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Partying with the Best… Scott & Breanna’s Events with Luna Gardens

Are you surprised we’re posting event photos?

Some of you may not even know that Radiant Photography does non-Wedding events because we don’t typically blog about them. Recently however, we’ve done some events that we’ve absolutely L-O-V-E-D and we thought you might too so we’re dying to show you the photos from them!

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Interior photo

The reason our events have been particularly exceptional lately is that we’ve been working with a particularly exceptional event and floral designer, Ricardo Luna from Luna Gardens (partnering with Sarah Z from Sarah Z Events), who gets put in charge of the classiest events in town!¬† We’ve done a lot together in a short amount of time; everything from a dinner honoring Bruce Springsteen with the Grammy MusiCares Foundation…

Grammy MusiCares person of the year 2013 insider photos

…to the launching of a new event space in one of Beverly Hills’ oldest and most famous mansions that you’ll recognize from movies…

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Interior photo

…to Ricardo’s own glittering and glamming birthday party!

Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel


Event #1: Open house at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.

The first thing we partnered with Luna Gardens on was a luncheon to introduce the newly opened interior event space at the historic Greystone Mansion. Greystone is one of Beverly Hills’ oldest mansions and has been the set for many movies over the years (like Ghostbusters, The Bodyguard, Air Force One, The Big Lebowski, Spiderman, There Will Be Blood, The Social Network and so many more).

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Inside photo

Greystone has been available to rent for weddings and events for some time, but the outdoor space there was your only option… until now. To announce their newly opened space to the public, Greystone invited some of Los Angeles’ premier event coordinators to see the interior while dining on some of their fabulous caterers’ dishes, including those of Wolfgang Puck!

Greystone Mansion, Beverly Hills Interior photoWolfgang Puck Catering Greystone Mansion Beverly HillsWolfgang Puck Catering Greystone MansionWolfgang Puck Catering photo

Luna Gardens played a major role in this event by setting up a mock dining table in one of the many elegant Greystone rooms in order to showcase what an event could look like in that space.

Greystone Mansion Indoor event

I’m so glad Ricardo was able to cast the vision for the space to the guests, because as is his typical elegant style, the room was beyond impressive with the gorgeous table that he had decked out in marvelousness. Good thing he thought to have us come to take pictures of his work that day because it would’ve been a shame for all that brilliance to go uncaptured!


Event #2: A Grammy Foundation Gala.

The second event we worked with Ricardo on, was one that was very near and dear to Scott and my hearts and that was the Grammy’s “MusiCares Person of the Year Gala” honoring Bruce Springsteen.

Grammy MusiCares person of the year Bruce Springsteen 2013

The additional bonus to this (other than getting to hear private rehearsal performances by Sting, Faith Hill & Tim McGraw, Patti Smith, Tom Morello & Jim James, John Legend, and Neil Young) was that our other photography team, Josh and Kelley, got to be a part of this event with us! It was the weekend of our company retreat so they’d left the Phoenix AZ desert to join us in Los Angeles for a weekend of palm trees, sand, and a chance to stand a foot away from Sting while listening to John Legend perform!

(You can see the telepromter in the above picture and a blurry Sting performing in the picture on the right below!)

Not only was the entertainment during our shoot of the set up stellar, but it was quite an experience in itself to see Ricardo’s masterpiece at this event. He was responsible for all the table decor, as we’ll as furnishing and decorating the dressing room areas in the back.

Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award Bruce Springsteen 2013Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award Bruce Springsteen 2013Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award Bruce Springsteen 2013

And as you can see, they definitely chose him for this important job for a reason!

Grammy MusiCares Person of the year award 2013 Los Angeles


Event #3: Ricardo’s 25 x2 Birthday party at the Andaz West Hollywood Hotel.

And finally, we ended our speedy stream of recent Luna Garden events with a party for the man himself! It was Ricardo’s 50th… excuse me, I mean “25 x 2”, birthday party!!!!

Event Photos Andaz West Hollywood

After seeing the works of art Ricardo had done for others, we could only imagine what he could dream up when he was allowed to do every little thing he’d ever wanted to! So what came out of Ricardo’s creative freedom for his once in a lifetime 25X2 party?!?! Why GLITTER of course!!!

Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelRooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelRooftop event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

This room was so diamond-esque blingy that it would’ve put Liz Taylor herself to shame! It was gorrrrrrgeous and definitely fulfilled my lifelong fantasy of what every room should ALWAYS look like forever! If there was a place for shine… it was shimmering. If there was a place that had a hint of matte, bling was immediately added.

Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelRooftop event Andaz West Hollywood HotelEvening event Andaz West Hollywood HotelEvening event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

Everything from the reflective linens covering the walls to the mirrored dance floor… every aspect of the penthouse suite in the Andaz West Hollywood Boutique hotel that night was decked out to make everyone present stand up and take notice!

Evening event Andaz West Hollywood HotelEvening Rooftop event Andaz West Hollywood Hotel

Even Ricardo himself had a fabulous sheen to match the incredible decor! The guests all loved it of course and were so happy to watch the friend they love have the kind of real shining moment that was so incredibly fitting for him and that he really deserved.

Event Photos Andaz West Hollywood

Congratulations Ricardo…. not just on hosting an incredible birthday party but for uncovering the incredible talent in yourself and finding ways to pursue it. Congratulations on working with such prestigious people, locations, and events, as well as on maintaining such a wonderful group of people who love you and can celebrate your success along with you.

Event Photos Andaz West Hollywood

This post wouldn’t be complete without also thanking the wonderful Sarah Z from Sarah Z Events who not only is to thank for introducing us to Ricardo, but who is also the backbone to all these events we did with Luna Gardens and who helps do what it takes to pull them off!

Thank you Sarah for being such a lovely person, who also does such a good job, and who we are always happy to see whenever your smiling face appears! We’ve loved working with you!!!!

You can see more of Ricardo’s events on his Luna Gardens site and keep an eye out to see more of it on our site in the future as well!

Luna Gardens Los Angeles photos

Kristen and Mikey’s Wedding: Old Friends and New Friends

So this is going to be one of those rare blog post by me (Scottie). In fact the last time I wrote a blog about a wedding was when my good friends Gabe and Angela got married almost 3 years ago. Once again the nuptials of a close friend have broken my blog silence. I met Mikey about five years ago at a church college group. He would drive down to Scottsdale every Thursday night from Payson to hang out. Eventually Mikey made the move to Scottsdale where he moved in with Erik and Jay (the DJ and Videographer for the wedding) and the four of us formed a band. It was evident pretty quickly that Mikey was a musician on a completely different level than the rest of us. It was fun while it lasted but Mikey needed to spread his wings. He joined up with some amazing musicians and they formed a band called the Technicolors. These guys are freaking amazing and you have to listen to their music, here’s a link to my favorite song. The reason I tell you all of this is because it was while performing at a Technicolors concert that Mikey caught the eye of a beautiful Australian girl name Kristen. Her friends dared her to go get a picture with the cute guitar player with the big hair so she did. So after lots of facebooking, skyping and flying back and forth between the US and Australia they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Here is how it went down.

Look at that hair! First groom ever with a headband.

(Like our Facebook Page to tag yourself in some fo the photos.)

My favorite part of the entire day was the amount of emotion that poured out from Mikey, Kristen, the friends and families and especially their moms. Both of the moms were there for every part of the day smiling, crying and cheering on their kids as they went through their wedding day. It was really inspiring.

After the ceremony we braved some foreboding skies and few rain drops to take advantage of the beautiful Eagle Mountain Golf Club. We had so much fun.


(Australian girls are strong!)

Apparently Australians take their dancing very seriously and they challenged all of the Americans at the reception to a dance off. Winners…You decide.

For some reason all of Mikey’s friends thought that he needed a kiss on the cheek before he left the reception.

Thank you Kristen and Mikey for allow me to be a part of such an amazing day. It was truly a blessing to be counted as one of your friends as we celebrated your new life together.

Click to see the rest of the photos from Kristen and Mikey’s Wedding.


Special thanks to:

Nic and the rest of the crew at Eagle Mountain

Jay and Chelsea from Everley Films

and Denise from What a Day Weddings