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Need an engagement session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the fun they’ve had with engagement sessions!

Megan and Mark’s beach love engagement session

There’s nothing like an engagement session to remind you that your big day is coming soon!

And for Megan and Mark that day is very VERY soon!

So soon in fact that they can hardly stand it! And who can blame them? A wedding in Hawaii is no small event!

Yep, Megan and Mark are making it official the island way and have invited us to come along! Which is awesome because destination weddings are one of our favorite things in the world!

No, not just because of the obvious reason (we get to go to amazing places) but because it gives us such a unique bonding experience with the couple we head there with.

Which is why spending time together before hand (like at this engagement session) is uber important and we were thrilled to get a chance to hang out and get to know this great couple who we’ll be saying aloha to very soon!

As an engagement session should be, this one was a great chance for us all to practice working together. Now when we say, “you know, do that one thing” there’s at least a tiny chance that Megan and Mark might actually know what we mean (if they can read minds).

Or when tell them to laugh on command, there’s at least a small possibility that they won’t just think we’re crazy but they’ll know there’s a good reason we’re telling them to do it (hint: it’s because it tends to make you laugh for real!)!

The engagement session was also a great chance for us to hear about the wedding. Now we feel a little more up to date about their overall style, who they are as a couple, and what kinds of things are important to them.

(For example, we learned that they love the houses at The Montage in Laguna, where we did the session because they’re really into architecture! So we made sure to get those in at least a few of the photos!).

It’s so great for us to have a chance to learn a little more about them because that’s the kind of stuff that factors into us getting the kind of pictures that result in their friends and family members seeing them and saying, “oh that is so THEM”! And that’s always our goal!

Capturing the real personality and heart of a couple on their big day is what we always strive to do. And spending time “practicing” and getting to know them during the engagement session is an important part of that!

So thanks to Megan and Mark for giving us the time and putting their all into planning such a stunning session in such an outstanding location!

I think it’s safe to say you’re putting in that kind of thought and energy into the wedding (except times like 1,000) and I can’t wait to see the results of all your hard work! I have a inkling that it’s going to be pretty spectacular! See you soon!

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Marah and Shawn’s Beachy Engagement session

Wow. That was the first thing I (Breanna) said when I saw Marah on the day of her engagement session.

That red dress and red lipstick against her dark hair and eyes? Just wow. She looked breath taking and definitely ready to strike a pose and make some beautiful engagement photos happen!

Sorry Shawn, I don’t mean to leave you out but I’m guessing you don’t want me gushing about how pretty you are!

We had so much fun walking around Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach with Marah and Shawn! We also had some special guests with us, Shannon Avery’s team from Avery J. Productions was there to get some beautiful video of them having fun together to complete the love story film.

I’ve always known that Crystal Cove is beautiful, but Shannon led us to some spots we’d never been to and we were amazed at what we were able to get there!

We had so many adorable little areas to work with, not to mention massive amount of stunningness to set off the cuteness, and we felt like there wasn’t enough time in the world to shoot everything we’d want to there!

I had to grab Scottie by the shirt collar and drag him away through the sand to get him to stop shooting when the session was over. But of course he just held his camera up to his face while being drug so he could shoot from a low angle (you know that’s a lie because he’s a giant and I’m not).


Scottie’s famous for saying he’s done and then as we’re walking away yelling, “wait, just this one more shot!”.

But here it was more like, “wait, just 10 more shots!”.

I can’t say I blame him though, with such wonderful people as Marah and Shawn to work with, how could we want to do anything other than continue to hang out with them!

So all in all we had a fantastic time laughing together and had a great creative collaboration with Shannon and her team, while hanging out in a gorgeous location and getting amazing photos… I’d call this session a success!

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Susanne and Greg’s West LA Engagement Session

At the mention of coming to Los Angeles for their engagement session, I saw Susanne and Greg’s eyes light up.  At the mention of the fact that they’d come over to the Westside of LA where we’re at, our eyes lit up.

We finally get to do a photoshoot in our neck of the woods… or side of the beach as is the case here (don’t worry Phoenix fans, we commute back and forth regularly so we’ll still be able to shoot your wedding, senior session, or whatever… we’re just working in both places now)!

(Checking out the ocean view on the other side of the PCH).

The original thought was that we’d wander all over west LA to get some of the art culture of Venice (where we actually live), mixed in with the carnival fun of the Santa Monica pier, and adding in a little Malibu cliff side beach magic to top it all off.  However, once we sat down and really started talking about it, we realized that we could get more different looks in Santa Monica alone if we just stayed in that area, so we did.

(That’s the Santa Monica Pier in the background there).

We started off at the Santa Monica Promenade to get a little alleyway action…

…crowded people shots…

…and then some of the normal happy couple pictures that we absolutely HAVE to get… especially with this couple…

…they were extra happy and cute together! 😉

We then moved onto the Santa Monica Pier… or at least we tried to, it was a raging madhouse of people down there that day!  The best we could do was to get a picture above all the chaos and it turned into a shot that I absolutely love!

We stayed up in the park area that overlooks the beach, and even then it was hard to keep from having too many people in the background! It was a busy weekend around there!

