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A Sweet Party for Morgan’s Sweet 16!

There’s dancing, a cake, decorations, gifts, and Radiant Photography… but no bride?!  Replace the bride with a 16 year old girl, the regular wedding guests with hundreds of high schoolers, wine with Red Bull, and the normal kitchen appliance gifts with posters of Taylor Lautner (that’s Twilight for all you non- teenagers) and you’ve got Morgan’s Sweet 16 Party!


(click to see all the photos from the party)

The set-up was fabulous, the guests were ready for a good time, and the DJ’s were flashing all kinds of lights and turning up the volume.  It was the perfect recipe for the perfect party.



I want to back it up a little bit and tell the story from the beginning…

We showed up early to set up our photobooth and take pics of Morgan and her closest friends getting ready.  It was so fun to hang out with them and hear them talking about all the things they were hoping would happen (or wouldn’t happen for that matter) at the party.

0001(this is her little sister doing her cousin’s makeup).

0005000600070008We took a few posed photos of the girls and then headed out front for Morgan’s big surprise…

0012That’s right, she got a Mustang for her birthday!!

0010Her friends are excited to have a new ride to school!


Once everyone arrived, it didn’t take long for the dance floor to fill up!  The DJ’s were amazing and their set-up was absolutely perfect for this party (and for photos)!


dancing, dancing….


more dancing…

00210025002700280042(I guess that’s more like crowd surfing than dancing)0035

there was a lot of dancing!:-)(click to see even MORE dancing photos from the party)


The other bit of entertainment we had there was the Radiant Photobooth!  These people knew how to work it!


(If you were a guest at the party, make sure you fan our Facebook page so you can tag yourself in the photos and use them in your profile.  You can also buy prints here).


A friend of Morgan’s dad is a graphic designer so he made a logo for her party that was all over the decorations, invitations, and our photobooth backdrop.  Definitely cool.


0197(This is the logo on a light they had moving around the dance floor… awesome).

Overall, I’d say this party was a huge success… minus the fire in the pool (that was no one’s fault and was put out quickly!).  Happy Birthday Morgan! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your big moment… we had a great time and it was definitely a memorable party!  I hope you’re too busy driving around in your new car to even read this blog!;-)


Click to see the rest of the photos from Morgan’s Sweet 16 party!

Radiant Photography is now a debt free company!!

We have reached a huge milestone that we’ve been working towards for the past 9 months (no, we didn’t grow a baby)…. we paid off our debt!  Now the only debt that we have (both as the Chansons and as Radiant) is school debt!  No more credit card payments, no car payments, no mortgage payments (only because we don’t have a house though- ha ha), and no -absolutely no- business debt to make payments towards!!  Hooray!


So if you are planning your wedding during this recession and you are worried about your vendors going bankrupt and shutting down while holding onto your down payments… never fear, Radiant will still be here!  No one’s going to come take our business because of the money we owe them and no one is going to tell us we can’t come shoot the wedding that you have paid us to shoot!


img_7660img_7694(These photos were taken with our Radiant photobooth set up, minus our usual white backdrop)

We are not saying this to brag about how good we are with money (in fact we wouldn’t have been in debt in the first place if we were money geniuses) we say it because we have been waiting for the day we can whoop it up and get excited about this feeling of freedom and we want all of you to celebrate with us!  We’re also saying it because we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we didn’t publicly give credit where credit is due.  We didn’t do this on our own, we actually took a class on how to become debt free and we had an AMAZING group of people taking this class with us who rallied around us to make sure we actually made it to this day!


Not only that, but the person who led the class was a wonderful woman named Karyn LaRocca who is also a personal budget counselor.  Karyn met with us personally and was always available to help us figure out all the specifics of our finances (which is a big deal because our finances get pretty complicated since we own a business).  Karyn is super passionate about helping people dig themselves out of the hopelessness that debt can bring.  She really truly just wants to see people live their lives to the fullest without the unnecessary stress, relational tension, fear, etc., etc. that debt brings into life and she is very skilled at helping people do that.  Her compassion for people in difficult financial situations is what motivates her daily, so you never have to feel judged or intimidated as you open up about this major area of life that most people are not used to talking about.  If you need help “reclaiming financial control” as Karyn says, then please make sure you call this lady!  Thank you, Karyn, for your passion and dedication to helping people find freedom in life and for working your fingers to the bone every day just so you can help people like us.  We know you pour your heart and soul into your business and we pray that it really pays off for you in the end.  Bottom line… Karyn’s amazing and you should call her!


