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Amanda and AJ’s creative detail galore wedding!

When Amanda emailed me to tell me that the bridesmaid dress she’d sewn herself had been stolen in it’s UPS box of her bridesmaid’s front porch (yes, that really happened!!!), I thought, “that’s it, Amanda’s going to give up on all her stunning and elaborate DIY wedding details”.

Nope, I was wrong. She re-made the dress weeks before the wedding, and continued on with joy as she completed her wedding decor in her own creative style. Nothing could keep this girl down!


This wedding had so many incredibly special details that the full list of them would take up this entire blog! So I’ll just go ahead and give you the highlights so you can have just a taste of how thoughtful and magnificent all the details and events at this wedding really were!

As I mentioned, Amanda HAND MADE all her bridesmaids’ dresses… as well as her flower girls’ dresses!!!

(LOVE the heart shaped braids the flower girls had!!!!).

Yes, that IS talent folks!!! She even made one bridesmaid’s dress twice- thanks to the thievery situation!

She made vintage brooch bouquets for herself and her bridesmaids.

Which all had their own special pins in them to represent each girl. Amanda’s had a camera since she’s an amazing photographer!

She also made  boutonnieres out of vintage jewelry for the dudes.

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And that was just the beginning of the handmade world at this wedding!

Aside from hand made there were plenty of other details that were very special to Amanda and AJ. TOM’S shoes being one of the biggest ones! All the girls from flower girls to bride to grandma, wore glittery Tom’s!

And Amanda’s served as dual purpose to cover her need for “something blue” as well! Amanda also wore a necklace that her dad gave to her mom on their first date!!! Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?!

As for the rest of her jewelry… Amanda had to actually get her ears pierced so she could wear the stunning Coach earrings that she found and fell in love with!

This wedding was about more than just details though, it was about the people involved.

(The flower girls showing how much they love their grandpa. This is one of my favorite pictures of all time!).

(Even all the mushy love stuff isn’t always enough to entertain a flower girl during a ceremony, so at times she has to take it upon herself to keep things fun!).

Amanda and AJ thought of every clever way in the book to involve their family and friends in their big day as much as possible.

Amanda’s mom and grandma made the wedding cake, they had a friend perform their ceremony, and Amanda’s cousin did all kinds of special (and wonderful I might add) musical performances.

And last but not least, one of my favorite parts was when Amanda’s grandfather serenaded us all with a couple of beautiful Italian songs during the reception.

It was a time to remember for all!

Amanda and AJ, you guys have been some of the most awesome clients we’ve ever had. Both you and your families have been a huge blessing to us throughout this process and there’s nothing you guys could do to make us love you more!

(I love how Amanda’s mom is looking at her in this picture. So happy!).

You’ve all meant the world to us and done so much to build us up and support us in all that we do. Thanks for being such amazing people and for letting some of that amazingness leak on over to us.

You guys are the best!

Congrats to you both, you so deserve a happily ever after!

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Christine and Marc’s high expectation exceeding wedding

A wedding for one of our biggest fans, huh? That’s pretty exciting, but also quite a challenge!

Christine has been following Radiant’s work since day one. Which means she’s seen everything we’ve ever done and knows exactly what to expect from Radiant photos!

Not to mention she’s been dreaming about having Radiant at her wedding since that first day we showed up with cameras slung around our necks. She even sent an email to us only a couple of hours after getting engaged to start checking dates that we were available!

To say that she had high expectations for the day we showed up at HER wedding with camera’s slung around our necks, would be an understatement!

Luckily, those high expectations didn’t phase us though… I mean how could it?! It was CHRISTINE’S wedding. Scottie and I have been friends with Christine since before we were even friends with each other so we’ve been to a lot of parties and a lot of weddings with her and every time we left one of those events, we’d say the same thing. “I can’t wait until Christine gets married… her wedding is going to be SOOOOO much fun!!”

Whenever I’d show up to a wedding that Christine was at, I knew I was going to get to do some dancing that night! That’s because Christine always closes out the dance floor, which means she’d be around for at least a little bit of time once I got off the clock, so I always got to dance to at least one song with her. And dancing with Christine on just one song even is enough fun to last you a week!

So though she had high expectations for us, I’d say we returned the favor by having high expectations ourselves for how great her wedding would be! And we were not disappointed!

The venue they chose was a piece of private property owned by Marc’s good friends and Christine knew it was where she wanted to get married the first time she ever saw it! I can see why!¬† The place was a perfect fit for them and very different from what you typically find in Phoenix!

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The wedding day and the photography on the wedding day were not the only things trying to meet a pretty high bar. We also had some pretty high expectations placed on the guy Christine was choosing to marry, and on that end… we were a little disappointed.


That’s totally not true!

(I love this picture of him waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle!).

Before we had actually met Marc, we’d heard nothing but good reviews from some of the toughest critics like Christine’s sister and brother and law who love Christine dearly and want only the best for her.

Everyone we talked to about the impending matrimony said something to the extent of, “oh yeah, he’s the one and there’s no doubt about it. Also, they seriously need to get their PDA in check!”.

Ha ha, they are in love and they don’t care who knows it!

Once we met Marc, we confirmed that all the rumors about how amazing he is are true and then proceeded to enjoy watching them interact and be madly in love on their wedding day!


