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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Amanda’s Glowing Maternity Session (by Josh & Kelley)

Hey there Radiant followers, it’s time for you to meet some new friends.

This is John and his beautiful wife Amanda.

Wait a second, you’ve already met, haven’t you?

Way to be observant! Amanda and John have indeed been on the Radiant blog before.

Back in December, these two and some of their more furry family members split a portrait session with the James family.

That session must have been just as much of a blast for them as it was for us, because just a couple of weeks later, Amanda sent me an email about booking a full session for her and John!

This time around, the puppies stayed home, because, while they love love love their three furry pals, they will soon have a new and important family member to share that love with…

Yep, before they know it, these two will be welcoming a little baby into their home, and they wanted a few photos to document this special time in their lives.

I’m glad they decided to do so, because I’m pretty sure Amanda may be one of the most beautiful pregnant ladies around.

Seriously, she’s got that whole “pregnancy glow” down!

And I can tell that John’s been doing an awesome job taking care of her. On the photo shoot day alone, he made sure to bring her water and help her carry it, he ran to and from the car for their change of clothes, and was just an overall loving and supportive husband.

Way to go both of you!

We can’t wait to meet your sweet little baby! If he/she is anything like you two, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine 😉

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