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Josh and Kelley: The New Kids on the Block

For this special post, I (Breanna) am actually going to hand over the control to a special new blogger on the Radiant team, our new associate photographer, Kelley Johnson.  ALL the photos in this post were taken by the Radiant Photography associate team of Josh and Kelley Johnson. Click to see Josh and Kelley’s full portfolio here.  And now a word (or rather many words) from Kelley herself!


Hello wonderful blog readers! Let me start off by introducing myself. I’m Kelley Johnson. My husband Josh and I are lucky enough to be the associate photographers for Radiant Photography. That’s right, Radiant has two teams now. You can hire one team, the other team, or both.  It seems that Scottie and Breanna wanted to spread the Radiant love, and Josh and I were deemed cool enough to be added on.  Pretty amazing huh? I know we’ve met once before (check out our “welcome to Radiant post” if you missed out earlier), but I thought you might want to know what we’ve been up to recently.

Since joining the Radiant team, Josh and I have had the honor of working and shooting with Scottie and Breanna (the Radiant founders/Photography Rockstars) for multiple weddings. I could describe everything to you by simply typing it all out, but let’s get real, you come here to see pictures right? That’s what I thought. How about we meet half way; I’ll show you some of the photos that Josh and I have taken recently and also explain how much fun we have been having along the way. Sound like a plan? Then let’s get going!

First, let’s talk about Jeff, Laura, and their wedding. If any of you guys stopped by the Radiant wedding expo booth this July, you may recognize Laura. She is the beautiful bride that was awesome enough to hang out with Josh and me all day!

Look at that great group of people! Don’t they look fun? They really were! They were fun, their family was fun… Actually, speaking of their family, Jeff is Breanna’s cousin!

Jeff and Laura both love the work that Scottie and Breanna do with their cameras (who doesn’t?) so they knew they wanted them to photograph their wedding, but they also wanted them to be able to have fun and relax with their family on this special day.

So, Scottie and Breanna handled the pre-wedding and ceremony shooting, and then relaxed/partied as Josh and I shot the reception. Although, we could not help ourselves and took lots of photos before the reception too.  I mean, look at these good looking people, how could we resist?

I must say, fun was had by all on that great night, and Josh and I really enjoyed getting to meet Laura, Jeff, and so many other members of Breanna’s great family!

Next up was the epic wedding of Dash and Morgan.

Coincidentally, Josh and I have been friends with Morgan for years, so when we heard that Scottie and Breanna were thinking about having us help out with this wedding, we were thrilled and honored!

From the first moment they saw each other, this wedding was beautiful.

Sometimes knowing the bride you are taking photos of can be dangerous though. I definitely cried while taking photos of Morgan dancing with her dad. Now, those two things can be tricky to do at the same time, but I sucked it up, wiped my tears, and I think it worked out just fine.

Even their sweet flower girl looked epic in her cute tulle skirt and bejeweled hair clip. I know Morgan and Dash put a lot of work into planning each and every detail of their wedding, and I think it is safe to say that their hard work truly paid off.

Josh and I also had the pleasure of helping out during Stephanie and Garrison’s white wedding day.

I have to say, Josh and I were digging this location and the lighting that it brought with it! You almost couldn’t take a bad shot. Although, that may have also had something to do with the fact that Stephanie and Garrison are the perfect models… Yeah, I think that was it.

These two were troopers when it came to photos outside. The Phoenix heat was killer, but somehow, I don’t think they even noticed.

From the wonderful bride and groom, to their friends, their family, and the location, this was all around a wonderful wedding!

One week after Stephanie and Garrison’s Scottsdale Wedding, we headed north to the cool Heber, Arizona.  The break from the Phoenix heat was fantastic, but even more fantastic was the wedding and unique session that Josh and I got to be a part of.

Meet Ken and Barbie.  Oh sorry, I mean Jay and Christen.  They look so much alike, sometimes I get confused.

In all seriousness though, this couple is the epitome of being beautiful inside and out.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to get to spend another day with them during their unique session.

I love that they got images that were romantic and dramatic, and then they showed their fun side as they jumped into the pond!

What a great weekend, and an absolutely amazing couple!

Well, it’s been great showing you some of our recent work while also letting you in on what Josh and I have been up to lately. Still, this relationship is feeling a little one-sided. We’ve told you all about ourselves, and now we want to meet you, and maybe take your pictures too! Josh and are I are looking forward to getting to know all of you more!

