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The Erickson’s Extended Family Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Kelley Johnson (1/2 of the Radiant Photography associate photographer team) coming at cha again! This time I want to share a recent family session that Josh and I had the pleasure to shoot. Now, we’ve all seen, and likely been a part of, family photography sessions that include parents and their kiddos, but what about extended family sessions?

Josh and I had taken photos of Phil, Laurel, and their sweet son Case before… (how adorable are they?!)

But this time they decided that they wanted to get the extended family in on the fun! I have to give them some mad props, because this was a great idea. There are so many plus sides to extended family sessions.

First off, you STILL get the small family session feel.

However, you also get to take those huge group photos that are rarely captured. (Besides those infamous, “Everyone hurry up and pretend to smile! I just set the timer… I think I set the timer… Is the red light fl *FLASH*…” moments.)

And how often is it that you stop to take sibling photos once all of your siblings have grown up?

(These two clearly have a really great brother and sister relationship. Watching them made me wish I had a brother!)

Or snap a shot with your mom, even though you’ve got your own kids now?

 Or capture those cute chubby, baby cousin moments?

(Case LOVES to give hugs.  And he’s SO good at it!)

Laurel’s brother’s family lives out in California, while Laurel’s family is sill in Arizona, so these whole family moments don’t happen quite as often as they would like. Still, looking at this close knit family, you would think they get together for family dinners every weekend!

Believe it or not, even with this HUGE group of family members to coordinate and move around, not one single fight broke out during the whole session. No joke! It seems that these guys really know the importance of having fun quality time with family. Which brings me to my last reason for extended family sessions being so wonderful…

They’re a BLAST for the WHOLE family!

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Radiant Jumps the Pond: A UK Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Hello dear Radiant blog readers, this is Kelley Johnson again (1/2 of the Radiant Photography associate photographer team). My husband Josh and I have some pretty exciting news for you. We had the awesome pleasure of shooting an engagement session with a couple in the UK! See, I told you it was exciting! Do you guys want to see a few of the photos and hear about the amazing time we had? I thought so!

Meet David and Jen, newly engaged and one of the most hospitable couples that Josh and I have ever met. David is a web guru/ninja who sometimes thinks he is Jamie Oliver (he’s stylish, British, and a great cook, so I’d say that he’s not far off), and Jen is a dentist who has a lot to say about the fluoridation of water 😉

This session was a two day long adventure full of laughs, beautiful sights, and lots of firsts for both Josh and I as well as Jen and David. For example, while at the location pictured above, Tatton Park, Jen and David encouraged Josh and I to buy our very first Christmas pudding. They were astounded that we had never tried it.

After Tatton Park, we drove over to Erddig, which is a large stately home on the outskirts of Wrexham, Wales. I was sure that Mr. Darcy was going to walk right out of this house and give us a tour. In case you’re wondering, that didn’t happen. Not to worry, we didn’t need any Jane Austen characters to make this a romantic location. It was beautiful all on it’s own, and David and Jen are obviously one of the cutest couples around.

(Seriously, how cute are they?)

While at Erddig, David was coerced by a very persistent elderly salesman, to join the National Trust (an organization whose goal is to preserve and protect historic areas and buildings in certain areas of the UK). This was definitely a first for him, as National Trust memberships are apparently reserved for people who like to go to bed at 6pm and play BINGO on Friday nights, if you know what I mean.

We had a few laughs about David being the newest member of the Nation Trust Organization, and then we put that new membership to use by heading to another Nation Trust location, Chirk Castle. All I can say about this location is that it was astonishingly beautiful.

The garden area out back was even more gorgeous!

Jen was a bit nervous about being in front of the camera, but David did a great job helping her relax. They’re such a perfect couple!

After exploring the castle for a while, we were off to our next location. While driving through Horseshoe Pass, this was our view! Simply breathtaking. We just had to pull over and get a couple of shots!

After this, we decided to head to dinner. Josh and David chatted about technology (they are both hardcore Mac nerds) and tried to explain things to Jen and me by using our water glasses and salt shakers to represent “Apple” and “iOS”… Poor Jen and I, who were both thoroughly confused at this point, just looked at each other and laughed. I can tell that she loves her Mac nerd as much as I love mine.

