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Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 7)

And here it is… lucky video 7!   This one’s getting down to the nitty gritty about how to run your page, focusing specifically on when and how to post on your wall to create the greatest impact for your business.  It’s good stuff! If you’ve missed our past videos in our series about Growing Your Business With Facebook click here to catch up!

So here it is…

“A Word About Posting…”

The Goble family… never a dull moment.

Ah the Goble family.

If you know this family, you know that words aren’t enough to describe them… you need pictures.  Luckily, I have both!

The Gobles are regulars with Radiant now since we’ve done both of their kids senior sessions, a wedding for their nephew, and now a family photo session!  The only member of the family who hasn’t been around for a Radiant session is the dad, Jeff (Tracy was at Katie’s senior session) and I found out that before this family session, he was a skeptic.

Apparently Jeff is not the biggest fan of photo sessions (I’m glad I didn’t know this before or I would’ve been intimidated)…BUT we won him over!

Tracy emailed me after the session to tell me that Jeff left us saying “Scottie and Breanna were able to turn what is usually a painful experience for me into something fun… I actually had a great time!”

He’s now a Radiant believer!  By the way, thanks for the compliment Jeff, we had fun with you too! 🙂

Speaking of fun, this is what I meant when I said you need pictures on top of words to describe the Gobles!  How many brothers and sisters do you know who plan out cheesy poses to do together?

(It made me so happy to see siblings interacting the way they did!).

This photo…

…was the worst one of all… Ryan’s “captain pose”.  There were other photographers wandering around that day and I could practically hear them whispering the URL for Awkward family photo to one another.  You guys totally embarrassed us in front of the other photographers, so I hope it was worth it and that you  REALLY love this photo! Thanks for going easy on us the rest of the time… I know you guys and what  you are capable of!

(So dramatic, Ryan… love it!).

I hope you know I’m totally kidding… it’s those inner crazies, always trying to burst out, that make the Goble family so endearing to us…

…and that make Goble photo session SO much fun!

Thanks for another great one, you guys.  We hope to have many more with you over the years!

(This is our Abbey Road picture that was thrown out as a joke idea… that Scottie and I took seriously).

What’s next?  A wedding for Katie or Ryan?

No pressure guys… just remember that if you wait until we have arthritis, our pictures might not have the same level of quality to them… so we do expect that you are both at least looking around for someone starting now! Ha ha!

Really, we love you all.

Every time we are around you guys, we get more and more excited to have our own family one day so that hopefully it will be as amazing as yours!

Thanks for providing the inspiration to have a great family one day (and our parents who want grandkids eventually, thank you too). 🙂

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New York in the Desert: Chris and Jillian’s Wedding

You may remember a classy little couple named Chris and Jillian who planned a freaking cool “night on the town” engagement session?  (If you don’t, you need to check it out because it’s one of my favorite sessions!).  Well, they’re back and just as glam as ever… which makes perfect sense since it was their wedding day!

While walking to our next photo spot in the desert landscape that surrounds the house they got married at, Scottie looked back at Chris and Jillian and said, “you guys look like a piece of New York got accidentally dropped into the middle of the desert”.

I think that’s the first time I’ve ever thought of a blog title while actually at the wedding (though I guess you could say Scottie thought of it). There couldn’t have been a better description of them (well at least with my limited repertoire of adjectives that are limited to such showstoppers as “cool” and “awesome”).

Since I’m like most girls from the west coast who think 5th Avenue is just a candy bar, there is nothing that sounds more chic to me than saying someone looks like they’re from that wonderful mystical place called “New York”. So just so you know, Chris and Jillian, this blog title is like the highest form of compliment I know!

We showed up to Jillian’s parents’ house (where their wedding was being held) to find Jillian wearing the very look that I wish in my heart of hearts that I could pull off (is it bad to be jealous of a bride on her wedding day?!).  She looked AWESOME!!!!

Chris agreed…

…a lot…

…which made the reveal moment we did before the ceremony one for the reveal moment record books (if such a thing exists) because Chris seriously couldn’t contain himself when he saw his bride.

He was so taken aback by how beautiful she was that he could barely function (sorry Chris, but it’s true).  I was worried for a second that he was going to need a little mouth to mouth resuscitation from his stunning bride… which wouldn’t have helped matters at all of course!

For the rest of the night he kept stopping and asking us if we could believe that a girl like THAT had actually agreed to marry him!

Chris, I hope you know that your reaction to Jillian was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen at a wedding and I happen to think that makes her just as lucky as you since she has a husband who loves her so much!

I did think it was pretty funny that as soon as Jillian saw him, she started breathing better…

…but that as soon as Chris saw her, he started breathing WORSE!

The other cool thing about this reveal moment was that both of their moms were peeking around the corner from a distance and they were both crying up a storm!  I love moms at weddings!

