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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Denae and Matthew’s Chic Wedding Day

When Denae and Matthew set out to plan their perfect wedding, they knew just what they wanted.denae_matthew_0041And they found it! (In part thanks to their fabulous wedding coordinator, Shannon Smith at Sassy Soirees… who’s one of our favorite coordinators to work with!)denae_matthew_0018denae_matthew_0025What they ended up with was a perfectly chic, very glam, and stunningly gorgeous wedding day!denae_matthew_0034denae_matthew_0007Everything from the attire to the decor, matched the feel they were going for and all those little pieces came together absolutely beautifully to make a fantastic whole!denae_matthew_0019denae_matthew_0012denae_matthew_0004denae_matthew_0016And we had a great time capturing it for them to remember always.denae_matthew_0037denae_matthew_0022The photos with the two of them were so easy since they were both just glowing on their wedding day.denae_matthew_0027denae_matthew_0028denae_matthew_0036The time spent with the bridal party was very fun as we walked around the area to see what photo spots we could find and what adventures beheld us (for example, the photo below was taken seconds after a truck backed out and almost ran over the bride! As you can see, everyone was fine and present and accounted for in the end!).denae_matthew_0017The reception was also wonderful!denae_matthew_0038The dancing was really fun to watch, and the beautiful details were a fabulous background for all of it!denae_matthew_0043But all that perfection in a wedding day wasn’t enough… we still had some fun night shots to get when the sun went down! So we went out exploring again to see what we could find!denae_matthew_0039denae_matthew_0042Thanks Denae and Matthew for letting us be a part of your wedding, I hope it was all you dreamed it would be and more! Congratulations!denae_matthew_0015denae_matthew_0030Click to see the rest of Denae and Matthew’s Chic Wedding Day photos.denae_matthew_0035

Lisa and Pavel’s Outdoorsy Engagement Session

When Lisa and Pavel first started planning their engagement photo shoot, they immediately thought somewhere in Big Bear would be beautiful.lisa_pavel_0095And we agreed.lisa_pavel_0009lisa_pavel_0115However, once we heard just how cold it was supposed to be in Big Bear on the day of their shoot, we also agreed that changing it to Irvine Regional Park was a much better option!lisa_pavel_0123We’d never shot there before, but it turned out to be a great place with plenty of different options for different looks! There’s the woodsy, never before trodden look…lisa_pavel_0053lisa_pavel_0007lisa_pavel_0019… the romantic lake in a park look…lisa_pavel_0068… the little Christmas village look…lisa_pavel_0013… the playful playground look…lisa_pavel_0132lisa_pavel_0136… the wide open sky look…lisa_pavel_0114… and the always popular fall leaves look!lisa_pavel_0077lisa_pavel_0128Plus there were tons of other looks that we didn’t have time to capture in just one session!lisa_pavel_0026By the end I think it was unanimous that we made the right location choice!lisa_pavel_0048Lisa and Pavel, we can’t wait for your wedding! If your engagement session planning skills are any indication, I think it’s going to be a great day!lisa_pavel_0139lisa_pavel_0126See the rest of Lisa and Pavel’s Outdoorsy engagement session photos here.lisa_pavel_0104lisa_pavel_0094

Joy and Joseph’s Wedding of Them

The main thing I would say about Joy and Joseph’s Wedding is that it was sooo “them”.joy_joseph_0007joy_joseph_0029joy_joseph_0036They put so much time and attention into all the details so that the final product really represented who they are as individuals and as a couple.joy_joseph_0001joy_joseph_0042joy_joseph_0012Everything was them, from the state shaped cheese plates at cocktail hour showing off where they’re from, to the photos they had everywhere displaying their adventures together, to the colors of their wedding in the various shades of wine they enjoy.joy_joseph_0013And if you remember Joy and Joseph’s engagement session at all, you know that having wine be the basis for their color choices is SO very “them”.joy_joseph_0039joy_joseph_0017The venue they got married at itself was very them as well! They chose Condor’s Nest Ranch in Pala, California (one of our all time favorite wedding venues!) because they wanted a chill place to fit their chill personalities.joy_joseph_0024joy_joseph_0031joy_joseph_0023And Condor’s Nest is definitely the place for that, with wedding activities ranging from feeding the animals, to watching the gorgeous sunset over the valley below, to dancing the night away to a country music repertoire that once again, fit Joy and Joseph perfectly!joy_joseph_0025joy_joseph_0009joy_joseph_0037joy_joseph_0011The guests seemed to love the country music as well! As all danced and partied their little Joy and Joseph loving hearts out!joy_joseph_0043Overall, Joy and Joseph’s wedding could not have been a more perfect fit for them!joy_joseph_0019We’re so happy we got to see two people enjoying their very perfect wedding day that they got to spend with their very perfect match!joy_joseph_0040We’re so excited for you two! Congratulations!joy_joseph_0035Click to see the rest of Joy and Joseph’s Wedding Day photos.joy_joseph_0030

Krista and Weston’s Memorable Wedding Day

When I (Scottie) met with Krista and Weston in June, I could tell that their wedding day would be filled tons of special people and special moments, and let me tell you they did not disappoint.krista_weston_0038krista_weston_0046To start with, Krista and Weston had a great bridal party that you could tell were all great friends.


They also had important friends and mentors join them during the time they were getting ready. Their presence and their prayers kept them focused and calm before their big day got started.


Of course some of the most special moments happened during Krista and Weston’s reveal moment and during their ceremony.


My favorite part of the day was after the ceremony when we took Krista and Weston to a beautiful secret spot to get some pictures of just the two of them alone.


Though it’s hard for me to say that the alone photo time was better than their crazy fun reception…


(The first time I’ve ever seen an upside down bride!)


…it’s definitely a close call between the two!


Thank you Krista and Weston for letting us be a part of your amazing wedding and I know that your marriage will be just as special as your wedding day was!

krista_weston_0035krista_weston_0049krista_weston_0024krista_weston_0061krista_weston_0053Click to see the rest of Krista and Weston’s Wedding Photos.krista_weston_0051krista_weston_0047

The Two sides to Eric and Arielle’s Engagement Session

When you move from the East Coast to the West Coast, or vice versa, it seems that a piece of your heart always remains on the other side of the country, no matter how much you love your new home.arielle_eric_0134arielle_eric_0060Which is why it only makes sense that former East Coasters, Eric and Arielle, who now call Southern California home, would want to have a Chicago wedding to look forward to!arielle_eric_0075arielle_eric_0111It’s also why it makes sense that they’d want an engagement session that represents the two parts of their hearts. The open sky and sunny beach…arielle_eric_0015arielle_eric_0063…right alongside the bright lights against a night sky that only a downtown area can bring.arielle_eric_0108arielle_eric_0116arielle_eric_0128So we went for a walk in the sand before heading over to those oh so stunning lamp posts at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).arielle_eric_0056arielle_eric_0078arielle_eric_0132Thanks to their excellent planning, in one shoot we were able to capture both sides of Arielle and Eric…arielle_eric_0039arielle_eric_0006…their laid back beach side…arielle_eric_0096arielle_eric_0100…and their glam city side!arielle_eric_0125arielle_eric_0131Arielle and Eric, we were happy to spend the evening with both sides of the both of you and we wish you the best of luck when you leave the golden state for your windy city wedding!arielle_eric_0081arielle_eric_0087arielle_eric_0059Congratulations!arielle_eric_0037arielle_eric_0066arielle_eric_0084Click to see the rest of the photos from Eric and Arielle’s Two Sided Engagement Session.arielle_eric_0122arielle_eric_0109arielle_eric_0106arielle_eric_0130arielle_eric_0069