Karyn can also help you get hooked up with a Financial Peace University class, which is the one we took that brought us to this wonderful day!  If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with people in your class who are as wonderful as the ones we met in our class (even though I don’t think that’s possible since the people in our class were the most amazing people EVER)!  Once you start discussing finances, it’s amazing how many other extremely important issues come to the table as well, like marriage, family, life crises, depression, etc….which is probably exactly why we SHOULD find people we can talk to about money so that we don’t have to go through all these things in life alone! We really do believe we made life long friends as we spent time bonding over these deep issues in life that are usually considered too taboo to talk about in our culture.   We can’t even begin to describe how grateful we are for the Brannans and the Ellisons for walking through all of this with us and for constantly encouraging us, while being very open and genuine about their lives at the same time. You guys seriously, actually, really did change our lives and we will never be the same… for the better of course.  We love you, and your friendships mean the world to us.  Thanks for getting involved in all the messy parts of our life and for working so hard to help us clean them up.

One last hoorah for us…. yay, yay, yay, YAY!  Radiant Photography is DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!!!!



Genuine Love (aka Emily & Jon’s Wedding)!

On a scale of 1-10, I’d say I’m about a 7 when it comes to being sentimental and emotional. That means I don’t cry when someone proposes on the big screen a at a baseball game, but you can find me silently shedding tears when the main character dies in a movie… I consider myself right in the middle when you’re talking about girl sentimentality. So to find me crying during both a wedding and a reception for people I haven’t known for very long… well that must mean that there’s something really special about the people involved.  And that was me (hiding my tears behind my camera) at Emily and Jon’s Scottsdale, Arizona wedding… at multiple points in time.

I’ll start by explaining the couple.  Emily and Jon have been dating since high school (or somewhere around the end of it), only they have hardly ever lived in the same place for long!  I don’t know the whole story, but it has something to do with going away to college and lots and lots of trips over seas… or something like that (forgive me if I’m getting the details wrong on this… just post comments with the corrections)!  All I know is that Jon was living in South Korea up until about a week before their wedding!  Fortunately, he was still being a very good fiance’ and using Skype to help her with all the planning!



You’d think the extreme long distance relationship would be what stands out the most about this couple, and it would be if it wasn’t for the fact that they are one of the funniest couples I’ve ever been around!  They had a slideshow at the very beginning of their ceremony, and let me tell you… you didn’t have to know them very well to be moved to out loud laughter and open mouthed moments of shock at their antics!  The pictures captured their personalities perfectly and it showed how much they really, REALLY love being together.  They truly are best friends and that fact was reinforced through many of the details throughout the day (including the repeat playing of the song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat that says “lucky I’m in love with my best friend”- perfect for them).  I have to brag and say that one of the pics from the slideshow was a picture we took when they were in the bridal party at another wedding we shot.  We were flattered to be included and to be given the chance to show off the pic again (below).:-)


So now that I’ve talked your ear off about the uniqueness of their relationship story, the hilarity of their personalities, and the beauty of their friendship, you’re probably sure that pretty much covers how awesome this couple is.  But oh no… there’s definitely more!  And this has to do with the pieces of their life that make up all of this and have brought them to where they are now.  What I mean by that is, both Emily and Jon have come from unbelievably beautiful families.  I met some of their family members on the day of the wedding for the first time, and even with being that new to my introduction to these people, it did not escape me that there was something very, very special here.

It seems like many people consider a wedding to be the one time that it’s OK for everyone to be selfish. You know the story, the bride is mad that not everyone is looking at her, or the mother of the bride gets upset if her dress isn’t prettier than the dress the mother of the groom is wearing… and it gets worse and worse. Of course this kind of thinking doesn’t make much sense considering that a wedding has to do with the uniting of two people into selfless love, but still… the story we’re fed our entire lives is that wedding days are all about ME.  So here was a family that disregarded that myth completely.

The bride was NOT demanding her bridesmaids pay attention to her every need and jump (out of fear) when called, but rather she was laughing with people and greeting everyone that came in with a welcoming smile.  She was so considerate to all her bridesmaids, family, and vendors… but not in a way that was trying to please everyone (therefore pulling her apart in too many directions), but just in a genuinely caring way.  It was so obvious that this day was about so much more than herself or her love for her fiance… it was about her love for EVERYONE around her general.  For someone to be really thinking about how to care for others on her wedding day (in a way that is not out of obligation or a desire to be a people-pleaser) is a pretty much unheard or thing and it is such a testimony to what a beautiful person Emily really is.  She was shining on the outside AND the inside on her wedding day.