After dinner, David and Jen, being the amazingly hospitable people they are, let us stay with them for the night. We stayed in Jen’s Parents’ beautiful home, where we chatted and had tea and biscuits. Jen made me my very first cup of English tea with milk, and I can confidently say that it was delicious!

The next day we got a few shots at the house before heading out for our final adventure.

Jen and David drove us to Chester, a town with many interesting historical areas and structures, including a beautiful large wall that wraps around the entire town. We spent the afternoon walking along the wall and taking in the sites.

(This is the area where Jen and David do their Christmas shopping. Somehow the mall I shop in is just not the same…)

(These two are constantly making each other laugh!)

So, what do you think? Amazing right? Josh and I are so happy that we had the opportunity to meet Jen and David and share a couple of special days with them. Congratulations on your engagement you two, and thank you for an amazing tour!

(You can see more photos by Josh and Kelley here).

Josh and Kelley: The New Kids on the Block

For this special post, I (Breanna) am actually going to hand over the control to a special new blogger on the Radiant team, our new associate photographer, Kelley Johnson.  ALL the photos in this post were taken by the Radiant Photography associate team of Josh and Kelley Johnson. Click to see Josh and Kelley’s full portfolio here.  And now a word (or rather many words) from Kelley herself!


Hello wonderful blog readers! Let me start off by introducing myself. I’m Kelley Johnson. My husband Josh and I are lucky enough to be the associate photographers for Radiant Photography. That’s right, Radiant has two teams now. You can hire one team, the other team, or both.  It seems that Scottie and Breanna wanted to spread the Radiant love, and Josh and I were deemed cool enough to be added on.  Pretty amazing huh? I know we’ve met once before (check out our “welcome to Radiant post” if you missed out earlier), but I thought you might want to know what we’ve been up to recently.

Since joining the Radiant team, Josh and I have had the honor of working and shooting with Scottie and Breanna (the Radiant founders/Photography Rockstars) for multiple weddings. I could describe everything to you by simply typing it all out, but let’s get real, you come here to see pictures right? That’s what I thought. How about we meet half way; I’ll show you some of the photos that Josh and I have taken recently and also explain how much fun we have been having along the way. Sound like a plan? Then let’s get going!

First, let’s talk about Jeff, Laura, and their wedding. If any of you guys stopped by the Radiant wedding expo booth this July, you may recognize Laura. She is the beautiful bride that was awesome enough to hang out with Josh and me all day!

Look at that great group of people! Don’t they look fun? They really were! They were fun, their family was fun… Actually, speaking of their family, Jeff is Breanna’s cousin!

Jeff and Laura both love the work that Scottie and Breanna do with their cameras (who doesn’t?) so they knew they wanted them to photograph their wedding, but they also wanted them to be able to have fun and relax with their family on this special day.

So, Scottie and Breanna handled the pre-wedding and ceremony shooting, and then relaxed/partied as Josh and I shot the reception. Although, we could not help ourselves and took lots of photos before the reception too.  I mean, look at these good looking people, how could we resist?

I must say, fun was had by all on that great night, and Josh and I really enjoyed getting to meet Laura, Jeff, and so many other members of Breanna’s great family!

Next up was the epic wedding of Dash and Morgan.

Coincidentally, Josh and I have been friends with Morgan for years, so when we heard that Scottie and Breanna were thinking about having us help out with this wedding, we were thrilled and honored!

From the first moment they saw each other, this wedding was beautiful.

Sometimes knowing the bride you are taking photos of can be dangerous though. I definitely cried while taking photos of Morgan dancing with her dad. Now, those two things can be tricky to do at the same time, but I sucked it up, wiped my tears, and I think it worked out just fine.

Even their sweet flower girl looked epic in her cute tulle skirt and bejeweled hair clip. I know Morgan and Dash put a lot of work into planning each and every detail of their wedding, and I think it is safe to say that their hard work truly paid off.

Josh and I also had the pleasure of helping out during Stephanie and Garrison’s white wedding day.

I have to say, Josh and I were digging this location and the lighting that it brought with it! You almost couldn’t take a bad shot. Although, that may have also had something to do with the fact that Stephanie and Garrison are the perfect models… Yeah, I think that was it.

These two were troopers when it came to photos outside. The Phoenix heat was killer, but somehow, I don’t think they even noticed.

From the wonderful bride and groom, to their friends, their family, and the location, this was all around a wonderful wedding!

