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Need an engagement session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the fun they’ve had with engagement sessions!

Beach Epicness in full force for Maricela and Russell’s Engagement Session!

For Maricela and Russell, one chapter ends as another begins, and we were there to capture this important transition for them.

The chapter that is ending in their life is their long distance relationship!  Hooray!

Russell grew up around Laguna, California and is now ready to make the transition to Phoenix, AZ to be with his beautiful future bride.

The chapter that is beginning is what the happy couple originally called us over to capture… and that is their impending marriage to one another.  In other words, this is their engagement session!

It just happens to be combined with a sentimental farewell to home for Russell.

Since Russell knows the area so well, he took us to the best of the best places in Laguna where we were able to get some happy beach shots as well as some romantic moments.

We found out during the session that Maricela and Russell have declared a Radiant photo war between themselves and their friends, Maureen and Matt, who’s wedding we shot this past spring!  Apparently, Maricela and Russell have decided that there is no way they can beat Maureen and Matt in the cuteness category (Maureen and Matt ARE pretty freaking cute!) so they decided they wanted to go for the gold in the “Epic Photo” category.  So”epic” was the theme of the day!

Of course, we discovered about 2 seconds into the session that Maricela and Russell severely underestimate their cuteness (watch out Matt and Maureen, they might give you a run for your money!)…

…and they seem to have a pretty good grasp on how to mix a little epic into their cuteness!

So we spent some time hanging out on, above, around, and near the beach in Crystal Cove and then we headed over to a great hiking spot to put on the final touches to the day.

Thanks to the both of you for putting the work into scheduling, planning, location scouting, and traveling (Maricela) for your engagement session!

Your effort was well spent and we hope you are as happy with the results as we are!  Good luck with all the final touches to your big day, we are so so so SO excited to get to be a part of it!

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Amanda and AJ’s Anticipated Engagement Session

Amanda and AJ have been dreaming about having Radiant Photography at their wedding before Radiant Photography even existed.

At least that’s what it seems like anyways!  Amanda is a pretty snazzy photographer herself and has been a fan of ours for awhile.  We were in contact a bunch before she even got engaged- just talking photography and things like that- so when AJ popped the question to her, we heard about it right away!

Amanda sent me an email saying she was engaged and that even though none of the details about her wedding were worked out yet, the one thing she knew was that she was going to find a way to have Radiant there!

Well she worked her magic and we are now officially on the docket and have loved hearing all the details of her wedding as they’ve been coming to fruition!  It’s been so fun to be along for the process from pre-engagement to almost married!

As the time neared for Amanda and AJ’s engagement session on Coronado Island in San Diego, California, the anticipation was building!  Every once in awhile I’d get random emails or posts on Radiant’s Facebook wall from Amanda saying that she was counting down the days to her session… as were we!

Not only did we get to work with people who really love what we do, but we were getting to do it on freaking Coronado Island!!  It doesn’t get much better than that for us!

(This exact street corner is the spot that inspired this entire session.  Amanda took a photo of this corner years ago and has been in love with it ever since!)

Amanda’s family had heard all about us at this point and they were eager to get in on this whole “trip to Coronado” thing so her parents came along for the ride!

And let me tell you, it was quite a ride!! We had the best time that day!  We went to lunch at one of my favorite places that I (Breanna) was so excited to revisit, and then we headed out for our shoot! Now do you see what I’m talking about when I say that Coronado is awesome?!

Just in case you still don’t believe in the amazingness factor of Coronado, here’s a few more to convince you!

It’s such a fun place to be too… especially if you’re with people as cool as we were with!

Scottie and I had a 2 hour drive or so home to make that night, but we had so much fun with everyone that we couldn’t resist going out to eat with them again after the session!  We sat around for hours with them listening to family stories and learning about the people we were going to be hanging out with on one of the most important days of their lives.

(See all the plant stuff they are standing on?  That spells out the word “Coronado” that you can only see from the air… or in this screen shot from Google Maps below).

(Crazy huh?!)

Thank you guys so so so much for such a wonderful day and for being the exact kind of client that we absolutely love working with!

Seriously, you have no idea how much it means to us to know how excited you are about having us at your wedding.

Seeing your excitement and getting to work with people as cool as you, reminds us once again of why we love our job.

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Friends as clients, clients as friends… Gabe and Julia’s anniversary session

When Gabe and Julia came into our lives, our lives got better. When Gabe and Julia stepped into our pictures, our photography got better.

Pretty awesome phenomenon, huh?!

Gabe and Julia are great friends of ours who are coming up on their 10 year wedding anniversary and wanted to get some pics done to commemorate it. During the session, we were pretty impressed that a couple who’s been married for 10 years can still pull off the same type of photo session that an engaged couple would do.

In other words, they’re still very much in love!

Though we know them really well, we had a hard time choosing a location for the photo shoot.

Julia loves the outdoors and anywhere with greenery is heaven to her.

Gabe on the other hand, loves the city.

He really appreciates cool architecture and modern looks.

