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Kelsie’s a winner… and she has the senior session to prove it!

Her name was called and the crowd went wild.  This is the scene, as we heard it described, when Kelsie won herself a free senior session with Radiant Photography!

We gave away a couple of sessions to help out the high school group at a local church and Kelsie… who had actually already scheduled a session with us prior to winning… was the lucky one!

Her mom, who was already prepared to shell out the cash for her previously scheduled upcoming session, might technically be the winner in this scenario!

Which is probably the reason why she was the one to be heard screaming above all the rest when Kelsie’s name was called.  They seriously described a very funny scene about when they won and it makes me laugh a second time as I recall the story!

The scene around her actual senior session was not much less chaotic than when she won the session!  The reason being… it’s Christmas card season in photography land and everyone was out and about capturing the memories of their 3 year olds screaming -because they know they’ll miss it when the kid turns 16- all the while Kelsie’s attempting to keep a straight face while the little kids around her are being hilarious.

It’s not exactly the way you imagine your top model-esque senior session to be!  It was CRAZY!

The lame thing is that the reason Kelsie chose the Mesa Arts Center for her location is because none of her friends have theirs done there and she wanted to be different… but as soon as we arrived there, we were sad to find that we weren’t being as unique as we thought because apparently everyone else had the same idea!

We were able to reassure Kelsie that she was in fact unique because she was definitely the only one being photographed who was over 4 ft tall and who wasn’t wearing a red and green velvet dress with giant bows in her hair (because she was the only over the age of 7).

We were further encouraged when we found that majority of the actual locations we chose for shooting around the area were completely different than what everyone else was using…

(inside the parking garage)

(inside the elevator)

…not to mention, we continued shooting at least an hour after everyone else had run out of light and gone home.

With our handy dandy Canon 5D Mark II camera bodies that provide quite the low light luxury, and add to that my little lighting bug I have (whom I also call “Scottie”)… running out of sunlight isn’t really an issue for us.

So don’t worry Kelsie, despite the fact that other people chose your same location, your pictures are definitely still unique!  I guarantee you there wasn’t a family who left there that day who ended up with pictures like these!

You were an excellent model and we had a blast laughing with you at all the cute little kids around us that day!

Thanks for making our job so easy!!  We couldn’t be happier to have a winner who was as excited about it as you (and your mom) were!  Your excitement about our photos totally made our day… our week actually.

Thanks for being such a huge fan (as well as a great stalker on Radiant’s Facebook page) and for calling us to help you remember this great time in your life!  Happy graduation!

Click to see the rest of Kelsie’s winning senior session!