One week after Stephanie and Garrison’s Scottsdale Wedding, we headed north to the cool Heber, Arizona.  The break from the Phoenix heat was fantastic, but even more fantastic was the wedding and unique session that Josh and I got to be a part of.

Meet Ken and Barbie.  Oh sorry, I mean Jay and Christen.  They look so much alike, sometimes I get confused.

In all seriousness though, this couple is the epitome of being beautiful inside and out.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to get to spend another day with them during their unique session.

I love that they got images that were romantic and dramatic, and then they showed their fun side as they jumped into the pond!

What a great weekend, and an absolutely amazing couple!

Well, it’s been great showing you some of our recent work while also letting you in on what Josh and I have been up to lately. Still, this relationship is feeling a little one-sided. We’ve told you all about ourselves, and now we want to meet you, and maybe take your pictures too! Josh and are I are looking forward to getting to know all of you more!

**Want to see more of Josh and Kelley’s photos? Check out their portfolio.**


The Radiant team is growing… meet our newest photographers!

Kids grow up so fast these days! We know this to be true now that we’ve watched our little baby, Radiant, double in size over the past couple of years!  We’ve gone from a brand new company, to a fully booked wedding calendar, to destination wedding photographers, to having too much work to handle, to our newest announcement…. Radiant Photography is adding on a second team of photographers!  Josh and Kelley Johnson are now officially a part of Radiant!!!

I KNOW!!!  It’s a big deal and for us it’s a dream come true!  I’m not kidding when I said we’ve had more work than we can handle.  We’ve been on overload since day one of Radiant and while we’ve loved the ride, we are also excited to bring in some help to handle all this goodness!

So what does this mean for you? Well maybe not all that much, but hey, you can be excited for us right?!  For our fans, it basically means that you’ll eventually have twice the amount of photos coming your way and that we’ll need twice the amount of love from you so we can all spread it around amongst ourselves!

And if you are a future bride or groom who couldn’t quite afford Radiant in the past, it means a glimmer of hope for you!  Josh and Kelley have not only learned from us through their constant Radiant stalking, but also through the actual training we’ve given them, so their style is quite similar to ours. The biggest difference between us and them is that we have been doing this whole photography thing longer so our experience brings in a higher price for us.  So basically, Josh and Kelley are going to give you fantabulous photography for a steal!  Book them soon before they get TOO MUCH experience and become high rollers themselves… it won’t be long the way they’re going!

Enough about the logistics, lets talk about the people!  We’ve shown you a little bit of their work when they helped us out with Jeff & Laura’s and Dash & Morgan’s weddings.  Now you get to hear a little more about Josh and Kelley… interview style!

Breanna:  I’ve heard the jokes about how young you guys look… so how old are you REALLY?!

Josh: I’m 25.

Kelley: And I’m 23.

B: So NOT 17, right?

Josh and Kelley: (just laugh and shake their heads).

B: So where are you guys from?

Josh: I’m from Silex, Missouri, a tiny speck on the map about an hour north of St. Louis.

Kelley: I’m from Monroe, Washington, a small town about an hour north of Seattle.

B: Tell me a little about your professional lives outside of photography.

Josh: I’m currently a freelance graphic designer and the editor of Design Shack, a website devoted to teaching and discussing web design. I also write regularly for PhotoTuts, a popular photography tutorial site.

Kelley: Before deciding to pursue photography professionally, I was a fourth grade teacher.

B: Just so we’re clear on that everyone, Josh is already an expert in the photography world, OK?!  Just believe everything he says from now on and that will save us all some time. Oh and Kelley is a rockstar.  She put aside all her fears and quit her full time job to jump into photography full force.  See, I told you… rockstar.

B: Do you guys like, care about stuff and stuff?

Josh: We both love music. In fact, when we’re not working, we’re volunteering in the worship band at the church we’ve attended for a number of years. I play guitar and Kelley sings.


B: How did you guys meet?

Kelley: I became close friends with Josh’s cousin Jessica while in high school. I even stayed with their family for a little while. Josh worked with Jessica’s dad and was always hanging around the house where I was staying. One year for Christmas we all took a road trip to Missouri to visit Josh and Jessica’s family. A couple of twenty-five hour car rides can help two people become quite close! We have been together ever since.

B: So how long as that been?

