always psyched to have work to do out in good ole’ AZ since she’s out here so much anyways!

Now you know why figuring out where Megan and Derek’s creativity comes from is such an important thing to find out… because who doesn’t want even just a little of that amazingness that makes them who they are!

These two are the perfect team and I think they are the kind of couple who will be even better when combined together as a couple, than they ever were as separate, single individuals.

Congratulations guys, I can’t wait to see what sort of amazing things you do together as a married couple!

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Ashley and Mark introduce us to the brand new little Wyatt.

When Ashley and Mark (a past bride and groom of ours who’s wedding was over 4 years ago) called us to do newborn photos for their brand new little one, we were super excited! And when we found out that they had just been waiting for a good excuse to call us again, we were even more stoked!

Lucky for them, we’ve been studying up and practicing our baby photographer ninja skills… so we were ready and waiting to go by the time they called us!

(A decal on the wall in the baby room… awesome!).

So we packed our gear, which included things that we’re still trying to get used to being a part of our equipment like a bean bag, blankets, and a soundtrack called “sounds of the womb” and headed over to meet little Wyatt.

He was only 6 days old (the ideal time to do a newborn session by the way… she called us when she was still pregnant so we could block off time around her due date) and he already looked like such a perfect little man!

Little did we know he was actually a perfect little angel as well!  This baby just chilled and let us do our thing for several hours!  He didn’t complain… or even poop on our cute little blankets… even once!

OK, maybe he complained once… but you try sitting completely still while a stranger twists and turns your head and gets way past the line where your personal space bubble stops. He did amazing with it all and his patience with us seemed endless.

It was like he knew that his mom and dad are new at this so he was like, “don’t worry guys, I’ll go easy on you with this one”.

So thanks Wyatt, for letting us do our thing (even if it wasn’t always your FAVORITE thing), your mom and dad are already very proud of you!

(Mark and Ashley are from Canada, so needless to say, hockey is going to be a big part of little Wyatt’s life).

(This is Wyatt in the amazing bassinet his grandpa made for him!).

Thanks guys, we can’t to see what little Wyatt grows up to be like! Congratulations!

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Jacqui and Ron’s Pink Sparkle and Glowing Bling Wedding

Think about the most bling, glam, pink setting you can imagine.  I’m talking Barbie’s penthouse here. Have something in mind? Well I can promise you that Jacqui and Ron’s wedding is going to top it.

Jacqui doesn’t go low-key. She doesn’t like playing it safe and she definitely doesn’t follow the idea that “less is more”.  Jacqui is bold. She’s a successful entrepreneur (with her own social media marketing firm, Gossip Genie). She’s a lover of good style and man, does she do it all well!

If you don’t believe me, check out her shoes….

These are like the shoes girls dream about. These are the kind of shoes you wear when you’re floating on a magical pink cloud with Katy Perry or walking up to accept an award for best actress at the Oscars.  If that means nothing to you (or just confuses you thoroughly) let me just say that these shoes define pink glam…. and they also very much define Jacqui.

They are actually one of the first things Ron asked about when he first saw her… because he knows his girl.

The shoes weren’t the only thing at this wedding that left you with pink stars in your eyes after looking at them. The reception was gorgeous. It was held in Jacqui’s parent’s backyard, only you would have no idea it was a backyard with the way that it was all set up. Ashley Gain (with Ashley Gain Weddings and Events)…. you are my hero. I walked into that reception area and I caught my breath in my chest…. it was stunning.

I had seen the backyard before and I knew it was going to look pretty amazing… but this… this blew me away. And it was all in the details.

Things that weren’t to be seen, were hidden perfectly. Things that looked just normal were caught up in colored sprays of light to transform them into fabulous.

And most of all, things that gushed “Jacqui” were all over everything.

