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Adrienne & Mike’s Engagement Session

We went out with Adrienne and Mike to get a few shots of them before their big day so they could have some photos for their save the date magnets as well as some prints hanging in their home for visiting relatives to see on their wedding day. They decided to go for a more romantic style with a lot of close ups and a fairly gentle feel, so we picked Tempe Beach Park (in Tempe, Arizona) since it has the lake and a few other prime spots to catch some great lighting to give that glowing, in love look! We spent a little bit of time hanging out on Mill before the shoot getting to know them so that once we started taking pictures they felt more like we were just having fun with their photographers, and less like they were being attacked by the paparazzi!





My Little Brother’s Engaged!

I never thought that taking engagement pictures of my baby brother could ever be described as feeling “natural” (I mean, I used to change his diapers, you know?!) but it was one of the most comfortable and relaxed sessions we’ve ever had… not to mention it was a ton of fun!  Within the first 5 minutes, Paul had dipped her for a kiss, added in his own props, grabbed her butt for a photo (when my mom wasn’t watching), and manufactured his own super-random brand of poses!  Not to be outdone, Anna threw in her own hottie-toddy style and was able to accomplish some poses that I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to demonstrate to brides for awhile now! It was fantastic… both of them made our job totally easy!  We went over to downtown Mesa, Arizona and did our entire photography session around back alley ways, an old mill with railroad tracks, and the new Mesa Arts Center (which we love)!

We got to try out our whole “prop” idea that we’ve been working towards incorporating into our photos (you’ll have to look at the entire session to see what I mean).  They definitely understood that concept, she even brought a “bride to be” tiara that her maid of honor bought for her bachelorette party… and we didn’t hesitate to use it!

Thanks Paul and Anna, we are very excited to do your wedding photography and we hope it is an amazing day for both of you!

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Oh man, I love this last one!!

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Senior session with Lindsey

We met up with Lindsey and a couple of her family members at the Tempe Beach Park.  Lindsey had seen some other sessions we’d done there and she fell in love with that location!  We started out at the park to get some of the shots she knew she wanted and moved up to the place she was most excited about… the railroad tracks.  Lucky for her, at this point we were still doing sessions on the railroad tracks.  We have since found out that it’s illegal and photographers are starting to get fined for it!  A bunch of distracted people hanging out on active tracks with killer trains speeding towards them is illegal?!  Go figure! 😉 For all of you who are so disappointed to hear this news… don’t worry, we’re in search of some INACTIVE tracks near our usual locations so that we can still get that look for you!

So after the life-threatening railroad stunt, we decided to take them on a hike.  A pretty LONG hike!  Scottie was totally excited to get them down to Mill Ave. and we underestimated the distance between the park and the back alleyways he had in mind.  So hats off to our good sports who trusted us enough to make the trek over there!  I think they were happy they did when they saw some of the street shots he got with Lindsey on the corner of 5th and Mill with cars whizzing behind her.  I think I can say they were pretty impressive without being arrogant… after all, I was just a human light stand for those pictures!

Thanks again to Lindsey and family for working well with us and for making our photo session a fun time for all!






Radiant Love Supports…. The Crisis Pregnancy Centers (Feb. ’09)

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, Inc. (CPC) was founded in 1982 with the vision of serving the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of women and families who are in crisis because of an unplanned pregnancy.
Since that time, CPC has grown to become one of the largest crisis pregnancy centers in the nation, with five centers in the greater Phoenix area, an influential prevention education program, and has a strong, engaged, and dedicated group of state-wide supporters.
The teens, men, and women served through CPC’s trained support team are offered education regarding pregnancy, abortion facts and risks, and alternatives, to name a few. Clients also receive education about healthy relationships, the risks of sexually transmitted infections (STIs and STDs), and positive, healthy life choices.
CPC is a non-profit organization whose mission is “saving lives and protecting futures.” Their goal is to impact the community by offering programs and services that boldly speak the truth in love while offering choices, support, and hope.

The Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Greater Phoenix, Inc. are happy to provide the following individualized and confidential services either free of charge or at a very low cost:

* Pregnancy verification and viability through ultrasound
* Counseling and education to women and families in crisis as a result of an unplanned pregnancy
* Testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs/STDs)
* Counseling for those who test positive for sexually transmitted infections
* Counseling for birth parents and their families who are exploring the option of adoption and   ongoing support for those who choose adoption
* Healing and hope to those who have experienced abortion (abortion recovery counseling)
* Parenting education
* Options education
* Education and counseling regarding healthy relationships and positive life choices
* Referrals to and collaboration with other agencies

CPC’s goal is to present medically accurate and up-to-date information in order to empower men and women to make informed, healthy choices that will serve to save lives and protect futures. CPC is proud to be Phoenix Metro’s number one resource for sexual health services, education, information, and community referrals.

For more information, please contact CPC’s friendly and knowledgeable staff at one of their Arizona centers. or if out of state visit:

To find out more about our Radiant Love Supports program click HERE.