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Need a senior session? Radiant founders and owners, Scott & Breanna, would love to be a part of it! Here’s some of the work they’ve done with seniors!

Bridget’s beautiful senior session in an unlikely location.

I must say, Bridget had some great ideas for her senior session.

Which is why I was super sad when they didn’t work out! Apparently, trying to represent Bridget’s future goals as a marine biologist is a fairly hard thing to do when you are surrounded by desert, desert, and more desert on all sides!

So even though we had to scrap the ocean life ideas, I have to say I’m not all that sad about it because I wouldn’t trade what we ended up getting for all the sea turtle photos in the world!

Bridget ended up choosing a dead pecan tree grove as the place for her session. Which sounds like a weird place for senior photos, until you see what can be done with it!

Luckily, her mom has an artistic eye as well so she was able to see the potential of the place rather than think her daughter was insane when she told her where she wanted to go!

I was psyched when I heard we were going to the grove, and that excitement level was kicked up by like 10 points when I saw the bright red dress Bridget was wearing when we pulled up!

So much so that we even asked her to put it back on at the end of the session to do the part that all of us had been looking forward to the whole time… the creepy part!

I was so happy when Bridget said she really liked the creepy aspect of the old dried up tree branches.

Sounds like fun experimenting time to me! And that it was! Once the sun went down we brought out the flashes and got our creep on!

And the results were AWESOME!

Thanks so much to Bridget and her mom, who saw the beautiful potential behind something most people would believe to be ugly, and who were willing to trust our artistic vision enough to be able to do something with the potential they were handing us.

I hope you guys love the results of your adventurous spirit as much as we do!

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Fun Audrey and her fun senior session!

Oh Audrey, what are we going to do with you?

You really are too adorable for words.

Which is bad for me (Breanna), considering I’m about to try to write a lot of words about you!

Scottie and I first met Audrey when she was at a Christmas party that we had our photobooth at. I specifically remember her from that because she made every picture that she was in more fun!

So when we got a call for her senior session we were like, “Yessss!”.

We met up with Audrey and her mom at the Camelback Inn to get a few outdoorsy/pretty sort of shots.

Oh and a few “riding her bike through the grass, hoping they don’t kick us out” shots as well (don’t worry, we didn’t ruin the grass or anything!)!

After that, we headed over to the Scottsdale Civic Center where we found a new groove in the urban setting.

Of course the Civic Center still has it’s pretty stuff so we relished that plenty, but we also were stoked when we found just the right combination of metal or concrete to provide a perfectly contrasted background for this stunning girl!

We quickly discovered a few great new additions at the Civic Center that we were very excited about and my absolute favorite new thing is the raining cloud chandelier!

Not only is it cool, but Audrey knew just how to pose to work with it! Perfect shot!

The only problem I think we had with this session was trying to balance having fun with Audrey and actually taking pictures! We could’ve talked all day!

There were quite a few times when Scottie had to shoot me “the look” to get me to stop talking long enough for us to take some pictures! And even though he was forced to be the bad guy, the truth is that he was having just as much fun hanging out with her as I was!

Thanks so much Audrey, for being so excited about your session with us and for being so much fun to work with throughout the whole thing! As you can see, you did a great job! Good luck with all your post-graduation dreams!

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Hayley and her Venue at the Grove Senior Session!

When I think about Hayley’s senior session, the first thing I think of are her creative ideas.

When we were trying to choose a location for her session, Hayley picked the best place… several times.

The reason she had to keep try, try, and trying again is because she kept picking places that are so great that everyone wants to shoot there, which has in turn made them decide that no one is allowed to shoot there!!

And when she did find a place that we were allowed to shoot, we’d find out that they had another event that day so we’d yet again find ourselves out of luck. Hayley, I’m so glad that you didn’t give up!

She kept pushing for a unique place to shoot… and she finally found one!

So when the day came, we loaded up our stuff and headed over to Venue at the Grove. They did charge a small fee to let us shoot there, but Hayley and her mom didn’t worry about paying it too much because Hayley’s entire session with us was actually free since she won it at an auction we donated to through the High School group at Scottsdale Bible Church.

When we arrived at Venue at the Grove, we quickly understood why it was a valuable enough spot that they could charge us to use it… it was beautiful.

And more than anything, it looked different than almost every other place in Arizona. There wasn’t a cactus in sight!

And where saguaro’s would normally spend their days blooming, there was a pecan grove instead!  It was beautiful, and it fit Hayley’s style perfectly!

There were so many cool little spots around the area, my favorite being the old yellow truck… so awesome!

Hayley, thanks so much for putting in the time and energy to find the PERFECT spot for your session… your excitement about it made us even more excited about it!  You did a great job and I hope you absolutely LOVE the photos!

