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Courtney and David’s Flagstaff Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Josh and I (Kelley) were excited about Courtney and David’s plan for a Flagstaff wedding from the get-go.

Pine trees, cool weather, and scenic views? Yes please! We were on board!

So, when they told us they wanted to have their engagement session in Flagstaff as well, we were DOUBLE excited!

Seriously friends, any chance to get out of Phoenix and escape the heat, and we’re game!

It does of course help when we know we’re going to get the chance to work with super awesome people like David and Courtney.

True story: Despite Courtney having almost no voice on the day of their engagement session (the poor gal was getting over a cold), the four of us talked almost non-stop all the way to and from their photo location… And it was about a 90 minute round-trip drive. Obviously we enjoyed each other’s company  🙂

These two have spent so much time together in Flagstaff; it’s only natural that they want these extra special events (their engagement and wedding) to take place there as well.

Unlike Phoenix, Flagstaff is an area of Arizona that actually undergoes multiple seasons throughout the year.

Luckily for Courtney and David, this means they get to experience a beautifully warm and floral filled Flagstaff for their wedding, and they got to use the fantastic colors of Flagstaff in the fall for their engagement session backdrop.

Beautiful surroundings aside, could these two look anymore perfect for each other? They’re such a great match!

David and Courtney, Josh and I are so happy, that we not only get to be a part of your engagement and wedding day plans, but that we also get multiple chances to hang out with the two of you!

You’re so wonderful together, and we know that your upcoming marriage is going to be a GREAT one!

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Nicole’s Family Maternity Session (by Josh & Kelley)

We (Josh and Kelley) had the pleasure of meeting Nicole during a wedding we photographed last October.

Then, about a month ago, Nicole contacted us about doing a maternity session.

For this second bundle of joy (her and her husband already have one adorable little girl), she wanted her maternity session to be a family ordeal.

We LOVED this idea!

It’s such a sweet way to show where they are as a whole family at this moment in time.

They already have the one of the most adorable (and well-behaved) three-year-olds we’ve EVER met!

So that new addition is going to have some serious competition when it comes to claiming the title of cutest family member. We have a feeling they’re going to tie for first.

Congratulations on the amazing family that you already have Nicole. We’re so excited that it will be growing into an even more epically awesome family in the near future!

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Lem and Theresa, a Couple Who Knows How to ROCK an Engagement Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Engagement sessions typically start like this:

Couple in front of the camera – “We’re not very photogenic… In fact, we’re SUPER awkward in photos.”

Josh and Kelley – “No way, you guys are going to be naturals! Just you wait and see.”

Lem and Theresa’s session started off with a somewhat similar conversation.

And, just like most couples, with a few clicks of the camera shutter, you could see the fear and nervousness start to melt away.

Seriously, look at them! They really ARE naturals!

When you look at these photos, you don’t see fear and hesitation, you see smiles, laughs, kisses, hugs, and a couple that’s in LOVE!

While we know Lem and Theresa were a bit nervous about their pre-wedding session at first, Josh and I are SO incredibly glad that they decided to give it a go.

Not only did it all work out, it worked out wonderfully, and these two look like rockstars! Lovestruck rockstars!

And now, today (yes… TODAY!), as Lem and Theresa walk down the aisle, photography can be one of the last things on their minds. Why? Because they’ve done this whole photo-shoot thing before, and, like I said, they’re NATURALS.

They can trust in the fact that we’ve got the photos covered, and they need only to be in the moment, and enjoy the awesome celebration that they’ve planned.

We can’t WAIT to be a part of your incredible wedding today Lem and Theresa! We know, that just like the two of you, it’s going to ROCK!

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Jackie and Charlie’s Wedding – The Sweetest Love Story You’ve Ever Heard (by Josh & Kelley)

Are you ready for the sweetest love story you’ve ever heard?

You know back when you were a kid and you dreamed about the guy/girl that you would marry? Wouldn’t it be exciting if he/she was somebody you already knew? Could it be the boy/girl next door? Well, for Jackie and Charlie, this dream was pretty much a reality.

Charlie and Jackie’s story started WAY back in elementary school.

Adorable little Jackie joined a brand new Sunday school club, and a small but chivalrous Charlie was more than willing to show her the ropes and become one of her first friends in the group.

According to Charlie, they “became instant friends, and started a relationship to last a lifetime.”

Fast forward a few years, and a newly licensed 16-year-old Charlie was picking Jackie up for a Valentine’s day date. As Jackie’s dad spied on the teenagers from the living room window, the always gentlemanly Charlie opened the car door for his date, and they headed out for dinner and a movie.

Jackie told us that she still looks back on that date and remembers how sweet and kind Charlie was the whole night.

Move the clock forward a few more years, and here they are, all grown-up and getting married!

Isn’t that just the sweetest story?

I (Kelley) couldn’t help but keep thinking about it during their entire wedding day.

When they saw each other for the first time…

As they said their “I Do’s”…

And when they shared their first dace…

I couldn’t help but see those sweet little elementary school kids meeting for the first time; having no idea they were meeting the love of their lives.

Jackie and Charlie, you two have a truly AMAZING story, and Josh and I are so glad that we got to be a part of this chapter. We can’t wait to see all the other wonderful things that are in store for you!

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Brianna’s Phoenix Senior Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Right now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Josh and Kelley, what are you thinking? August is a weird time for a senior session… Didn’t school just start?” And, if we were discussing a Phoenix senior, you would be right.

If she lived in Phoenix, this girl would be busy running around buying school supplies, finishing up the summer reading that she had put off for almost three months, and trying to figure out her new class schedule.

This little lady does not, however, live in Phoenix. Nope, she lives in my (Kelley’s) beautiful home state of Washington. More than that, she lives in what used to be my home.

Radiant readers, followers, and fans, meet my sweetest and littlest sister Brianna.

Schools in Washington don’t start back up until September, so Brianna still has a few more glorious weeks of summer. Lucky for me and Josh, she decided to spend one of those weeks with us here in Phoenix.

While she was here we had game nights, ate way too much junk food, poked fun at Josh for being a meat-eater who was officially outnumbered by vegetarians in his own home, researched college and scholarship applications, and hung out and shopped with our other sister and her kiddos (aka our super adorable nieces and nephew).

In the midst of all that, we decided it would be a perfect time for us to take Brianna’s senior photos. She had been talking to Josh and me about this for a while, and we thought it might be fun for her to trade in her normal pine tree backdrop for some palm trees, making her photos a little “different” and that much more special.

I’ve got to tell you, taking these photos was a little mind-blowing for me.

I swear that I was JUST getting excited about her first day of kindergarten and asking her to pose with her Powerpuff Girls backpack.

Yes Brianna, yes I DID just put that picture up on the Internet for the world to see. You can thank me later.

Powerpuff Girls aside, I love the snot out of this little sister of mine, and she’s definitely somebody that I’m proud to call family.

Best of luck on your senior year Brianna! Josh and I are super proud of you and we know you’ll do great!

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