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Need an engagement session? Radiant photography founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the fun they’ve had with engagement sessions!

Matt and Rachel and their/our neighborhood engagement session (by Scott & Breanna)

Los Angeles is the kind of city that has something for everyone. As photographers, Scottie and I feel that one of the best things it offers us is amazing locations to shoot!

It has everything from the beach, to the lights of downtown, to famous landmarks, to beautiful flowers and greenery, to spacious and mountainous hiking trails… whatever you want in your photos, there’s a good chance that Los Angeles has it.

With so much to choose from, it can be quite a chore sorting through your many options and trying to pick a location to shoot at! So when our neighbors, Rachel and Matt started planning their engagement session, we all decided to keep things simple and just stay in and around our own neighborhood of Venice Beach!

And why not?! We have more options than we could ever possibly squeeze into a single session, all right here! We have the famous Santa Monica pier…

…the beach….

…gorgeous flowers and open fields…

… and the unique look of the California Venice canals.

What more could you ask for in a photo session location?!

Well there is one thing we could’ve asked for and didn’t get and it’s something that you almost always find in Southern California… SUN!

It was a cloudy and gloomy day, but we decided to go with it and make the best of it, which actually created a cool effect and made our photos look a little different than they would’ve had we gone with the typical sunny SoCal look!

Hopefully they’ll get all the sun they need at their June wedding in upstate New York… and if not, there’s always the chance for a fantastic Unique Session after their wedding once we’re all back in “sunny” California!

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Sun or no sun, one thing is for sure, and that is that we’ll have a blast capturing this awesome and exciting moment in time for Matt and Rachel. How could we not? Getting to work with our good friends is one of the perks of our job that we love the most! Can’t wait for your wedding guys!

See you in June of 2014… or just later this afternoon when you take your dog out for a walk I guess.

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Kelly and Andrew’s Desert before Vineyard engagement session (by Scott & Breanna)

Don’t you just love it when amazing people from your past show back up again?! Me too. Which is why I was so excited when Kelly called to tell me she was getting married and wanted Scottie and myself (Breanna) to be her photographers!

This situation works out even better than you would think because they are getting married in California (where we live) but they wanted engagement photos in Arizona (where they live) and we happened to be taking a trip out to Arizona to shoot a wedding around the time they wanted engagement photos! And viola!

A real live Arizona desert engagement session as a precursor to their upcoming gorgeous California vineyard wedding! They get the best of both the worlds they love in their photos!

The interesting thing about this couple’s story is that while they currently have one foot in Arizona and one foot in California (sounds familiar!) during this wedding planning time, they plan on landing both feet in Africa shortly after their wedding!

Yes, I said Africa!! Kelly is a dietician and she has spent quite a bit of time working with an organization called Mercy Ships which focuses on bringing health care to Africa by docking a ship full of incredibly talented medically trained individuals, while African people come on and off it to receive the surgeries and medical care they need. 60 Minutes recently did a piece on Mercy Ships that I highly recommend watching!

So once all the glamor of their wedding is over, Kelly and Andrew will be trading in their tux and white dress for their flip flops and tank tops as they make their way through the ocean into their new life and new adventure together! So exciting! And it’s so perfect for them!

As Kelly mentioned, Andrew is the perfect guy for her, especially since it’s not easy to find someone willing to commit to spending their lives in Africa with you! And since I’ve known Kelly for awhile, I can tell that Andrew really does make her incredibly happy, I mean just look at her! Is that the face of a girl in love or what?!

I am very happy with Kelly and Andrew both myself because I am thrilled about the work they’ll be doing in Africa and it makes me so happy to see such wonderful people in love and committed to a cause greater than themselves! Of course, I’m also partial to married couples who work together!

We are so excited for your wedding, but we’re even more excited about the life you’re going to build together after it! See you in September!!!

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Fun at Ashlee and Jason’s Botanical Garden Engagement Session

Is there a couple out there who has more fun together than Ashlee and Jason? Mmmm, possibly, but I think not.

We promised Ashlee from the very beginning of their engagement session that we’d get some good, standard, normal pictures of the two of them.

Little did we know how difficult that would prove to be.

No, not because they are weirdos or camera phobics or anything like that… just because they have so much fun together that we felt like joy killers saying, “OK, stop playing and just look at the camera and smile!”

I mean, who does that to two people having so much together, right?!

Alright, I am exaggerating a bit.

Ashlee and Jason can stop laughing long enough to do regular day to day stuff like have a conversation or smile for a picture…

…I think it’s just not what they PREFER to be doing.

They prefer being spontaneous and fun.

Yes, most people prefer that, but Ashlee and Jason actually DO it! So I say, more power to them!

(Here’s Jason enjoying the little tiny worm we found! There were also bunny rabbits and large lizards hanging out with us that day, but we didn’t hold any of those).

Obviously, working with people this happy (and in love I might add) is AWESOME!

We can’t think of a better way to spend our day than to hang out with fun loving people who bring us in on their fun as much as they can while we try to be “professional” and do our very serious work (yeah right).

So thank you both for allowing us to spend a lovely afternoon with you at the Botanical Gardens in Tucson, capturing the joy you two experience when you’re together.

I have a feeling that on your wedding day, you’re going to surpass your own records in how happy you can be… and we can’t wait to be there to see that happen!

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Lesley and Mike’s Downtown Engagement Session

When we were planning their engagement session and Lesley told me she was going to wear a nice dress to contrast the dirty downtown area and crazy muraled walls we were going to be shooting in and around, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

That’s because Lesley is an interior designer so she has that whole “artistic vision” thing down!

I didn’t have to explain the contrast between fancy and dingy because she was way ahead of me on all that.

And it was because of that, we decided downtown Phoenix would be the perfect backdrop for their session!

Especially since one of Lesley and Mike’s groomsmen painted a bunch of the murals around the area! Including this one…

Lesley did bring the great dress and skirt, and as I expected, they were perfect!

They also brought their dogs which definitely added an extra level of challenge and fun to the session!

You never know what a photo session is going to be like when your subjects are covered in fur and walk on all fours!

Lesley and Mike’s dogs were super adorable so whether they were looking at the camera or not, at least they looked great whatever direction they were facing! ๐Ÿ™‚

My favorite thing about this entire session is what happened every time Lesley and Mike turned to face one another.

It was like magic.

The second their eyes connected, both their faces would light up, and often times lots of laughing followed that!

Yes my friends, it has been confirmed that they are definitely in love!

It’s the real deal! It was more than obvious that they just loved being together. Even if they had to have cameras following around the whole time, they were just glad to be hanging out with one another!

So if this is how cute and romantic they are during an engagement session, I can’t wait to see how they are on their wedding day! We’re so excited about your wedding guys, and we’re so glad we get to be a part of it! See you soon!!

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