**Want to see more of Josh and Kelley’s photos? Check out their portfolio.**


Doug and Bobbie’s Winery Wedding

Doug and Bobbie’s wedding was all we hoped for and more!  For their engagement session, we took a trip to the winery where they were getting married at and the whole time there we kept getting more and more excited to see this beautiful location on the wedding day… and we weren’t disappointed!

The natural greenery of the location mixed with great decorative lighting, a few perfect rustic details, and all of Doug and Bobbie’s wonderful smiling friends and family… and it was absolutely a fantastic day to remember!

The ceremony….

… the reception…

… everything about this wedding was stunning!

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos!).

To give you a little background (in case you don’t remember it from their engagement session) Doug and Bobbie have their own vineyard in Paso Robles, CA.

They put their heart and soul into the work there and they really love what they do and where they live. So when it came time for their wedding, they thought it was only appropriate to include their passion for farming grapes into their big day.

So they found a vineyard and winery down the road called “Carmody McKnight Estate Wines” and they fell in love with it immediately…you can see why!

When I say this wedding had some fantastic personal touches, I mean it!

Everything from serving wine from both Doug’s place and from Carmody McKnight…

…to gifting their guests with olive oil that was made there that included a special painting on the label done by one of the owners of Carmody McKnight, Gary Carmody.

Aside from having the personal connection to the vineyard included in their wedding…the other thing that was super important to them about their wedding was that it be the best party their friends could remember!

So they brought in a stage, a band, and all that wine we were talking about… and made it a night to remember (or forget, depending on how much wine you had!).  It was a fantastic party that went well into the night amongst the beautiful open space of the vineyards.

It was just one of those incredible nights where you look around at the tress, the vines, the stars, and all the smiling faces and you feel more than just contentment, but joy.

It was perfect.

Thanks to Doug and Bobbie for such a great night!

I think it’s safe to say that we had as much fun as your guests and are just as grateful as they are that you threw such a fantastic party!  We’re just soooo happy we got to be a part of it all! Thanks for inviting us into your world!

Click to see the rest of Doug and Bobbie’s winery wedding (as well as pictures from their rehearsal dinner and day after BBQ at their house).

Susanne and Greg’s West LA Engagement Session

At the mention of coming to Los Angeles for their engagement session, I saw Susanne and Greg’s eyes light up.  At the mention of the fact that they’d come over to the Westside of LA where we’re at, our eyes lit up.

We finally get to do a photoshoot in our neck of the woods… or side of the beach as is the case here (don’t worry Phoenix fans, we commute back and forth regularly so we’ll still be able to shoot your wedding, senior session, or whatever… we’re just working in both places now)!

(Checking out the ocean view on the other side of the PCH).

The original thought was that we’d wander all over west LA to get some of the art culture of Venice (where we actually live), mixed in with the carnival fun of the Santa Monica pier, and adding in a little Malibu cliff side beach magic to top it all off.  However, once we sat down and really started talking about it, we realized that we could get more different looks in Santa Monica alone if we just stayed in that area, so we did.

(That’s the Santa Monica Pier in the background there).

We started off at the Santa Monica Promenade to get a little alleyway action…

…crowded people shots…

…and then some of the normal happy couple pictures that we absolutely HAVE to get… especially with this couple…

…they were extra happy and cute together! 😉

We then moved onto the Santa Monica Pier… or at least we tried to, it was a raging madhouse of people down there that day!  The best we could do was to get a picture above all the chaos and it turned into a shot that I absolutely love!

We stayed up in the park area that overlooks the beach, and even then it was hard to keep from having too many people in the background! It was a busy weekend around there!

But that wasn’t a huge problem because Susanne and Greg seriously stole the show!

I’m not kidding, they are PERFECT for each other and just absolutely adorable together. Which is proof that eHarmony works people!

I especially loved watching how sweet and gentle Greg was towards Susanne, he definitely treats her like a princess… which should pan out well on the wedding day since that’s exactly how every girl wants to feel on her big day (and on ANY day actually!) so Susanne will definitely get  her princess fix in!

(On the bridge over the Pacific Coast Highway, and under the sign for Santa Monica Blvd).

We finished up the session down on the beach just in time …and I do mean JUST in time…. we were almost running in the sand to get there. Especially me because I’m a slow sand walker (seriously, everyone makes fun of me for it).  But we made it (even me) in time and got some beautiful shots from it all!

Seriously, aren’t they so cute together?!

(I love the funny faces they’d make at each other whenever Susanne got her little itch to let her funny side show for the camera!).

I can’t wait to see what they’re like on the wedding day!  All we had to do was let them interact together and forget posing entirely because they did their best when they were just allowed to act as in love as they really are.