You know you’ve hired the right wedding planner when you are crying and don’t want to let go of her at the end of the night because you know you’re going to miss her so much now that you’re not talking on the phone every single day. Well that’s what happened with Jacqui and Ashley… and if you have eyes you can see why.  It was Jacqui’s dream wedding happening right in front of her… and Ashley was the key player in making it possible.

(Hookah bar at the after party)

(Mojo Yogurt Bar at the after party)

(Thanks to Radiant’s associate photographer, Josh Johnson, for taking most of the details shots of the day).

Sorry Ron, I don’t mean to leave you out here, but I’m sure you know by now that a lot of wedding stuff is all about letting your bride’s inner girly dreams surface.

I do have to say that it was awesome to see how much you supported her in that and how much you did everything you could to make sure she enjoyed her day.  Everything from calming her down during tense moments… to basking in the pink glow of happiness with her when she was overcome with joy…. you did it all. You’re the man.

Together this pair was absolutely adorable to watch. Not only is it obvious that they’re completely head over heals for one another… but they are actually really, really good friends on top of it all. Just from watching them you could tell that they know one another very well, the “finishing sentences” kind of well, and that they have an incredible connection to one another.

Their sense of humors, personalities, and everything else just seem to fit together in a very unique way.

It’s hard to explain it (even for me who will use 1,000 extra words in trying to do so), but there really is a major bond between them that I think goes beyond newly wed bliss.  I guess you can just sum it up by saying they really are meant to be.

(Here is Ron making Jacqui cry during his incredibly beautiful speech).

After a wedding, Scottie and I are always chatter-boxes on the way home.  Going over all the little moments that happened that the other one wasn’t around for, talking about some of the shots we’re most excited about, and there’s always a story or two in there about a little kid in a tuxedo or tiara doing something awesome.  When we were having our excited little recap session after this particular wedding, there was one thing that we kept coming back to over and over again…. we LOVED the people we were surrounded by at this wedding. I mean EVERYONE… from the other vendors, to the bridal party, to the couple, and all their family and friends as well.  This was just a great group of people, all gathered together in one place for one amazing moment in time.

I’ve already told you about Ashley Gain’s talent, and Jacqui’s response to her speaks volumes about her as a person as well… but let me add to that even more. One of my favorite parts about the wedding was watching Ashley watch the wedding. Every little moment, every little detail brought so much joy to her face that it actually made me laugh out loud a few times. She was ecstatic watching all her months of hard work come to life. More than anything, she glowed every time Jacqui was around… she glowed because Jacqui glowed.

When Ashley wasn’t running around getting things taken care of, she was standing there, smiling as she watched Jacqui smile.

She just couldn’t get enough of it…watching all that they had worked on together make Jacqui so happy.  I think Ashley is definitely in the right line of work… and her brides love her for it.

Our other BFF’s there were the great video team from Bright Bokeh, brothers Jeffery and Jonathan Roberts. We knew they were cool guys because we had worked with these two before at the Arizona Princess Program but this was our first official wedding we’ve teamed up for and we found out that they are more than just great people, but they are amazing artists as well!

I’m telling you, these guys really know their stuff!  It was so fun for us to be able to partner with them as we each played our different roles in capturing the story of Jacqui and Ron’s wedding.  I felt like we were ebbing and flowing with a beautiful collaboration of ideas that I think will come together well as giant piece of artwork, created from 2 different perspectives, with 2 different mediums. Beautiful. We love you guys, thanks for being our teammates as we worked towards a common goal.

Now that I’ve covered the people who supported the wedding festivities, let me tell you about the people supporting the couple…Jacqui and Ron’s parents.  The stories that Scottie and I shared together after the wedding were littered with instances of “did you see what Jacqui’s parents did? It was amazing, they’re so awesome” or “did you see how Ron’s parent’s handled that? What incredible people they are!”.

Each parent seemed to have the perfect balance of supporting their kids, hosting their guests, handling details, and of course… partying their little hearts out. That’s a lot to handle and every single one of them did it with grace, love, and so so SO much joy.

