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Jessica… a girl of many talents… who now has senior pictures to show them off!

If I wasn’t married to Scottie, I wouldn’t believe that one person could be as good at as many different things as Jessica is!

Let’s start with the obvious…ok, she’s very pretty for one.  I mean, it only takes one picture (let alone all the ones we have here) to be able to see that.

Another obvious one, she plays softball (well, yeah of course…people don’t wear uniforms in senior photos unless that’s something they actually do).

She’s from Chicago (I thought I might have to state the obvious in case the sequins on the Bears shirt confused you- best team shirt ever in my opinion!)…

…and she loves her dad.

And then of course the most obvious fact…

…she has a beautiful smile!

But beyond the photo obvious things, there is still a ton behind the scenes of Jessica that is quite impressive!

For one, she is uber smart.

In fact, she is working on getting scholarships for both her academics and athletics, which gives away my second point- she not only plays softball but she is REALLY good at softball.

She also loves kids and for a living (along with her mom) she teaches them to play sports.  Which, for as much as I am not a a huge sports nut… I AM a huge fan of watching fifteen five-year olds defy odds and somehow all end up a giant dogpile on the soccer field… I’d take that job in a heart beat!!

Jessica is also sooo much fun to hang out with!

(as you can tell by looking at this picture of her and her sister!).

We’ve done a lot of photo sessions at this point, but we still always have a few nerves hanging around before every session just because each one is unique and there are always unknowns that factor in… some that we can control and some that we can’t.

All that said, it is so nice to show up to a session where we start trying to help our client relax and instead she turns around and ends up relaxing US!

We had a blast hanging out with both her and her mom that day!

They were so much fun and they were like an amazing comic duo too!  Did you guys plan that routine?!

The comedic timing of the two of them together was perfect and we had lots of laughs that day.

Overall, Jessica is one complex girl and there is so much more to her than meets the eye… and as far as I can tell, it’s all good stuff! 😉 Thanks to everyone involved in this session (some of her other family members came for part of it too) for being so easy going and for making our job really very fun!

Good luck in all you do, Jessica!!

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*** This is our last post for Radiant’s “Senior Week”!  I hope you enjoyed the show!  If you missed any of the sessions, click here to see them all.  Don’t forget to schedule your own, our open slots are few, but the awesome factor of your pictures is limitless! 🙂

Davina and her ‘oh so anticipated’ senior session

I made a mistake… a big one.  I (Breanna) am not the biggest sports nut.  As if I needed to prove that further, I went ahead and scheduled Davina’s senior session to take place during the Super Bowl (what can I say?  It’s not on my calendar!).

As I was mapping out in my head the quickest way to the hospital… just in case Scottie went into cardiac arrest when I told him what I’d done… I first decided to check with Davina to see if she was feeling extra graceful that day and was willing to re-schedule.

Luckily Davina is a kind soul and she was willing to be flexible for the sake of saving both my marriage and my husband’s life.  (Thanks Davina!).

So we did re-schedule her session and it ended up falling on an absolutely perfect day with an incredible sunset… I think God blessed her for her kindness! 😉

Being unique is very important to Davina, and as a result, she chose a location that we had never shot at before .

Of course, the risk in choosing a location we’ve never shot at before is that it just won’t mesh as well with our style as other places might.

Davina took that risk as a challenge and boldly chose to go where no Radiant Senior has gone before.

So now we can honestly say that Davina’s senior session is unique because not only was our subject herself unique, but she is the only person in the ENTIRE WORLD who has had a Radiant Senior session shot at The Scottsdale Waterfront!

And I have to say, I think her risk was well worth because we had a lot of fun at this location and we’re loving the results of it!

Davina, can I just say that we absolutely LOVED working with you!

When I first started emailing with you to plan the session, I could tell you were so stoked!

And it was so fun to watch you work your magic in front of the camera, knowing that this was something you’d been waiting for, for a very long time.

You just looked happy to be there and it made me just as happy to be there with you.

Thanks for appreciating what we do so much and for trusting us with something that is so important to you.  We hope you absolutely love the results!

Oh and don’t worry everyone,  it looks like Scottie’s heart will still be beating for a long time to come. In fact,  I’ve noticed that ever since this little boo-boo of mine, every major sporting event that Scottie wants to watch, magically appears on our calendar! Thanks for your concern! 🙂

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******A special note to all 2011 high school seniors:  As you know this is what we’ve deemed “Senior Week” at Radiant Photography!  The reason we are celebrating this brand new made-up holiday is because we are only scheduling senior sessions in AZ for 8 more weeks before we take off to California for the summer! So to all you procrastinators out there… now is the time to act since we are quickly running out of time and open slots for you to schedule your session in!  To book us for your own senior session, click here to schedule one or click here for more info.  We’ll see you soon with our cameras in hand!

Hanging out around the lake… for Josh’s senior session

It was a beautiful day in good ‘ole Tempe, AZ when we headed out to take pictures.  We also had a great location and a great subject to work with!  Josh, with clothing changes and baseball gear in hand, was excited and ready for his senior pictures!

We took a stroll around the lake… stopping to admire all the things you see here…

… the railroad tracks…

… the bridge…

… oh and of course, Josh himself!