The mothers of both the bride and groom were NOT chewing out the florist because the bows on the flowers were not the right color (they were the right color, that’s just an analogy) or sitting around gossiping about one another, but rather they were talking to people calmly and basking in this special moment of love for their children.  Both mothers were just radiating kindness to both Scottie and I.  When they smiled at us, it was like we could feel their happiness and joy flowing out of both of them (rather than the usual stress and frustration that lies behind the mothers’ eyes at too many other weddings).  Both mothers were just full of genuine compliments and caring comments towards us the entire night.

The fathers blew us away as well.  It was extremely evident that both fathers were heavily involved in their families lives in a way that supported and encouraged all family members to excell in their own individuality, while remaining united in love to their families.  I know that’s a huge statement, but we just couldn’t ignore the strong leadership their fathers both expressed through a level of humbleness (rather than arrogance or dominance).  Both fathers were very verbal in their affirmations and praises of their children and of each others’ child.  They uplifted and spoke so highly of everyone around them, that you couldn’t help but tear up just from knowing how it must feel for a child to hear their father speak of them AND their new spouse in that way.


And then there were the siblings.  Again, the sense of involvement in each others’ lives was apparent.  You could tell they were hardly able to contain their excitement for the wonderful things that were happening in their brother and sister’s lives.  Not to mention, the siblings were just as fun as the couple and the speeches reflected that very well (most the time I was laughing too hard to hold the camera steady).  The friends of the couple who were in the party were just as excited for this couple and their speeches were laced with a genuine awe for their friends who they look up to as examples.

Here’s a shot of Jon and his brother…

This is Emily’s brother giving his awesome speech (and apparently Jon heartily agrees with what’s he’s saying)!




So you try sitting through speech after speech that reflects the kind of love and genuine family bond that you’ve seen demonstrated all day, where a mom cries when talking about how much her son has affirmed and encouraged her since he was a little boy, and a father talks about his emotions throughout the progression of his little girl’s relationship from a crush to marriage and see if you can keep from tearing up… it’s really hard!

So thank you to Emily and Jon (and families) for letting us witness such a truly beautiful moment in the lives of such truly remarkable individuals.  We wish the best to all of you.



P.S. I had the hardest time deciding what pictures to put in this post because so many of them communicate all the stuff I’m talking about.  So you really should check out all the pictures from Emily & Jon’s wedding.  And speaking of how fun everyone at this wedding was… check out all the wedding photobooth pictures (like the one below)!


The new Radiant Photobooth!

Who would ever guess that a white wall could be so much fun?!  Well… maybe it was more the hot pink feather boa, sequin cowboy hats, and Elton John glasses.  But still who knew that just our regular everyday clothes could cause such a commotion!  Ha ha yeah right, I can just see Scottie walking into the Bass Pro Shop wearing a zebra striped cowboy hat and a giant, gold, dollar sign necklace!  So they may not be appropriate for a fishing trip, but apparently they ARE appropriate at a Radiant wedding!  OK, so I’ll get to the point already….

Radiant Photography has a new feature for our wedding packages and that is… the (still unnamed) Radiant Photobooth!  I don’t really have to say much more to describe it, because this video speaks for itself!

(If this video doesn’t work for you, click here to see photos)

So now that you get the idea, maybe you can help us come up with a name!  We want something that sounds crazy and funny, with fabulous style!  We also think we want to keep “Photobooth” in the title just for marketing purchases.  Or at least “booth” (even though it’s not actually a booth, it’s an open space so everyone can have fun egging on the people posing…constant entertainment for everyone)!  Here were some of our ideas… don’t worry these were preliminary thoughts, we are not really as lame as some of these may lead you to believe….

1. Photobooth flair (think Office Space)

2. The Furious Photo booth (sounds angry)

3. The Ghetto Fab Photo booth (dorky white people might think they can’t use it)

4. The Radiant Parlor (sounds like it’s for creepy old guys)

5. The Fantabulous Photo booth (I don’t know if you can make up words and still be considered professionals)

6.  The wtf Photo booth (um… way too offensive- but still very funny!)

7. The Love studio (much too open for misinterpretation)

8. The omg Photobooth (sounds like a 50 year old trying way too hard to be cool)

9. Strut Studio (there’s a reason Disco Stu wasn’t a main character on the Simpsons)

10. The Glam booth (this one actually hasn’t been totally ruled out yet)

Who knows… at this rate “Radiant Photobooth” doesn’t sound like a bad way to go!

If you are interested in using the Radiant Photobooth for your wedding, check out our current pricing page.  If you would like to have the Radiant Photobooth as entertainment at your special event, send us an email and we’ll give you a custom quote.