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Monthly Archives: September 2014

3 States, 2 People, 1 Wedding: Chenaill and Auggie’s Engagement

As Chenaill and Auggie well know, being engaged while living in separate states is tough!0011  Especially when the state you’re getting married in is neither of the ones that either of you are living in! Three states, two people, and one wedding. Now that is complicated!00670045But when you see them together, it’s obvious that it’s all well worth it.00030034Who cares about complication when you’re this in love?!0065Plus, I think that Chenaill and Auggie are up for the challenge! They decided to make the most of their time in California by having their engagement session done at the same time they were here checking things off the wedding planning to do list.008500380046We also made a little checklist of our own for the engagement session!0064Laughing and having a fun time together? Check.0004Seeing someplace new and different? Check.00390009Hanging out on the beach? Check.0070Being really really ridiculously good looking? Double check.008200760042Goals accomplished! Overall it was a fantastic session! 0087Chenaill and Auggie, we had so so SO much fun with you guys!!!0075I hope you love the pictures as much as we loved taking them! Good luck with all the wedding planning, I think it’s going to be a good one!00660062CLICK HERE to see the rest of the photos from Chenaill and Auggie’s Engagement Session!