So beautiful.

Thanks guys!  We can’t wait to hang out with you on your big day and see what kind of awesome style and magic you bring to it! It’s gonna be AH-MAZING!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!

Click to see the rest of Susanne and Greg’s West LA engagement session.


Alyssa, John, and their wedding with it all… and then some

The main thing to say about Alyssa and John’s wedding is that it fit them PERFECTLY!

Of course I’m going to say a ton more as I (Breanna) always do… I just wanted to get that out in the open right up front! I mean, who else is able to squeeze their favorite beach spot…

…favorite dog…

(yep, that’s their dog/ flower girl understudy)

…favorite family heirlooms…

….and favorite local bar all into their wedding?!

John and Alyssa are the only ones I can think of, that’s for sure! I’m not kidding, there were so many perfect details at this wedding that I can’t even fit them all into this blog post so you’ll have to go check them out with the rest of their pictures.

(Like our Facebook page to tag yourself in some of these photos!).

There are so many more details to see, like photo fans for guests to wave if they got hot, homemade paper fortune tellers (you know those things you put your fingers into when you were 8 and pinched together to reach different outcomes?), a vintage book by LIFE Magazine that they used as a guest book, handmade cloth flower boutonnieres with pictures of them as children on them for their parents to wear, chalkboard signs in vintage frames, postcard centerpieces… do you see how much room I’d take up if I put in pictures of all this amazingness!!

Some of the really cool vintage aspects they included were old fashioned keys that hung up with seating assignments…

…a REALLY snazzy old suitcase on the gift table…

…and you know… Sasquatch of course (he’s old enough now to be considered vintage right?).

Some of the more personal vintage touches were my favorite.  For example, yellow was the wedding color that both of their parents had at their own weddings and Alyssa even used the hat her mom wore at her wedding as a flower girl basket!

So creative!  My favorite family heirloom though was Alyssa’s grandmother’s wedding ring that she wore tied into the back of her lace up dress and tucked in. Her sister wore the ring the same way at her wedding.  I almost cried when I heard about this fabulous detail!

Even the places they held the events at had special meaning! John and Alyssa live near Newport Beach so they did everything they could to finagle in time to stop by some of their favorite hang outs to get some shots of them in their normal world (only wearing wedding clothes this time!).  And I’m SO glad they did, because we got some amazing pictures out of it!

(At one of their favorite local bars, Blackies).

Their actual wedding was even held at an incredible place that couldn’t have fit the vintage vibe of their wedding any better… the Heritage Museum of Orange County.

I have to tell you guys, I was a little skeptical when they first told me they were getting married at a museum… I was picturing dusty, musty statues of very serious looking old dudes with chipping paint.  But I have now learned to never doubt the serious style savvy of John and Alyssa who had their wedding at one of the most beautiful museums I’ve ever seen!

My favorite part was the old house that Alyssa and her bridesmaids got ready in.  Every room, every item, every piece of furniture was authentic… and AWESOME!

Oh and then you wander down the beautiful vintage steps to find yourself in either the rose garden…



…or vine archway…

…you know, take your pick. That’s like, every type of wedding location a person could ever want, all rolled into one… especially when you add in the beach like Alyssa and John did!!! How is it possible that a place like this even exists?!?

I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say that this is by far one of the best venues we’ve EVER shot at!

There was so much beauty there that I have to say yet again, I don’t have room for all of it on the blog so you’ll just have to go check it out with the rest of their photos.

I seriously can’t describe how many very special touches were put on this wedding that just screamed John and Alyssa.  I was totally impressed and it was beautiful.

Now, about the people themselves…. every time I think of Alyssa, I picture her with a smile on her face.  Maybe that’s because she never stops doing it!

Not even for her big wedding kiss!

Even through her somber, traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony, she looked like she was on a ride at Disneyland (as I heard someone put it).

Seriously, doesn’t she have one of the most beautiful, joyful, contagious smiles EVER?!?  I absolutely adore it (and her too by the way!)!

There is no doubt in my mind that this was the happiest day of her life.  And I know it was the happiest day of John’s life because you could tell that all he wanted to do was watch her smile all day… and of course, he got his wish.

As you can see, this day had more good surrounding it than I can either describe or show you…as well as plenty of wonderful things from one of the loveliest couples, whom I only have time to give you a brief glimpse into.

There couldn’t have been a single thing about the look, the feel, the style, the mood, or the people at Alyssa and John’s wedding that could’ve made it better than it already was.  It had it all and then some. Perfection.

Click to see the rest of the photos from Alyssa and John’s Dream Wedding.