It really was so beautiful and we were so happy to see the kind of support that this happy couple has trailing behind them as they forge ahead in their life together.

The bridal party also played their roles magnificently.  Helpful, fun, eagerly relaxing the bride and groom… they did it all and they had the time of their lives doing it.

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Not to mention they worked really well with us and helped us do our job better… which means they held off on the alcohol long enough to maintain a level of respect and dignity during photo times (thanks guys, I know that was a hard decision for you to make… but it helped a lot!)!

And yet again, we had giant smiles on our faces after the wedding as we talked about the great friends that this couple has behind them to catch their backs when they need it.

So it seems to me that you guys have everything you could possibly need to have a great marriage.  You’ve got the love, the compatibility, the bond, the humor, and the support. Now go little ones, be free to live your life of love and happiness in peace!  I release you from your wedding planning duties into your beautiful life of bliss!

Congrats guys, we’re soooooo freaking excited for you.:-)

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Lindsay, Scott, and their Lovely, Sentimental, Sedona Wedding

When Lindsay first called and started telling me about her wedding, I knew this is one we couldn’t resist.




No, not just because she’s beautiful and she was getting married in a beautiful place, but because she explained how much their wedding was about the relationships in their lives.

(Showing off the sentimental ring that her mom gave her on the wedding day).

It wasn’t just about the relationship between Lindsay and Scott…

…but it was also about the relationships among the people who were there to witness this life changing event.

As Lindsay told me on that first call about all the details that would be a part of their wedding, it seemed to me that almost everything she described about was specifically chosen to honor someone in one of their families…

(like her grandmother’s brooch on her flowers. They also had 3 roses placed on 3 empty seats at the ceremony to represent grandparents who couldn’t be there and they read a letter during the ceremony from one of their grandparents who couldn’t make the trip).

….and many of these details of were actually made by someone in her family (her dad).

Her dad is a woodworker and he made some of the coolest details for the wedding… including this guest sign in wooden painting! Such a great idea! If the wood look is something you’re considering for your own wedding, check out his etsy shop! There’s more from Lindsay and Scott’s wedding on there as well.

(This little ringbearer carried this down the aisle right before Lindsay came down and then he flipped it around for the recessional because the other side said “Just Married” and had the date!  Such a great idea and another of Lindsay’s dad’s creations!).

(Signs for their chairs at the reception).

(Lindsay and her dad standing by the guest sign in he made her as they get ready to walk down the aisle).

Lindsey was so focused on the relationships surrounding her wedding that she seemed more concerned that all of her guests had a great little family reunion than how perfect her hair, her flowers, or any other detail related to herself was that day (which is great because all those things turned out perfectly even without her having to waste energy worrying about them!).

Like I said, it’s wasn’t the kind of wedding we could resist.  Family and friends all gathered together focused on truly enjoying one another’s company and celebrating the beautiful relationship between these two… we’re in.

Our initial assumptions about the wedding were correct and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful experience for Lindsay, Scott, and their families. A lot of Lindsay’s family hadn’t all been together for quite awhile and once they were, you could tell it was a joyful reunion that they were very thankful for (the rocking dance floor alone could tell you that!).

I have to take a second to tell you about two of my favorite favorite moments from this wedding… both are hilarious and both have to do with the kids there (of course). The first is about how Lindsay and Scott quickly realized the smallest ring bearer was not actually going to make it all the way down the aisle with the pillow still in his hand, so they velcroed it to his back!  Ha ha ha!  That was so clever and it totally cracked me up! They said they tried everything, including having him wear around his neck, but in the end it was best if he was totally unaware of it!

My other favorite funny moment was when I caught the flower girl EATING the flowers! Ha ha ha ha!  It was one of those moments that every photo journalistic photographer finds themselves in…. do I intervene or do I just take the picture?

You can see what my decision was. Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s fine… or at least I haven’t heard otherwise yet!