It seriously was such a beautiful day that we were so happy we got to be a part of!

It was also fun to work alongside so many of our friends that we’ve worked with over the years like Ivy from “The Garage by Ivy” who did all the stunning flowers…

…and Jay and Chelsea from Everly Films who did all the videography (see Christine and Marc’s wedding video here). Add to that our favorite wedding guest becoming the bride and we were all one big wedding family reunion!

Thanks to Christine and Marc for bringing us in on something so special to the two of them.

We can’t even tell you how excited we are for you guys! Major congratulations to you both! We love you!

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Bridget’s beautiful senior session in an unlikely location.

I must say, Bridget had some great ideas for her senior session.

Which is why I was super sad when they didn’t work out! Apparently, trying to represent Bridget’s future goals as a marine biologist is a fairly hard thing to do when you are surrounded by desert, desert, and more desert on all sides!

So even though we had to scrap the ocean life ideas, I have to say I’m not all that sad about it because I wouldn’t trade what we ended up getting for all the sea turtle photos in the world!

Bridget ended up choosing a dead pecan tree grove as the place for her session. Which sounds like a weird place for senior photos, until you see what can be done with it!

Luckily, her mom has an artistic eye as well so she was able to see the potential of the place rather than think her daughter was insane when she told her where she wanted to go!

I was psyched when I heard we were going to the grove, and that excitement level was kicked up by like 10 points when I saw the bright red dress Bridget was wearing when we pulled up!

So much so that we even asked her to put it back on at the end of the session to do the part that all of us had been looking forward to the whole time… the creepy part!

I was so happy when Bridget said she really liked the creepy aspect of the old dried up tree branches.

Sounds like fun experimenting time to me! And that it was! Once the sun went down we brought out the flashes and got our creep on!

And the results were AWESOME!

Thanks so much to Bridget and her mom, who saw the beautiful potential behind something most people would believe to be ugly, and who were willing to trust our artistic vision enough to be able to do something with the potential they were handing us.

I hope you guys love the results of your adventurous spirit as much as we do!

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Fun Audrey and her fun senior session!

Oh Audrey, what are we going to do with you?

You really are too adorable for words.

Which is bad for me (Breanna), considering I’m about to try to write a lot of words about you!

Scottie and I first met Audrey when she was at a Christmas party that we had our photobooth at. I specifically remember her from that because she made every picture that she was in more fun!

So when we got a call for her senior session we were like, “Yessss!”.

We met up with Audrey and her mom at the Camelback Inn to get a few outdoorsy/pretty sort of shots.

Oh and a few “riding her bike through the grass, hoping they don’t kick us out” shots as well (don’t worry, we didn’t ruin the grass or anything!)!

After that, we headed over to the Scottsdale Civic Center where we found a new groove in the urban setting.

Of course the Civic Center still has it’s pretty stuff so we relished that plenty, but we also were stoked when we found just the right combination of metal or concrete to provide a perfectly contrasted background for this stunning girl!

We quickly discovered a few great new additions at the Civic Center that we were very excited about and my absolute favorite new thing is the raining cloud chandelier!

Not only is it cool, but Audrey knew just how to pose to work with it! Perfect shot!

The only problem I think we had with this session was trying to balance having fun with Audrey and actually taking pictures! We could’ve talked all day!

There were quite a few times when Scottie had to shoot me “the look” to get me to stop talking long enough for us to take some pictures! And even though he was forced to be the bad guy, the truth is that he was having just as much fun hanging out with her as I was!

Thanks so much Audrey, for being so excited about your session with us and for being so much fun to work with throughout the whole thing! As you can see, you did a great job! Good luck with all your post-graduation dreams!

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Marah and Shawn’s Beachy Engagement session

Wow. That was the first thing I (Breanna) said when I saw Marah on the day of her engagement session.

That red dress and red lipstick against her dark hair and eyes? Just wow. She looked breath taking and definitely ready to strike a pose and make some beautiful engagement photos happen!

Sorry Shawn, I don’t mean to leave you out but I’m guessing you don’t want me gushing about how pretty you are!

We had so much fun walking around Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach with Marah and Shawn! We also had some special guests with us, Shannon Avery’s team from Avery J. Productions was there to get some beautiful video of them having fun together to complete the love story film.

I’ve always known that Crystal Cove is beautiful, but Shannon led us to some spots we’d never been to and we were amazed at what we were able to get there!

We had so many adorable little areas to work with, not to mention massive amount of stunningness to set off the cuteness, and we felt like there wasn’t enough time in the world to shoot everything we’d want to there!

I had to grab Scottie by the shirt collar and drag him away through the sand to get him to stop shooting when the session was over. But of course he just held his camera up to his face while being drug so he could shoot from a low angle (you know that’s a lie because he’s a giant and I’m not).


Scottie’s famous for saying he’s done and then as we’re walking away yelling, “wait, just this one more shot!”.

But here it was more like, “wait, just 10 more shots!”.

I can’t say I blame him though, with such wonderful people as Marah and Shawn to work with, how could we want to do anything other than continue to hang out with them!

So all in all we had a fantastic time laughing together and had a great creative collaboration with Shannon and her team, while hanging out in a gorgeous location and getting amazing photos… I’d call this session a success!

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