Josh’s mom was also excited about picture day!  We had a lot of fun talking to her and getting to hear story after story about what an amazing guy Josh is.

I hope you weren’t embarrassed Josh, but what can I say?  It sounds like your mom has good reasons to be one proud woman!

With all the perfect components we had going for us to create a perfect session that day, I’d still have to say that our favorite part didn’t come until the end.

We’ve really  been digging the props people have been bringing for us to work with lately… and Josh was no exception to that.

As soon as we saw the baseball stuff Josh brought, Scottie had a mad rush of ideas about how we could work with it.

And as you can see, they were definitely good ideas!!

Thanks to both Josh and his mom for being so fun for us to talk to and hang out with!  And a special thanks to Josh for doing a great job in front of the camera as well… you rocked it my man!

Click to see the rest of Josh’s chill senior session…. and stay connected to our Facebook page to see more senior sessions as our “Senior Week” continues!

Hilarity meets gorgeous… Kat’s senior session

The first time we met Kat she was wearing the UGLIEST sweater I have ever seen!  As mean as that sounds, don’t freak out, she was at an ugly sweater party.  She also had on a golfer’s hat and a giant dollar sign ring… she was stylin’ for sure!

The reason we were at this party is not because of our affinity for hideous clothing, but because we had our photobooth set up there!  Don’t worry, she had a much better wardrobe when she showed up for her senior pictures!

After that initial meeting, Kat was kind enough to tell her family about us, which resulted in us shooting her brother’s wedding (thanks Kat!).  Alas the time finally came when it was Kat’s turn to have the full spotlight… her senior pictures!

We were very excited for this session since we already knew what kind of craziness Kat was capable of (we have plenty of photos to prove it).

What we failed to remember about her was how freaking GORGEOUS she is!

Hey, it’s not our fault we forgot… it’s really very difficult to get over the multiple ugly sweaters we’ve seen her wearing at this point!  OK, but seriously LOOK at her!

There were several times when I (Breanna) would have my camera posed and ready to shoot and I just had to stop everything I was doing to tell her how stunning she looked… I couldn’t get over it!

So don’t worry Kat, the next time I think of you, I’ll picture your beautiful smile and shining eyes rather than a hat with a golf ball glued on top.

As far as Kat’s craziness… that was all just as we remembered it!  We had soooo much fun with her!

Kat is basically a beautiful non-stop barrel of laughs.

Of course it helped that she had her mom and one of her best friends there egging her on!

Just so you know Kat, you owe us for some of the poses we caught you in that we chose to keep off Facebook! 😉

All in all, this was a fabulous session!! We had so much fun with our model and her little entourage! Thanks to all of you for making this such a great session!  We’ll have to call you the next time we’re needing a little fun in our lives… or just people to carry our stuff around for us again. 😉

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Photography for the photographer… Amy, Robert, and Mailey’s family session

One of the greatest honors we have is when a photographer chooses US to be the ones to take photos of them!

There’s definitely something special in knowing that you are not respected by your peers who really know your craft, but that they like what you do enough to choose you to be the ones to take their photos!  Amy is one of those photographers who gave us this honor (check out her website here).

Her and Robert drove an hour and a half from their hometown of Payson (with a 2 1/2 year old in tow mind you) for this family session that they’ve been looking forward to for months!

I know this because ever since we scheduled the session back in August, we’d get random posts on our wall with Amy asking if it was February yet… in otherwords, time for their session!

Thanks Amy, your excitement made us all the more excited! 🙂

Amy did a great job of letting her excitement spill over into creativity!  She brought along a few props that were absolutely PERFECT!  Little cut out hearts from her mom’s scrapbooking store in Payson…

…as well as an old school Polaroid camera…

… and these were just the right little touches to allow our own creativity to have a heyday!

I have to give credit to Amy for being willing to get on the other side of the camera, I know it sounds crazy but that is actually a scary thing for a photographer!

It can be very difficult to give up your own vision and trust someone else to do the thing that you do best!

Plus, most photographers prefer being behind the camera!  Just ask Scottie, who had such a hard time during the last photo session we had done of ourselves!  You can know all the tips and tricks that you tell your clients, but applying them yourself is another matter entirely!

Just so you know, Amy, I thought you did a great job!  I think you were totally able to apply your knowledge to being on the other side!  You were a natural at posing… as you can see from the series below!

(Ha ha, I love it!  Robert was trying SO hard not to laugh while she was doing her modeling demonstration all around him.  They both just lost it eventually though!)

Robert, I give you credit as well… mostly because you are so patient to let Amy use you as a model all the time!  It’s not easy being married to a photographer… I should know!

Your practice has paid off though because you were an excellent model for us too! 🙂

Mailey gets her own credit as well because she too was super relaxed in front of the camera!

I’m guessing she also gets to be her mama’s model on a regular basis… you can always tell a photographer’s kid!

She was a blast to work with, she was SO happy and so excited to tell me every little story she could think of… in between dance routines of course!

Amy and Robert decided to make the most of their time in Phoenix by letting Amy’s mom take Mailey home while they stuck around for some more photos and for dinner with us!

We had a great time talking shop with you guys and hearing about all your exciting plans… we can’t wait to see where they all take you!

Like Amy’s page on Facebook if you are curious to see where she’s headed as well!

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