Hmmm… we weren’t quite sure how to make that work. Luckily we ended up finding 2 perfect spots to shoot that were close together (thanks to Courtney Sargent Photography for giving us the tip!).

So we started out on a little picnic and a hike through the great outdoors for Julia…

… and we ended up working on some cool new lighting tricks at an amazing building that Gabe liked.

Perfect combo!

We also did a few photos for us…

Julia and I (Breanna) had some fun in front of the camera!

We gave Scottie and Gabe a turn eventually!

I know I’ve said it before, but it is always so true… we have so much fun working with our friends!

Whether they begin as clients and become friends or begin as friends and become clients, either way it’s a perfect situation because all of us are so relaxed and we’re basically just having a good time hanging out together!

This session was no different and we had a blast with Gabe and Julia!

Thanks for coming along for the ride guys and being patient while we experimented with stuff… we appreciate your trust! 🙂  Congrats on your anniversary!!!

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Meet Jeff, Laura, and their aerodynamic engagement session prop…

When Jeff and Laura first told us they wanted to do their engagement session around an old school airplane from the 40’s (a Ryan Pt-22 to be exact), I thought, “well I guess, if we HAVE to”.  Just kidding of course… we were freaking stoked!

Then as I (Breanna) heard them planning the details, the more excited I got (if that’s even possible)!

By the time we actually made it out to the plane for the session, both Scottie and I were blown away by how amazing it all was!

The plane was absolutely perfect, Laura’s dress… perfect, Jeff’s bomber jacket… perfect, and their antique luggage- dare I say it?… perfect.

Everything about this session was set up from the beginning to be a great success.  And indeed it was.

The whole thing couldn’t have been better.  We were all excited and Scottie and I were both in the zone that day!  We also had the added bonus that another pilot who was hanging around, flew his plane over to us so we had the chance to get shots of 2 different planes!

So to all of you plane buffs out there who want to know all kinds of details about this plane… I’m sorry but I know photography, not airplanes so I really can’t help you with that.  Hopefully you are one of Jeff’s pilot buddies so you can ask him.  Either way, feel free to spend all the time you need drooling over the photos of it, because it is a perfect plane!

Oh and I wanted to point out to you that there are in fact people in the photos along with the plane, in case you were too mesmerized by the glimmering metal to notice them.

Speaking of which, good thing Laura is one foxy lady…

…because if she wasn’t, I think Jeff would’ve been too caught up in the “plane bling” (as I will call all the shiny stuff) to notice that he had a girl with him and that he was supposed to be looking at her and not the plane.

As it was, he had no problem keeping his eyes on the beauty next to him. 😉

A special thanks to Danny for trusting us enough to get near his plane… which is a very scary thing for a plane owner I’m sure!  Your willingness to help out with this session is a very big deal to us and we SO appreciate it!  And thanks to Laura and Jeff for putting in the effort to plan an AMAZING engagement session and for giving us the unique opportunity to get pictures like this!  We are so so so excited about the photos… and about your wedding!

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Good times in Downtown Phoenix: Inez and Phil’s engagement session

If you happen to know Phil and Inez, then you are probably confused why they had engagement photos taken 9 months after their actual wedding!

So let me explain… before they got married they opted for a family session with their kids rather than an engagement session with just the two of them.  Right after the wedding they realized that they missed out on a chance to have some special photos together so they decided to go ahead and schedule a session with us!

Of course, having just done a family session and a wedding they were a little “posed out”… especially Phil, who told us right away that we’d have a hard time working with him because he hates having his picture taken!

FYI Phil, you actually did really well, and I hope we made it pretty easy on you!

(As you can see, he at least made the session easy on Inez!  I loved watching how much he made her laugh… so cute!).

Anyways, they decided to wait a while to have their next session, which puts us here and now with fresh photos from the recent engagement session of this newly wed couple!

(I love how Inez looks like a shy teenager with her first boyfriend in this picture!  Oooh, she’s in LOOOOVE!).

After a little discussion, Inez and Phil decided to do their session in Downtown Phoenix because the area has a lot of meaning to them.

(Inez wasn’t the only one he could make laugh…Phil gave us some pretty hilarious faces throughout the whole session.  Actually, he was making us laugh so hard, I was worried all our pictures were going to be blurry!!).

Phil grew up in that area and he used to work there too.  He also is an artist and had some of his work displayed in a nearby gallery for the First Fridays art walk.  On top of all that, their children used to attend classes at an Arts Center around the area as well.

So even though I (Breanna) have lived in Phoenix my whole life, I felt like I had my own special tour guides while walking around there with the two of them because they knew so much about the downtown area!

And it was a good thing too because once we felt like we had covered the space we had planned on shooting in, they knew just the place to take us to get a bit of inspiration.  And it worked!

They were patient while we played around with a few new looks and new ways of doing things to catch the feel of Downtown Phoenix at night.  I hope you guys love the results as much as we do!

We had a ton of fun working with you both and we hope we run into you guys around the art walk or something soon!

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