Lindsay and Scott met when Lindsay decided to break away from the summertime heat in Phoenix and temporarily transfer her job to another location in Oregon (hmmm… sounds familiar!).  But unlike when Scottie and I made this decision, Lindsay actually returned home after the summer! And she returned with a guy nonetheless… and not just any guy but it was her future husband, Scott!

(Do you like how I used this picture to symbolize them coming back to Arizona together?! Sometimes I actually know what I’m doing! Ha ha).

They met at the golf course that Lindsay had transferred to (that’s how we know her too… the course she normally works at in Arizona, Eagle Mountain, is one that we photograph weddings at often so Lindsay had been to enough Radiant weddings in the past – including her good friend Gina’s, who also works at Eagle Mountain – to know that she wanted one for herself when her turn came!).

Scott had recently transitioned to his job at the golf course in Oregon to pursue one of his passions further. They met, fell in love, returned to Arizona together, and had themselves a beautiful wedding at Sedona Golf Resort!

Such a sweet love story isn’t it?!

So the big day arrived, the family gathered, Lindsay and Scott smiled (a lot), everyone ate and danced merrily, and the fairytale story headed towards happily ever after.

Thanks so much Lindsay and Scott for letting us be a part of your memories and your beautiful day… we loved every second of it … and I have a feeling you can say the same! Congratulations!

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The perfect recipe for Joy and Rob’s wonderful wedding

Ah Sedona.  What a beautiful place for a wedding.  The red rocks are just begging to have a white dress placed in front of them… and when it is, everyone is happier for it.

So Joy and Rob decided to respond to the call of the red rocks and have their wedding at L’auberge in Sedona, AZ. And this choice definitely proved to be a very wise decision.

The day was gorgeous…

…the sky was clear…

…and the people were smiling.

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(I loved watching both of her parents be completely entranced by their beautiful daughter on her wedding day.  They couldn’t stop smiling at her with that shining look of love in their eyes that you can see in her mom above).

(Her dad never took his eyes off her… it was so beautiful to watch him watch her).

I don’t know about you, but I consider that the recipe for a perfect wedding! One quick glance at these photos is all you need to know exactly what I mean!

Despite the perfect recipe for this wedding, the day still wouldn’t have been complete without the inclusion of Rob’s 2 sons.

Joy and Rob did such a good job in including them in special day that existed to unite their family together.

Check these 2 studs out!

They definitely added in their own little brand of spunk to this wedding… particularly on the dance floor! I’d rather watch these two get down than the people on Dancing With the Stars any day!

Another thing that made this wedding as wonderful as it was were the spectacular shining talents of mother/daughter team Sandy Walker and Kelsey Murrietta from In Awe Weddings and Events (isn’t it so awesome to have a mother/daughter wedding planner team?! I love it!)! They did such a great job with Joy and Rob’s colors!

Not to mention that a wedding with Sandy and Kelsey is a wedding with what I call “the perfect flow”. We always tell our brides that having a good schedule is one of the easiest ways to make sure you’ll fully enjoy your wedding day and Sandy and Kelsey are truly experts at this!

In general they do a great job doing their job… which means that the rest of the vendors are freed up to do our jobs to the best of our abilities! When we are the ones in charge of the schedule, organizing people/details, etc. that means we have that much attention taken away from actually taking photos (not to mention we are that much more tired while trying to take photos!).

So having Sandy and Kelsey around to make sure everyone was in the right place at the right time for photos and that all the details were ready and waiting for us (instead of us having to track down flowers and pin boutonnieres ourselves!) gave us the ability to focus on what we’re good at… taking wedding photos!

So a special thanks to Sandy and Kelsey for doing an amazing job as always!

As you can see, Sedona + a beautiful bride + a happy couple + great weather + good planners + stunning details = Rob and Joy’s wonderful wedding. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that!?!

Thanks so much Joy and Rob for including us in your wedding day and for spending the time with us on pictures that you did… we hope you love them!  Congratulations! We wish the best for you guys!!!

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