But that wasn’t a huge problem because Susanne and Greg seriously stole the show!

I’m not kidding, they are PERFECT for each other and just absolutely adorable together. Which is proof that eHarmony works people!

I especially loved watching how sweet and gentle Greg was towards Susanne, he definitely treats her like a princess… which should pan out well on the wedding day since that’s exactly how every girl wants to feel on her big day (and on ANY day actually!) so Susanne will definitely get  her princess fix in!

(On the bridge over the Pacific Coast Highway, and under the sign for Santa Monica Blvd).

We finished up the session down on the beach just in time …and I do mean JUST in time…. we were almost running in the sand to get there. Especially me because I’m a slow sand walker (seriously, everyone makes fun of me for it).  But we made it (even me) in time and got some beautiful shots from it all!

Seriously, aren’t they so cute together?!

(I love the funny faces they’d make at each other whenever Susanne got her little itch to let her funny side show for the camera!).

I can’t wait to see what they’re like on the wedding day!  All we had to do was let them interact together and forget posing entirely because they did their best when they were just allowed to act as in love as they really are.

So beautiful.

Thanks guys!  We can’t wait to hang out with you on your big day and see what kind of awesome style and magic you bring to it! It’s gonna be AH-MAZING!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!

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A day in their vineyard… Doug and Bobbie’s engagement session.

A wedding in wine country is something that photographers in Arizona can only dream about.  And we were some of those dreamers ourselves until the day we got a call from Doug and Bobbie asking us to shoot their wedding and engagement photos in Paso Robles, CA which is part of the central coast wine phenomenon.  Yay!!!!!

We were SUPER excited and when we took a trip to the area for Doug and Bobbie’s engagement session, our already sky high excitement level shot through the roof as soon as we saw the place!

(See what I mean?  It’s AH-MAZING!!!!).

The first thing Doug and Bobbie wanted us to see, was the winery that they are getting married at. So we headed over to Carmody McKnight Estate Wines to taste a little wine, see the beautiful sights, a take a few photos.

The location was even more incredible than we imagined!  I can’t wait to see what it looks like on the wedding day!!

What we didn’t expect, was the friendly family welcome we received when we arrived!! Carmody, McKnight, and family all came over to meet us and then rushed back to the house to prepare a DELICIOUS gourmet dinner for us to enjoy when we finished taking photos of Doug and Bobbie.

I felt like I was in a dream land as we sat around with this incredibly interesting family and heard about their lives. Gary Carmody was an actor who is well known for his role in “Land of the Giants” and is now an artist and creates the labels for their wines.

Marian McKnight Conway was crowned Miss America in 1957.  Their daughter Kathleen made us the incredible meal and also makes a great popular wine called “Kathleen Cabernet Franc”. Kathleen’s boyfriend Greg, is the very talented vineyard manager who has several viticulture partnerships going with major companies and universities worldwide.

As if that isn’t enough to spark great conversation for an entire meal, Doug and Bobbie are also quite intriguing people themselves with some great stories!

Doug used to be an Indy Race car driver and he once upon a time owned a surf company. Bobbie put herself through college while raising 3 kids and now works as a CFO for a non-profit organization that helps foster children.

They both spend a good amount of time traveling- Doug does a lot of worldwide hunting and fishing and they both love spending downtime in their surf house right on the beach in the British Isles. Oh yeah, and they have a really sweet dog! 🙂

So there we were, hanging out with interesting, talented, and fun people in a stunning environment, while drinking the wine that was actually made by the people around us… it was just an amazing moment that we enjoyed immensely and will remember for a long time to come.

After a lovely dinner with a lovely family, we headed off to Doug and Bobbie’s vineyard (Last Frontier Vineyards), where we relaxed on their porch in the fresh air while looking up at the stars,  had some good laughs together, drank some of their own home grown wine, spent the night, and then got up early to take more photos around their property.

(Scottie took this one at night of the oak tree that stands right smack dab in the middle of their vineyard. Beautiful.).

Their ranch/vineyard sits on 160 acres that is just a site to see.  I couldn’t believe the variety of things they had on their property!

Everything from rolling hills of grass, to lakes, to boulders, to the actual grape vines. So much beauty to take in!

It was so fun to be out so far away from everything else and to know that everything surrounding us was related to their passion of farming.

Doug and Bobbie spend a good portion of their time out there and Doug works his fingers to the bone on the land during their busy seasons.

We hopped in the car and drove around to get a feel for what their lives out there are like and how we could best capture that in photos.

It was a difficult job, trying to contain all that beauty into a few measly photographs, so I hope Doug and Bobbie feel that we did the job! 🙂

(Click here to see the full version of this photo!).

Thanks to everyone at both places who brought us in to your lives and extended so much hospitality to make us feel welcomed in your homes.  Doug and Bobbie, we LOVE your place and we are so happy that the two of you are getting married.  Scottie and I talked on the way home about how fun it is watching you guys interact with one another and how easy it is to tell that you are in love.

We think you guys are great together and we had such a fantastic time getting to know the two of you better.  We feel blessed to have you in our lives and we can’t wait to be a part of such a big day for two such wonderful people! Congratulations on finding each other!

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