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Francesca’s colorful desert senior session

Francesca is no stranger to Radiant Senior Sessions.

She actually came along with Davina on her session awhile back for moral support and to help her relax and have fun.  Well Francesca was great moral support and as it turns out, she’s a great model too!

When the day came for her to be the one to shine in front of the camera, she pulled it off without a hitch!  She brought her sisters along for moral support and to get a few fun sister pics.

They also served the purpose of getting her to laugh for us!

Sisters just have that magical touch I guess!

Since Scottie and I had arrived early to the session, we spent a little time scoping the place out and trying to find new spots to shoot. As soon as I saw the yellow tree in the parking lot, I freaked out… it was going to be sooo perfect for Francesca!

When I saw her red dress, I realized it was going to look even more amazing than I had originally predicted.

Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than this!

It’s like all the color in the entire surrounding desert landscape all got sucked up into this single tree… so beautiful!

Throughout the session, we had fun hearing about Francesca’s upcoming college experience.

The thing is, she’s not only going off to college, but she’s leaving America to do so!  She got accepted into Oxford University in England!!!

(She wanted to get some pics in her uniform since that represents her high school years very well!).

She said the first time she will ever be in the area, will be the day she moves there… that’s definitely an adventure!

Francesca, I totally admire your bravery for doing something so outside the box and so unfamiliar, I think it will pay off big time and you will love it there!

Thanks for being both a supportive friend and a great model for the two different sessions you’ve been at.  We’ve had a great time working with you and we are so excited to hear about your freshman year.  Congrats and have fun! 🙂

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The wonderful Taylor and her wonderful location!

“Um, wow” is all I have to say about both our location and our senior during this shoot.

Well, OK that’s not ALL I have to say… c’mon, you know me better than that by now!  But seriously, both of those two factors were amazing.  It started with the first email I got from Taylor asking for a Radiant senior session.

The thing was, we were getting ready to pack our bags and head to California for the summer, all the while finishing up our busy wedding/senior season, as well as squeezing in last minute family sessions from people who were either realizing it’s about to get hot or that we’re about to leave… all that to say, we were VERY busy when we got Taylor’s email.

We were so busy in fact, that we had decided we weren’t going to be taking on any more Arizona sessions until we got back from California in the fall. Anyone who wanted a session with us before then, was going to have to come to California for it (like we’d have to force anyone to get away from Phoenix in the summer time!)!  And then…I got Taylor’s email.

I looked at Scottie with my pretty pleading, girly, puppy dog face and said, “Scottie I LOVE this girl, can we PLEASE PLEASE pretty please do her session?!”  He sighed before turning to read Taylor’s email over my shoulder.  Half way through the first paragraph, he said, “OK, we’ll do it”.

So what is this magical hold she had over us?  I don’t know, maybe it was her constant complimenting of our talent, or maybe it was the way she used tons of smile faces and lots of great adjectives to get her point across.

Whatever the specific reasons were, the one thing I know is that her personality totally came through her email and I knew right away that I was going to love working with her!  So of course, Scottie and I happily agreed to it.

As soon as we met Taylor in person, all my suspicions about her awesomeness were totally confirmed.

She was sooo fun to work with.  Actually it wasn’t just her, but her mom was super cool herself!  Scottie had to practically drag me away when our session was done because I wanted to hang out with the two of them all night!

Now to the location.  While we were totally sure about Taylor, we weren’t quite as sure about her location choice.

When she mentioned the DC Ranch country club, for some reason “snooze fest” popped into our heads (sorry Taylor, but it’s the truth!).  I don’t know, I guess I pictured a bunch of elderly women sitting around in chairs while their husbands wandered the golf course in plaid shorts.  Just so it’s clear to everyone… this was not at all the case and we were totally wrong!  We loved the place right away!

It was so unique looking with all it’s nooks and cranny’s, beautiful views, creative/detailed architecture, and not to mention it’s absolutely fantastic lighting!  It also helped that we had the whole place to ourselves since it was unusually dead that day.

If you know me at all, you know that I can never get enough of white twinkle lights hanging from trees… and neither can Taylor.  We both loved it so much that we sat around dreaming about the weddings that happen under that tree.

Scottie picked up on our dreamy girl state (he’s good at that), and had to practically snap his fingers in front of our faces to get us de-mesmerized so he could start shooting away at Taylor posing among the object of our affection.

Amazing shots, Scottie!!  Best glowy, happy, glittery, white light photos EVER!  Totally of girl dream land quality.

Taylor, we are so glad we decided to shoot your session because, thanks to you, we couldn’t have enjoyed it more!

You and your mom definitely have to come visit us in Venice this summer… I’m already planning which stores and coffee shops I can take you guys around to so that we can finish that conversation I kept trying to find the time to have in between shots!  See you soon! 😉

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