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Thousands of the happiest girls you’ll ever see.

4 hours of sleep… a long day of hard work… 1 meal a day…. 3 days in a row.  What is the name of this torture?  It’s called the Phoenix Bridal Fashion Debut.   I joke about the horrors, but really I absolutely love having a booth at the bridal show (aside from the horrendous work involved in setting up/tearing down our booth), and I always have a great time doing it.

Speaking of our booth… check it out!

Our friend Amanda drew all the rectangle frames (THANK YOU AMANDA!), I drew all the oval frames, and Scottie drew the logo… all in chalk!  What teamwork!

I love nothing more than watching thousands of the happiest girls you’ve ever seen prancing through the aisles with their entourage of bridesmaids in matching t-shirts tagging along and picking up flyers from booths the bride missed along the way.  Talk about an entertaining group to people watch… and talking to them is even better! 🙂  The energy in a room of 6,000 soon-to-be married girls mixed in with hundreds of hopeful vendors is unbelievable. Such a fun place to spend a weekend!

(This is Dave & Krystal.  We shot their wedding a while back and they came to be a “testimonial” to say that we do in fact shoot real couples and that they really do like us enough to come help us out later on!)

(Scottie and Breanna, aka= us.  The people behind Radiant Photography)

Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by our booth and say hi… you all made what could have been a very difficult weekend for us, transform into a riotous good time! If you missed the January show, be sure to stop by in June… we’ll be there then too!  And what else are you going to do when it’s 115 degrees outside?!  See you then!

The Christmas Extravaganza of a Lifetime…

If you saw these photobooth pictures on our Facebook page, you were probably left with quite a few things to ponder…

Like… how did we get Buddy the Elf to make an appearance?


Can she eat her candy cane costume?


Why is Santa showing his butt off… and doing the Macarena?


What exactly is… that? A person? A faun? Someone distantly related to elves?


Why do those elves look slightly intimidating?


Why did they invite a zombie to the party?


Is this a wanted kiss?


Is he jumping or just really that tall?


While we probably can’t answer any of those questions.  We can tell you a little bit more about what was going on here.  The High School Ministry at Scottsdale Bible church asked us to bring our photobooth to their Christmas Extravaganza party!  And really there is no better word than “Extravaganza” to describe the goings on at this particular party! (Fan us on Facebook so you can tag yourself in the photos).


In case you were wondering, yes, there was an ugly sweater and a costume contest.

img_7360(Ms. Candy Cane here one the costume contest)!

This was the first time we didn’t really need the props we bring for the Radiant Photobooth!


The theme of the party was “Techno Christmas” so everyone had a bunch of glowsticks and at random times they’d turn out the lights and turn up techno renditions of Christmas songs for everyone to boogie down to.  This was all complete with a fog machine and red and green spotlights. It was equal parts insane and awesome!

They had a bunch of performances including… 3 grown men dressed as elves doing an interpretive dance, Buddy the elf singing a hilarious Chrismas Medley, and a Christmas music video competition (the Seniors won).


img_7537(There was also a skit in which this group made up a family… of some sort).

And all of this was complete with tons hot chocolate, egg nog, cookies, and general sugar all round.  It was the Christmas experience of a lifetime.  I vote that it should definitely be televised next year.  It’d be a better Christmas special than Dick Clark, Jay Leno, Ryan Seacrest, or any of those guys put together could do!


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A Sweet Party for Morgan’s Sweet 16!

There’s dancing, a cake, decorations, gifts, and Radiant Photography… but no bride?!  Replace the bride with a 16 year old girl, the regular wedding guests with hundreds of high schoolers, wine with Red Bull, and the normal kitchen appliance gifts with posters of Taylor Lautner (that’s Twilight for all you non- teenagers) and you’ve got Morgan’s Sweet 16 Party!


(click to see all the photos from the party)

The set-up was fabulous, the guests were ready for a good time, and the DJ’s were flashing all kinds of lights and turning up the volume.  It was the perfect recipe for the perfect party.



I want to back it up a little bit and tell the story from the beginning…

We showed up early to set up our photobooth and take pics of Morgan and her closest friends getting ready.  It was so fun to hang out with them and hear them talking about all the things they were hoping would happen (or wouldn’t happen for that matter) at the party.

0001(this is her little sister doing her cousin’s makeup).

0005000600070008We took a few posed photos of the girls and then headed out front for Morgan’s big surprise…

0012That’s right, she got a Mustang for her birthday!!