Not to be outdone, the ceremony that shortly followed the reveal moment was great as well!

(I love how her dad’s looking at her as he’s about to walk his baby girl down the aisle).

(There she goes!  Off to greet a whole new world!).

As distracted as we are while running around being photography ninjas during a ceremony, once in awhile we are able to pay attention to what is actually being said, and this time Scottie heard enough of it to say that the talk the pastor (who happened to be one of our old friends… small world) gave was one of his favorites.  I think it was about love or something or other. 😉

After the ceremony…and the few more desert shots we squeezed in real quick afterwards (you know us, if they give us extra time we’ll take it!)….

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…we headed into a reception that was, true to Jillian and Chris, very laid back and cool.

People hung around eating great food (particularly the homemade Italian cookies that family members made), hanging out, and listening to Jillian’s lil’ bro’s very talented band “Billion Dollar Bailout” play.

It was the perfect little soiree (yep, I do know some fancy words… and thanks to Google, I know how to use them too!) to complete Jillian and Chris’s day.

True to her graphic designer’s heart, this wedding had the touch of Jillian style all over it.  The logo, stripe theme, color scheme, and invitations were all  pieces of her larger unique creation that came together to bring in the overall feel she wanted for her wedding.

Lucky for all those girls out there who aren’t married yet, Jillian offers her custom design services for weddings and has more examples coming very soon!  “Like” her page on Facebook so you can see her new stuff as she releases it… you should totally follow her anyways because “Glas Creative” is going to be BIG!

(How could it not?!  I mean look at her… I don’t think she’s ever touched a single thing that didn’t turn to cool!  She’s just leaning against the side of a catering van here and it somehow looks amazing!)

Jillian and Chris… there is only one way to end this blog that is appropriate and it happens to be the exact same way I ended your engagement session blog….you guys rock.


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P.S. OK so now that you are done with what you were doing, make sure you go like the Facebook page for Jillian’s business!

Jinny and Paul’s Big Day!

Ever been to Encanterra, a Trilogy Country Club?

Yeah, I had never heard of it either before Jinny and Paul’s wedding.

Though it’s quite a drive to get to Encanterra, as soon as we arrived we found out that it was definitely worth the trip!

Encanterra is not only a beautiful golf course, but it’s also a course with all kinds of unique features that make it stand out above others.

The stone features, waterfalls, and bridges all make it absolutely stunning!

Not to mention, the dust that’s in the air on the edge of town out there makes for AMAZING sunsets!!

Not only were we excited to have this stunning backdrop to take pictures of, but the people who were going to stand between us and the background (Jinny and Paul) are such a cute and happy couple that we couldn’t wait to see their shining faces on this big day!

It was so fun to do their reveal moment and watch how as soon as they saw one another their nerves, fears, and worries melted away as they suddenly remembered the reason behind the whole day.

Once they felt like the stress had evaporated…

…they began to become their normal selves again and they were ready to handle this momentous day together.

They were a team and they were ready for action!

We took some time to take a few photos of them, their bridal party, and their family before we went back to wait behind the scenes for the main event to begin!

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The ceremony went great and was as beautiful as you’d expect at Encanterra!

And after that, it was time to start the party!

During dinner, to the surprise of Paul, one of their friends stood next to a mike with her guitar and began to explain that she was about to sing a song that consisted of her music and Jinny’s words.  Together, they wrote a song as a special surprise to Paul!  The song was beautiful and it was one of my favorite moments of the whole day.

The details at the reception were really cute as well.  They had a candy bar… not like a snickers bar, more like a trip to the candy store where you scoop various kinds of candy into a bag to take home as a wedding favor!  The cool part about the candy bar (besides the fact that it was made up of delicious sugar) was that all the candy fit their color theme!  It was all brown and green… and there are more green candies out there than I ever knew! This was quite a tasty and pretty little feature at their wedding!

So Jinny and Paul tied the knot and I’d say the whole event was quite a success!  It was beautiful, the couple was happy, and all the guests had a fantastic time!

Congratulations Jinny and Paul and the best of luck to you both!!

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Growing Your Business With Facebook (Video 6)

Now that you have a bunch of new fans on your page, you have to know what to do with them!  That’s what this video’s about.  We’re talking this week about posting quality content, which is key to maintaining the kind of Facebook page that people want to be a part of!  The stuff in this video is what is going to help you keep the fans you already have and continue to get new ones!  Have fun with it!

“Quality Content: the key”

Things we mention in this video…

Simply Fit–  A good example of using your expertise and giving helpful info to your fans.

P.S. Since we recorded this video, Facebook has removed the “organize” tab from albums.  We now organize and rename the pictures in the order want to them to be displayed BEFORE we upload them to Facebook.