Josh: We just celebrated our four year wedding anniversary.

B: And about that… tell us a little about YOUR wedding!

Kelley: The best part about our wedding was the “hair in the wind” glamor shots that were taken during a sand storm that hit right at picture time (hooray for desert weddings)! I am pretty sure there is still sand in my wedding dress.

Josh: It seems like the whole day went by so fast.  We were so excited to be married that we almost forgot about everything else that was happening that day.  Being from almost opposite sides of the U.S. and having our wedding in Phoenix, it was one of the first and only times that most of our friends and family were all in the same place.  So if we could do it again, I think we would try to take in every moment and really enjoy celebrating and having fun with all of our friends and family.

B: If the photos were the best part of your day, I’m assuming your photographer was pretty good!

Josh: My aunt and uncle are photographers so they shot our wedding as well as helped out with just about every other aspect of the day.

B: Did they play a part in you becoming a photographer?

Josh: Yes! They’ve always been a huge inspiration to me and are the reason I became a graphic designer and a photographer! My uncle taught me a lot about how cameras work and let me borrow his equipment.  I’ve always been fascinated by quality photography and instantly fell in love not only with the art but the technical aspects as well. I’m a complete nerd so the realization that photography was such a deep subject with so much to learn was a pleasant one for me.

Kelley: I’ve always loved photography and knew that there was something in it for me. Sadly, whenever I would take a step towards learning more about photography it seemed that there was always a more “realistic” option that I should take.  When it came down to it, being a photographer seemed like fun, and as far as I knew grown-ups should have real jobs, not fun ones.  So, while I considered studying photography while in college, I ultimately decided to pursue a profession in education instead. Throughout that time I always had a camera in my hand and enjoyed capturing important moments throughout our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Various recent opportunities have allowed me to pursue my dream job!  It seems I am living the dream. I get a real job and it is fun!

B: Rockstar.  I’m glad you got over that whole “being a real grown up with a real job thing”… it’s totally a myth.

B: How would you describe your photography style? Aside from “almost as cool as Scottie and Breanna’s” of course! 😉

Kelley: Intimate, but fun and upbeat. We want to get to know the people we work with because that relationship and level of comfort translates so well to the camera, especially if we can get them to relax and just have a great time!

B: Awesome.  I love hearing you guys talk about developing great relationship with your clients… showing love to the people we work with is what we’ve built Radiant on.  It just makes me excited to hear someone else talking about it too!  Especially when that someone is working with Radiant!

B: Bragging time.  What are your special photography ninja skillz?

Josh: We each have skills that really seem to perfectly complement each other. I am into all of the technical jargon and theory, Scottie and I can talk about photography equipment, settings, and light rigs for hours.

Kelley: I lean a little more away from the techy side and much more towards the artistic side.

Josh: I can spend five minutes thinking through and planning the perfect shot but I know Kelley is going to walk up and instantly take an amazing (and often better) photo without a second thought!

B: It’s a little freaky how I sometimes feel like we’re looking in a mirror when we talk to you guys. *Ahem* artists rule, geeks drool! *Ahem*


B: What are you guys focusing on when you’re at a wedding?

Kelley: We are both very keen on capturing those little moments that no one else sees. A groom whispering into his bride’s ear, the flower girl spinning her dress when her mom isn’t looking, the groomsmen horsing around; these little pieces of reality help define the day much better than the standard posed photos that follow.

Josh: Weddings are emotional roller coasters for the participants and when you look at our photos we want you to feel what the people were feeling at that time.

B: FYI everyone, this is the stuff that Josh and Kelley are AMAZING at!!!!  They’ve capture stuff at weddings that I didn’t even see happening… despite the fact that I was standing right next to them the entire time!

B: So why did you guys choose Radiant?

Josh: The ever-expanding portfolio of work from Radiant speaks for itself. I’ve always been a fan of good photography and Radiant was hands down the best local photography team I could find.

Kelley: We were huge fans of Radiant long before we were offered a position with them and continue to have a lot of respect for what Scottie and Breanna have built. We couldn’t be more thrilled and honored to be joining the team.

B: What are you the most excited about?

Josh: Honestly, the best part so far has just been working with and getting to know Scottie and Breanna. We’ve really only known each other for a short time but have become fast friends. Kelley and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from them and just hanging out!


B: And the feeling is mutual.

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