0010Her friends are excited to have a new ride to school!


Once everyone arrived, it didn’t take long for the dance floor to fill up!  The DJ’s were amazing and their set-up was absolutely perfect for this party (and for photos)!


dancing, dancing….


more dancing…

00210025002700280042(I guess that’s more like crowd surfing than dancing)0035

there was a lot of dancing! 🙂 (click to see even MORE dancing photos from the party)


The other bit of entertainment we had there was the Radiant Photobooth!  These people knew how to work it!


(If you were a guest at the party, make sure you fan our Facebook page so you can tag yourself in the photos and use them in your profile.  You can also buy prints here).


A friend of Morgan’s dad is a graphic designer so he made a logo for her party that was all over the decorations, invitations, and our photobooth backdrop.  Definitely cool.


0197(This is the logo on a light they had moving around the dance floor… awesome).

Overall, I’d say this party was a huge success… minus the fire in the pool (that was no one’s fault and was put out quickly!).  Happy Birthday Morgan! Thanks for inviting us to be a part of your big moment… we had a great time and it was definitely a memorable party!  I hope you’re too busy driving around in your new car to even read this blog! 😉


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Check out our great, wonderous, fantastic new website in all its Flash glory!

If you are one of the many people who have recently asked yourself “are Scottie and Breanna still alive”?  Now you know why we’ve been MIA for so long.  It takes a lot of time to create majesty.  Okay, that MIGHT be overdoing it…just a little bit.  We’ve been heavy under the task of re-doing our website!  Rather I should say Scottie has been redesigning the site, I was more what you’d call “creative director” aka “annoying-detail oriented- nit picking- control freak”; something more along those lines.

So please, please, please make all of our time spent locked up in our cave (office) worth it and go check out our new website!  We’re more excited about it than anyone should ever be about a website… so we want to share it with the world!

I’ll give you a few teaser photos so that you can’t help but go check it out, even if your kids are screaming, your boss is looking over your shoulder (show him too!), or your to do list is a mile long.  Take a load off, fill up your coffee mug, and kick back while you get immersed in all the beauty and emotion of a wedding day.

unique0028unique0121003007unique0004unique0007(These are all photos from the Unique Session in our portfolio so make sure you check that out!)


The new Radiant Photobooth!

Who would ever guess that a white wall could be so much fun?!  Well… maybe it was more the hot pink feather boa, sequin cowboy hats, and Elton John glasses.  But still who knew that just our regular everyday clothes could cause such a commotion!  Ha ha yeah right, I can just see Scottie walking into the Bass Pro Shop wearing a zebra striped cowboy hat and a giant, gold, dollar sign necklace!  So they may not be appropriate for a fishing trip, but apparently they ARE appropriate at a Radiant wedding!  OK, so I’ll get to the point already….

Radiant Photography has a new feature for our wedding packages and that is… the (still unnamed) Radiant Photobooth!  I don’t really have to say much more to describe it, because this video speaks for itself!

(If this video doesn’t work for you, click here to see photos)

So now that you get the idea, maybe you can help us come up with a name!  We want something that sounds crazy and funny, with fabulous style!  We also think we want to keep “Photobooth” in the title just for marketing purchases.  Or at least “booth” (even though it’s not actually a booth, it’s an open space so everyone can have fun egging on the people posing…constant entertainment for everyone)!  Here were some of our ideas… don’t worry these were preliminary thoughts, we are not really as lame as some of these may lead you to believe….

1. Photobooth flair (think Office Space)

2. The Furious Photo booth (sounds angry)

3. The Ghetto Fab Photo booth (dorky white people might think they can’t use it)

4. The Radiant Parlor (sounds like it’s for creepy old guys)

5. The Fantabulous Photo booth (I don’t know if you can make up words and still be considered professionals)

6.  The wtf Photo booth (um… way too offensive- but still very funny!)

7. The Love studio (much too open for misinterpretation)

8. The omg Photobooth (sounds like a 50 year old trying way too hard to be cool)

9. Strut Studio (there’s a reason Disco Stu wasn’t a main character on the Simpsons)

10. The Glam booth (this one actually hasn’t been totally ruled out yet)

Who knows… at this rate “Radiant Photobooth” doesn’t sound like a bad way to go!

If you are interested in using the Radiant Photobooth for your wedding, check out our current pricing page.  If you would like to have the Radiant Photobooth as entertainment at your special event, send us an email and we’ll give you a custom quote.